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Saudi Wahhabi Exports-Ignorance, Hate and Cowardly Opportunists

Cartoon Teacher, Al Wahabi, failed to mention that not only are Christians and  Jews non-persons, but most of the world's Muslims as well.  Only the Wahhabi brand is accepted.  Sunnis are as evil and as fit for C4 as us Mackerel Snappers,Baptists, Hebrew Jews, Mainline Babbitt Christians, even softballs like Bill Moyers.

If Planned Parenthood demanded authority to amend the Roman Catholic catechism on matters of faith and morals and you understood that to be truly fitting and proper, you would have a pretty good grasp on the influence demanded of the world by the Saudis with regard to Wahhabi doctrine - take it, shut up and like it.

Wahabbism is the cornerstone for Islamist, not Islam by the way, hegmony over the Third World and the intellectual left.

Only Wahhabis go to heaven - All dogs notwithstanding.

Imams issue fatwahs and people die at the hands of back-sliding pole dancer/Malboro light/date-rape addicts. That's so Wahhabi.

Last week, two Chechen immigrants slaughtered four innocent people and maimed scores more.

While everyone scratches their noggins over the Brothers Tzarnaev and their motives for mass murdering Americans, it might not be such a bad idea to remember Chechens, Libyans, Egyptians, Syrians, Jordanians, Yemani, Indian, Malay, Filipino, Tibetan, Uighars, or Americans who pray to Allah and through his prophet Muhammad are as afflicted by Saudi exports.  Not oil, or race horses, but madrases, imams and  Wahhabi's.thugs.

Wahhabism is a  screwball dualism of the types that can be found in many religions (Westboro Baptist Church e.g.) and philosophies (nihilists, therapy cultists and Marxists).  Wahhabism is Romantic, Hegelian and sure to set the neighbors a' shootin'.  It is a creed tailor-made for losers, or the truly really ignorant, desperate and badly educated person.

It is a cynical and singularly exploitative doctrine pushed by the haves onto the have nots, or the who cares.

Here, in the States Catholics and maybe some evangelicals who decide to be' spiritual but not particularly religious' ( Code for: "I sleep in on Sundays') might be attacted to the tenets of American Secular Wahhabism manifested by the Aryan Nation, or MSNBC: one for the Loose Tooth demographic and later appealing to the attended college crowd.

Wahhabi hath wrought complete turmoil in the Mideast - the only stable democracy, Israel, remains ubder siege from Saudi exports of Wahhabism and the ideological anti-Semites of the Western Left.

Here is a kind of Saudi exported Wahhabism for Dummies, cut and pasted from a most helpful Pakistani site:

In the early 1700′s Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab launched his fundamentalist movement aimed at restoring Islam’s basic tenets. The Imam formed a religious and political alliance with Al Saud, the Bedouin ruler who controlled a large portion of the territory. Wahhabism morphed into an orthodox version of Islam going back to the Middle Ages. Wahhbists supported Al Saud’s expansion ambitions, helping him defeat competing tribes, non-adherents and those considered infidels. Al-Wahhab gave armed jihad a prominence in his teachings.
Salafism took hold in Egypt in the mid-1800′s observing the tenets of early generations of Muslims, as-Salaf as-Saleh (pious predecessors). Religious conservatives adopted this orthodox belief, which spread to other parts of Africa, including Morocco, Mauritania and Somalia. The early 1960′s struggle with secular Arab factions prompted King Faisal of Saudi Arabia to allow the migration of the Muslim Brotherhood, and with it came the Salafist movement. This eventually led to integration with Wahhabists who rejected modern influences, and Salafists who follow the original tenets of Islam.
Osama bin Laden was indoctrinated by Wahhabist preachers in Saudi madrassas. Killing of infidels had become a justifiable act in the teachings of the Wahhabi doctrine. When U. S. troops were invited by the Saudi monarchy in 1991, as a result of Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait, there was opposition by many of the Wahhabists. When bin Laden returned from Afghanistan he proffered the overthrow of the Royal family, for allowing American boots on Saudi soil. He declared a jihad against the United States, stating it was not permissible for infidels to step on the sacred soil of the “Land of the Two Holy Mosques, Mecca and Medina”.
In the March 1997 CNN interview Osama bin Laden reiterated, “In our religion, it is not permissible for any non-Muslim to stay in our country.” A similar message had come several years earlier from radical Muslims in Beirut who did not want American troops on their soil and attacked our soldiers regularly.

