Thursday, April 18, 2013

'Just Playin' - My Salon-ic Leap to a Conclusion in Boston Blast

In the hoary halls of my beloved Leo High School, one is likely to hear laughter, loud-talking, shouts of greeting and at times the sound of the scuffle.  They are adolescent males.  Rarely is there an actual fight, as they guys get along with one another very well.  What might sound like a fight ends up being 'Just Playin'"

Just Playin' is the 21st Century euphemism for 'kidding on the square.'  Taunts, fake fighting and such constitute 'Just Playin!'

" Well knock it off, gents, I had get my fat ass out of the chair, climb the stairs and evaluate the hubhub," I tend to admonish.

"Sorry, Hickey"

Just Playin' is also weasel word for " I insult you in the name of journalism, art or entertainment and you may not object."


Salon is a way cool site.  It is edited by Sr. Joan Walsh, PPA, the abortion nun who appears on MSNBC with epic nit-wit Chris Matthews.  They are two former Irish Catholic school kids who shed the Holy Cards for Planned Parenthood, ACLU, SLPC, DNC and GE VIP Gold Cards.

Salon is the quality and moral equivalent of The Nation (William Lloyd Garrison's anti-immigrant and radical reconstruction playbill) For Dummies.  Salon is edgier and hipper and appeals to the arm-chair thinkers of Manhattan, Cape Cod and Hollywood who like their intellectual digests morsel sized as opposed to the lengthier and more esoteric The Nation.

Salon is pretentious and handy.

Immediately after the Boston Marathon terror attack, Salonista David Sirota, who has long campaigned for a national White Man Profiling Department of Homeland Security, prayed to Roger Baldwin and Jane Addams to interceded for us with Rev. Wilberforce that an epidermis of paler hue be perp-walked.

“White privilege is knowing that even if the bomber turns out to be white, no one will call for your group to be profiled as terrorists as a result, subjected to special screening or threatened with deportation,” writes author Tim Wise. “White privilege is knowing that if this bomber turns out to be white, the United States government will not bomb whatever corn field or mountain town or stale suburb from which said bomber came, just to ensure that others like him or her don’t get any ideas. And if he turns out to be a member of the Irish Republican Army we won’t bomb Dublin. And if he’s an Italian-American Catholic we won’t bomb the Vatican.”

Daaaaaaaaave, chill. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D,CA) is a trunk-stuffer and I am quite sure that she would have absloutely no problem droning St. Peter's Dome. MSNBC"S Larry O'Donnell, the Mad 'Hoor of an MSNBC Peacock, would not be above the C-4-ing of the odd Knights of Columbus Hall.

Being WHITE don't make it Right.  Shucks, God Father's Pizza and all?

The bomber fits the profile of a person who would be willing to set bombs at a hard, or soft target crowded with people he, or she, or they do not know, or care a fig about. Could be an Arab. Could be a Dutchman, Could be a gent from a cargo-cult of hills of Papua New Guinea.

The cops will get the bad guys - plural or singular.

I am concerned that the bomber might prove to be a disgruntled media dweeb.

Consider.  CNN just fired Soledad O'Brien and what a diversity package she is!  Not only that CNN cashiered the chocolate Poppin' Fresh of Black Liberation Journalism, the doughy WEB DUBOIS his own bad self, . . .  Roland S. Martin!

Since joining the millions of Americans on Unemployment, Soledad and Roland S.  are in constant communication - track this twitter for the codes, Maties

Why am I wearing my #APhiA black and gold colors on @Soledad_OBrien's last day on@StartingPtCNN? Our slogan is Onward and Upward!2 weeks ago  reply  retweet  share

They ain't  happy.  Consider their positions.  They are out of the news; why not make history?

Who runs Marathons?  Thousands of pale, health conscious, affluent Whities of both genders.

Who wins Marathons?  Kenyans.

Set the bomb at the finish hours after the Kenyan, Solamalian, Ethiopian and Ghanan brothers and sisters have toweled off and hit the pasta bar. Target rich environment.  Then set off the next one and watch all of the affluent Honkies Loot the Marathon Swag Bags!

See?  No Soledad, No Martin No CNN!  CNN devoured itself butt first shortly before the Wolf Blitzer Show!

One suspect was said to have worn a grey hoodie. Roland?

Just Playin'!

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