Thursday, June 08, 2017

What to Do on Comey Thursday ! N.B. John Kass, Alone, Brings Readers to the Chicago Tribune

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John Kass, a river to his people!

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Big Jim Comey Spills to Congress, Doo,Dah, DooDah! ( repeat as needed)

Fired F.B.I. Director and J. Edgar Hoover to the Stars, James Comey will dominate the airwaves and suck the oxygen out of this rapidly dying planet, when he tells all to Congress today.

Well, that should clear things up around the Swamp and get them bells of freedom a 'chiming all through this land that's made for you and me.

I read the Chicago Tribune just prior to hitting these keys and it seems Trump is a really, really bad guy and will soon be shown the back exit door of the White House; maybe, even before Baron and Melania show up with the Mayflower vans from Trump Tower, or wherever the tribe lights the campfire.

The always prissy Steve Chapman and the editorial eel-spine-ed Bruce Dold detest President Trump, which always is a stack of chips in his favor for this citizen. On Sunday, Rex Huppke went wee-wee all over Deplorables like me and so many others.
I could punch a mime and pee off the edge of the Eiffel Tower while shouting "America First!" and I would still, without question, be viewed as a higher caliber American than the president.
European vacations are now going to be a blast. We can get away with anything and still seem classy by comparison.
Thanks, President Trump! The people of the United State of Inanity salute you.Image result for rex huppke
Rex Huppke Micturates into above said river.  

What a gas!  What wit! What a self-absorbed asshole! Rex Huppke might get knowing snorks from the beret and knit cap crowd, but his bile is only read by us working stiffs to see just how badly the oligarchs detest us.  The only inane Americans I know of call themselves journalists.

John Kass alone is why people read the Chicago Tribune, Rex.   Rex Huppke, Steve Chapman, Clarence Page the Al Roker of African American Opinion, Mary Schmich and Eric Zorn  all get salaries to insult, deprecate and smarm their contempt for working Americans and college-educated citizens in possession of common sense.  Rave on, Resistance writers, John Kass is providing you the trump to carry on.

Yep, Trump is crispy,over-heated bread. What can Comey add to conversation in the media wind tunnel?


So, today, after a nice two mile round trip to St. John Fisher for Communion and vigorous scrubbing of the kitchen floor, I intend to walk the precincts of the 19th Ward and inhale the vapors of this beautiful and sunny day.
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I shall get a haircut at Cutrone's barbershop on 111th and learn about London's vote, as Giovanni's daughter-in-law and her brother are from Old Blighty. Image result for Cutrone's barber in Mount Greenwood Brother-in-law is a barber and will have something to say on the London Bridge massacre. Cutrone's has English Football playing every day.  Patrons watch Limey Football.  John Kass would love this place. I have never seen a Chicago Tribune at Cutrone's and Sun Times is folded over to the near invisible sports section.

No Bears, no Bulls, but plenty of Chelsea F.C., Tottenham, West Ham United F.C., Chrystal Palace F.C. and Arsenal F.C.  dominate Cutrones huge flat screen T.V.s.   Arsenal ?  Yep.

The leader of the ISIS trio was wearing an Arsenal jumper when he gored tourists and neighbors with his blade.

Yep, that Trump's a tramp.

And tramp I shall with my locks shorn and smelling like Clubman these feet will meet the concrete all the way to Oak Lawn (2.3 miles in 45 minutes) and drop in my granddaughter for sound feeding and changing at the hands of a practiced baby-wrangler. After an hour or two of rubber-caged mugging and idiotic imitations of Mel Blanc to coax out a smile from Miss Lily, I will beat a retreat.

Another 45 minutes of invigorating strides and home to shower and change for my early evening assignation with Miss Terry Sullivan and a stroll through Little Italy's Columbus Park to take in some Thursday T-ball and minor softball, before a light supper at Tufano's Vernon Parkway Tap.

We will engage in lively issues concerning art, film, jazz and real estate in Forest Park.

This makes a swell day.


No, I got a haircut at Cutrone's.

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