Wahhabists helped to build the Saudi kingdom, and exported its fundamentalist teachings. Saudi Arabia’s oil brought them wealth, and control of many of the world’s economies. Saudi Arabia also brought the world Osama bin Laden. Syria is the next country to go through a regime change, as has taken place in Yemen, Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia. Saudi Arabia may follow, with Osama bin Laden’s legacy coming back to its roots.

In the words of Col Ralph Peters in a sobering article for American Heritage,

I personally feel that we’ve made a grotesque mistake aligning ourselves with the most oppressive of the Arabs, with the Arab world’s Beverly Hillbillies. Other Arabs built Damascus, Córdoba, Baghdad, Cairo. The Saudis never built anything. The fact that they came into their oil wealth was a disaster, not for us but for the Arab world, because it gave these malevolent hicks raw economic power over the populations of poor Islamic states, such as Egypt. The line about Al Qaeda that’s absolutely true is that Saudis supplied the money and Egyptians supplied the brains. So Saudi money, spent to support their grotesquely repressive version of one of the world’s great religions, has been a disaster for the Arab world.
And the Protestant Reformation is the seminal event in the rise of the West. It opens the door for the last great Western religion, the secular religion of science. Without that fissure, without that breakdown in the one path to the truth, you can’t have science. In Islam the historical symmetry is chilling. Within 10 years of Gutenberg’s invention of movable type, a prince, astronomer, mathematician, and poet, Ulugh Beg of Samarqand, built a great observatory. He was a genius, their Galileo, but the mullahs murdered him, and I take that moment as the point at which it all started calcifying. There are myriad factors in the Islamic decline, but the decline itself has been irreversible. Muslims never turn it around; they never have their reformation that breaks down the one true path.
Jealousy is a powerful human emotion. Hatred is a tremendous emotional release. Blame is cathartic. At this time in history, the United States is humane, free, rich, and powerful. The Arab Islamic world is just the opposite. Our success is infuriating to people who value their own culture, who love their traditions even though they no longer work, and who look at our enormous success with inchoate envy. Ten years ago, when I tried to talk about the role of religious belief and the power of religion, it was not considered a serious strategic factor. People talked about economics and demographics, about political structures and development theory. Since September 11, people are perfectly happy to talk about religion. In the future we’ll get around to recognizing the neuroses, if not psychoses, that are far too prevalent within the Arabian heartland of the Islamic world. I believe that a primeval terror of female sexuality is a significant strategic factor, one we’ve failed to examine. Males in these traditional cultures see the pictures of Pamela Anderson or replay Sharon Stone movies, and they want a piece of the action. But they don’t want their daughters and wives to turn into Pamela Anderson, or Britney Spears, or, for that matter, Emmylou Harris. They’re mesmerized by the sexual component in our culture, which our media grossly exaggerate and which they misread.

Duck Dynasty International -The Saudi Royals.  

If we really want to understand what moved two immigrant brats to slaughter strangers, he should give a close study of Saudi Wahhabism and ask ourselves, 'Why not pass the Keystone Pipeline ASAP?  Why do we bow to these bearded rubes with oil reserves?  Why do we shrug off Sharia Law?  Skip the Tweets and .

Face Book Pundits.  Read some simple and straightforward stuf about the Saudis' most dangerous export and it aint oil.

If is has the look, smell and feel of terrorism, there is a good chance it is rooted in Saudi Wahhabism.

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