Tuesday, April 09, 2013

CPS or Catholic Schools


On the left, Shedd Elementray at 200 E. 99th Street -not closing - tuition free and God is not welcome; on the right Catholic Leo High School at 79th Street unadorned by gang tags, but there is tuitiion to pay and God is here 24/7

CPS has closed the schools it wants to close.  The hearings are closed.  The Closing Are Not Racist!  Get it?

The CTU howling is a smoke-screen for CPS and Mayor Rahm.  Remember?  Karen and Jesse Sharkley ( Kaen's ventriloquist) were 'part of the process,' and Okee Doked the Closings during the strike negotiations.
Karen is doing her best smoke dancing with the always handy race-card set a torch ' "The Closings are Racist, People!"

I agree. What is not Racist?  The closings are Progressive.   The meme coming from Rahm and Dr. B Cubed is this - The Schools  were closed to make test scores jump like Forrest Claypool for a new government job appointment.

Dr. Barbara Bennet-Byrd ( Dr. B-Cubed, B3, B to the Third Power) says, "I cannot agree with adults who would use the excuse of gangs to leave children trapped in failing schools," (emphasis my own).

The excuse of gangs?  Tut, tut and tut yet again, Dr. B Three!  Gangs, one dare suggest?  Hhhhwhat Gangs, indeed.

Lemme see, Mike Cobras (my personal favorites) Gangster Disciples ( not to be confused with the Black Gangster Disciples, Four Corner Hustlers, The Stones ( of many color), Vice Lords, Latin Kings . . .??????????????

Fifty three ( 53) neighborhood schools like Marcus Garvey Elementary and others will be closed and the students from Garvey will be required to travel out of their neighborhood and into neighborhoods that might, just might, mind you, be dominated by a gang.   That is not an excuse; that is a fact.

I work at Leo High School in the Auburn -Gresham neighborhood, 6th Police District (Beat 621),no stranger to senseless killings, home to a number of prominent gangs.  Some gang territories might be as small as block or few houses, or a larger portion extending many miles.  Leo High School resides within what might be termed Territory of the Conservative ( not be confused with the Insane) Vice Lords.  Also within spitting distance of the realm claimed by the Black Disciples, Black P Stone Nation and those scamps of the Gangster Disciple congress of thugs.

Leo sits within what might be termed a Gang Quilt Celebration of Diversity or more ominously a DMZ.  North and South Korea are more amicable. That said the property between 79th Street and the two allies north & south and Morgan and Peoria Streets remain un-tagged and respected territory.  The statue of the Virgin Mary and Memorial to the the Leo War Fallen are untouched.  The building is untagged. God is here.

A few blocks in any direction from Leo High School are CPS elementary and high schools and Charters adorned with Gang tags.  Those schools represent Tax Dollars.  Leo represents God's presence in Auburn Gresham, as does St. Sabina Faith Community.  Churches like the 27 small congregations between 87th & 79th on Racine are untagged by gangs, due to God's presence as well.

CPS are Tax Dollars - they have that going for them, as well as CTU teachers who owe the allegiences to Karen Lewis and Jesse Sharkey and the dictates of the CPS board appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  CPS recorded  24 students murdered and 319 wounded by gunfire in 2012; that was before 53 neighborhood schools in gang quilted zipcodes were closed.

Dollars are what FREE CPS and public education in general are all about, the children notwithstanding.  A woman who pulled her son out of a CPS school and enrolled him at Leo told President Dan McGrath that Catholic school tuition was  a much better bargain than a  young man's funeral.  

God is what Catholic schools are all about, as well as academic success, no drop-out rate, violence free school days and college placement.

For the families* who remain ignored after the CPS hearings, the choice seems simple enough to me - a tuition free duck and dodge through rival gang territories, or God centered education at a Catholic school.

*Remember -a Charter School is only a public school with a better wardrobe.  God is not allowed in a Charter.

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