Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Will CPS Rahm Go All Edwin Starr? And How Far?

Come on, Feet! Start Movin'!    Uh huh huh huh huh , Uh huh huh huh huh huh yeah It's twenty five miles from home Girl, my feet are hurting mighty bad/Now I've been walking three day, 'n two lonely night/You know that I'm mighty mad

With Saturday as the deadline for parents of CPS children to be ignored on the upcoming school closings, some CPS parents want Mayor Rahm Emanuel to diminish some leather from the sole-bottoms of his Florsheims:

CITY HALL —  Parents and community activists have formally invited Mayor Rahm Emanuel to "walk the walk" when it comes to the controversial plans to shutter 54 public schools in Chicago.
And they say they literally mean "walk the walk."
Parents and members of organizations, including Blocks Together and the Chicagoland Researchers and Advocates for Transformative Education, rallied on the fifth floor of City Hall, just outside Emanuel's office Tuesday morning to protest the proposed closures. 
The protesters invited Emanuel to join planned weekly walks from schools slated to close to the schools that would receive the displaced students.

 Ain't that something.  CPS and the educational geniuses they always tap with Progressive ideas on small schools* do studies aplenty but can not read gang graffitti, or bother to understand what constitutes a neighborhood demographic - it ain't all income disparities juxtaposed to more affluent communities.  It has to do with what three or four blocks are GD's, Stones, Vice Lords, Mikey Cobras, Four Corner Hustlers, or Latin Kings.

Fenger was 'smart sized' at this time. because Carver was turned into a military academy and kids that did not deire to, or could not possibly go all GI Joe were required to travel west from Altgeld Gardens/ Pullman to Roseland. Guess what? Different Stokes Hit Different Folks, or Peoples.

Fenger made national news when several lads went to the lumber. Even PBS saw the turn-around plan as the catalyst for violence:

An inner city kid can not walk Chicago streets - not because of Burge, or systemic racism, but because he, or she might cross a street that two days before had been the site of a murder.  If the kid is not known to be from those streets ('He stays with his uncle on Euclid') and happens to be walking to school, that child is a victim to be confronted, beaten, or murdered in response to the previous homicide.

School closings will happen.  It is planned and decided upon.

Parents should be worried about how their kids will get to school -damn worried.

Rahm and CPS and CTU have all the charts and figures and studies that ask if "students feel they are getting the Context of Support?"

If Rahm goes on a Mayoral perambulation, he should spund track the stroll -

The very simple to  solution to all of this nonsense - Send Your Kids To Catholic Schools!
*Chicago High School Redesign Initiative (CHSRI). In partnership with CPS, the effort was launched by the Bill and
Melinda Gates Foundation and local funders. It began
in September 2001 with a $12 million grant from the
Gates Foundation, matched by $6 million from foundations in Chicago, and ultimately will develop andsupport approximately 25 new small high schools. . . .

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