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" God, or Bust?" Military Becomes More of Cult State Force Than Imperial Rome

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 One Man's Church is another Man's Truth*
  ""Beyond Humanism, the new listing is a win for diversity in general, . . . abandon the outdated concept of a god-or-bust chaplaincy," Jason Torpey, Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers,
 "Moses has words. Pharaoh has spears!"  Dathan in Ten Commandments

Yeah, Father Duffy would want more Wiccans in The Fighting 69th.

Inclusive, diverse and as remarkable as the Defense Department's new policy of expanding the list of approved religions to include the " Church of the Spiral Tree" and other earth-centered people of faith, one wonders which god is being served - Mars Invictus, or Lady Gaia.

You see not only did Barack Obama sign America up for Paris Peace Accord by a stroke of the pen, he also signed an Amended Religious Freedom Act just before Christmas, or Saturnalia in 2016, which, on the surface, is an Atticus Finch-like defense of humanism, atheism, agnosticism, and by golly just anything old thing one might like to believe with all of one's little heart.

The Defense Department which has struggled to defeat monotheistic bigots in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the globe, has planted  the Rainbow Flag for the LGBTQ community and managed to cover the Cross and Star of David, when devotees of the Crescent Moon get upset. Threats, really imagined and trumpeted loudly.

Anyway, Chaplain Charlie's Light Show now includes - New Age Churches, Unclassified Churches, Pagans, Wiccans, Magick and Spitualist, Agnostic, Atheist, Unknown, No Preference, No Religion and the Unknown faiths.

Humanism was recognized by the military in 2014, but until this order it wasn't recognized by all branches of the military.
"There have been prior declarations that the government or the military has recognized Humanism in one way or another," Torpy said. "But this is different."
While many new faith groups, such as the "Church Of The Spiral Tree" and "Dianic Wicca" have been added to the list, there are some that have been discarded. Faith groups such as the Tioga River Christian Conference, as well as nondenominational Protestants have been removed from the list.

This sprang for the unofficial religion of the United States the First Church, Temple, Mosque and Meetin' House of the Victim:

The Army has disciplined a military chaplain for making references to the Bible during a suicide-prevention seminar last month.
A serviceman brought the Judeo-Christian religious content to the attention of an atheist group, which complained about it. Now, the chaplain is fighting back, maintaining he did nothing wrong.
The dispute has renewed a debate over the appropriate role of faith in the military.
The chaplain, Capt. Joe Lawhorn, conducted the training session on suicide prevention Nov. 20 at the University of North Georgia. During the session, he shared his personal struggles with depression while an Army Ranger.
What upset the atheist group is that Lawhorn explained how he learned to conquer adversity by following the example of Israel’s warrior king, David, one of the great heroes of the Old Testament.
The three tenets of this secular faith are - Beef, Lawyer-up, Collect.

All these iconoclastic measures against Military Chaplaincy rooted in Judeo-Christian traditions were applauded wildly by the same folks who worship at the Church of Climate Change.

The Roman Legions of the Republic were comprised of citizens who served in in times of crisis and then went home.  The Roman Legions of Imperial Rome were given cults to follow - especially the cult of the State. Ennius wrote in his Annals " Moribus antiquis res stat Romana virisque." - trans. "The Roman state survives by its ancient customs and its manhood." Annals, Book V

The Roman Army was the last bastion of the pagan. The American Military seems to have reversed that under Obama.

You see, when you do not choose to believe in God, you choose another thing to believe in like The Spiral Tree,

The Church of Euthanasia was inspired by a dream, in which Rev. Chris Korda confronted an alien intelligence known as The Being who speaks for the inhabitants of Earth in other dimensions. The Being warned that our planet's ecosystem is failing, and that our leaders deny this. The Being asked why our leaders lie to us, and why so many of us believe these lies. Rev. Korda awoke from the dream moaning the Church's infamous slogan, Save the Planet - Kill Yourself.

Every aspect of the deepening global environmental crisis, including climate change, poisoning of the water and atmosphere, reduction of biodiversity, and topsoil erosion, directly results from the over-abundance of a single species: homo sapiens. The human population is increasing by one million every four days, according the Washington-based Population Reference Bureau. This is a net increase of 95 million per year, the current population of Mexico.

Even a major war or epidemic hardly dents the rate of growth, and modern wars have tremendous environmental consequences. It is for these practical reasons, as well as moral ones, that Euthanasians support only voluntary forms of population reduction, including suicide, free abortion, and sodomy, which they define as any sexual act not intended for procreation. They are also fiercely vegetarian, and support cannibalism for those who insist on eating flesh.

The planet is a living, breathing organism, and is capable of defending itself if necessary. The Church hopes to avoid the suffering this would entail by achieving a massive leap of consciousness in which human beings begin to think of themselves, not as individuals belonging to races or nation-states, but as a species. This species awareness would be the first step towards what Biodiversity author and population expert Paul Erlich calls "our absolute responsibility to protect what are our only known living companions in the universe."

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