Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chicago Sun Times Wants Catholics to Shut Up - Abortion Is A Great Way For Woman to Look Better and Get Empowered!

A woman's right to choose means that she should be empowered to have Old Doc jam a sharp or blunt object into her wombed child; yank the corpse out and toss Junior's guts into a can unencumbered by civil, moral or ethical constraints whatsoever.

The Chicago Sun Times a wad of thinning sheets of howling opinion and bugger all thought slicked up some encomiums from its three readers in reaction to Catholic Bishops doing their jobs:

Catholic Church forgets other 9 commandments

November 13, 2008

I love stories about the abortion issue and the Catholic Church. The last time I checked there were 10 commandments, not just one.

They pick and choose our politicians to punish for their personal beliefs on commandment No. 5 ("Thou shalt not kill"), yet they overlook all the other ones.

How about commandment No. 6 ("Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife") or No. 7 ("Thou shalt not steal")?

Are these lesser offenses in the eyes of the Catholic Church?

Sean Lowry, Beverly

Stay out of politics
Please, as a Catholic, I ask if there isn't someone who will tell Catholic bishops to get out of politics?

Their moral stance is fine when it is applied to their religion, but not to a whole country. After all, it was not God who told us that abortion was wrong, but a group of cardinals who voted that a child was given a soul at the moment of conception rather than at the moment of birth, and it only won by one vote.

Arlene Cozzi, Lake View

George should step down
Cardinal Francis George needs to step down. Any person who does not protect innocent children needs to be replaced. He has allowed pedophiles to have close contact with children for years. That shows that something is really wrong. This is just another example of what our society thinks of children. Our laws do not protect them, because they cannot vote. So our politicians turn their backs on them.

Lea Tomassone,

River Grove

Yep, powerful commentary.

Here's the AP on the Catholic Bishops Stand on Abortion:

Cardinal Francis George told a gathering of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on Monday that continued support for abortion rights will undermine any advances in social justice that come from a new president and Congress.

George, president of the bishops group, said: ''we must all rejoice'' that an African American will be in the White House for the first time in a country that ''once enshrined slavery'' in law.
But he said the U.S. still violates universal human rights by keeping abortion legal.

''The common good can never be adequately incarnated in any society when those waiting to be born can be legally killed at choice,'' George said.

His speech didn't directly address the policies of President-elect Barack Obama, who is Protestant, and Vice President-elect Joseph Biden, who is Roman Catholic. Both men support abortion rights and take other stands that differ from Catholic teaching.

At a later news conference, George said bishops are preparing to lobby the Obama administration on policies that diverge from Catholic teaching on marriage, abortion and other issues.


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The Chicago Sun Times while sinking like a doughball in the gullet of a Kankakee River Channel Catfish, fights for a woman's right to cosmetically get rid of excess weight brought on by sexual relations. Abortion is no more than liposuction, if one has no moral root. In my experience, the only women who have ever argued stridently for abortion seemed to be as willing to toss husbands, unruly pets and even their unaborted children. Too much bother. 'Get that Duck out of MY Oven!'

The Pink T-Shirts of Planned Parenthood stayed in the wearhouse this Campaign Cycle, but the fashionable and smart ladies who Salon will be out in full howl and the Chicago Sun Times will whine its way into oblivion.

Father Bob Barron had nice explanation that would be lost on the threeMetro Chicagoans getting their Shouts Out with the Sun Times above - you see the Catholic Church is not the Democratic Party! Troubling, LuLu?

The problem here is that the social teaching of the church flows necessarily from and is subordinated to the doctrinal convictions of classical Christianity. We care for the poor precisely because we are all connected to one another through the acts of creation and redemption. More to it, we worry about the marginalized precisely because all of us are cells, molecules and organs in a mystical body whose head is Christ risen from the dead. And our work on behalf of social justice is nourished by the Eucharist, which fully realizes and expresses the living dynamics of the mystical communion.

Read more - read something -

Abortion is an evil. Parse up a Nuanced storm.

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Windy City Woman said...

Why on earth would anyone take seriously "moral" arguments by men who claim to be celibate but run a boy-raping racket? Imagine the outrage if any other large, powerful institution (General Motors, IBM, Microsoft, a major political party, etc.) had a group of employees who raped children, and, instead of firing them or reporting them to the police, simply transferred them to a different city?