Monday, November 17, 2008

ABC - 7's Andy Shaw Takes 'Stupid' National!

You Go, Andy! That's Andy Shaw as natural as he gets and a City Hall insider by the name of Buck DaMedea!

Now this goof Andy Shaw is a walking metaphor for Chicago's Media Elite! You really need to work at it 24/7 to be this stupid and Andy is no clock watcher!

True story, this one! Remember Terry Teele, Mayor Daley's go-to-guy on all things Planning and Development? Get this.

When Terry Teele was forced to resign from his position in Daley's Office, I happened to be sitting in the Planning and Development waiting room - a breathless Andy Shaw Charged In - 'The Teele resignation - I'M here!'

The lovely middle aged black woman informed this Profound Newshound - 'Fifth Floor, Sir. Mr. Teele works on the Fifth Floor. We are on the 10th Floor?'

Here's Andy Shaw Breathlessly stupid once again with President Elect Obama and the always affable Senator John ' Sure! I Suffer Fools Gladly' McCain:

Obama's aides started trying to clear the press out, reminding them there were not supposed to be questions.

That did not stop ABC-7 political reporter Andy Shaw from asking McCain if he planned to work with Obama to help him get things done. ( Emphasis my own!)
Even as the aides shouted louder not to ask questions, McCain said, "Obviously."
Obama smiled and told the reporters still asking questions they were "incorrigible." Then he proceeded to lean over to McCain and tell him a campaign-trail story about one of his aides.

Bed and breakfast, Andy! You take Stupid to a new level!

Andy Shaw meets Doyle Brunson and Phil Helmuth at the World Series of Poker -'Playing Cards, Fellows?'

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