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It Takes a Special Kind of SOB to Stab Anyone and a Gang of Very Special SOBs to Stage a Fake PC CNN Feel-Good Protest

Image result for woman stabbing victims London june 2017London Bridge terror attack First victim of London Bridge massacre identified as "beautiful" Canadian bride-to-be Chrissy Archibald. She was butchered by the son of a bitch bleeding out on the London sidewalk. 

Have any of you been stabbed?  I worked as a meat cutter for Jewel Foods in the late 1960's and bear the scars from accidental ( I hope) stabbings to my wrist, thigh and arms.  We wore chain-mail gloves when cutting huge pieces from beef, pig and lamb carcasses.  We were especially careful with one another, but accidents do happen. I was cut about eight or ten times and only needed stitches for three slices to my lard.  Nothing too horrific, but a sharp blade cuts deep and really begins to hurt hours later. 

I gained a deep and abiding respect for the trade and what the tools can do to living flesh.  There is also a deep sympathy in my heart for stabbing victims.

A gun takes no amount of will, courage, or hate to let fly at another person.  It is a coward's weapon of choice. A bat, length of pipe and especially a knife requires a true psychopathic person to bring on the suffering.

You must be some kind of deeply disturbed and rotten human being to beat or stab another human being to death.  You are a practiced son of a bitch, if you can do either. This London hero witnessed the stabbers and helped the police knock them off.  Here is a compelling report from the London Mirror: 

You must practice to this kind of violence. This could not have been the ISIS trio's first rodeo.
Practice on small and large animals, graduated to harming small and harmless people and perfected in the act of murder to 'send a message.'

I can understand the hate and frustration that might volcano into a passionate stabbing of a person by a person who has had some conflict - eating the last pizza slice, or kissing the wrong girl - but to conduct a stabbing rampage on anonymous people as a gift to Allah?  That is some sick stuff.

In London, this past weekend, the world once again witnessed the devout disciples of the Religion of Peace run-over and stab scores of people going about their lives, only a few weeks after their brethren set off shrapnel spewing bomb vests a concert hall full of little girls.  By Allah's beard, these are not Mormons doing this, nor are they Knights of Columbus, Greek Orthodox monks and sure as hell are not members of B'nai B'rith.  They are Muslims.

The IRA were Catholic lads.  The UVF were Protestant Boys.  They were sectarian sons of bitches who blew up one another as well as non Celts. ISIS is not a secular club.

Muslims are victims as much as non-Muslims.  However, the stabbing, beating, beheading, butchering and vehicle assaulting sons of bitches tune-up at Mosques and not around  Salvation Army kettles. CAIR never comes down hard on terror.   CAIR is Sinn Fein with a Koran.

Our secular theology of global ecology hootenanny harmony is the dogma attached to those who benefit from  terror, science jihad and wealth redistribution scams.  CNN is one of the most oily, obvious and obnoxious defenders of Globalist Secular Theology - No God, No Master but Mammon.

Immediately after the horrific stabbings and crushings of innocent tourists and Londoners.  CNN offered this:

I saw it and felt in my heart, " This is pure bullshit, worthy of PBS."  I read quite a bit and one source I choose is from Israel Artuz Sheva 7.   Israel knows all about the stabbing for Allah trope.  Image result for terrorist repeatedly stabbing womanTheir site offered a confirmation of my suspicions.

And they offered insight to the goings on behind the cameras and mic-booms.

The reporter narrating the segment is Becky Anderson an Abu Dhabi-based CNN news anchor, who praises the gathering as “a wonderful scene”.
But footage recorded just behind CNN’s cameras cast some doubt as to the veracity of Anderon’s coverage of the alleged protest. he behind-the-scenes footage, which quickly went viral, shows Anderson calling over the “Muslim Mothers” and positioning them in front of the cameras.
Criticism of what some dubbed CNN’s “fake news” or the “fake protest” spread like wildfire.
According to the original uploader of the behind-the-scenes clip, Mark Antro, CNN not only positioned the demonstrators in front of the cameras for a better shot, but also brought in minority police officers for the filming of the clip.
“Note the white police officers leaving before the CNN shot & the Asian officers coming in,” wrote Antro. “They then left after they went off air!”

CNN has claimed Antro’s footage is misleading, telling Mediaite that the demonstrators were simply allowed through a police cordon at the CNN crew’s request, and that the demonstration was quite real.

You have to be some kind son of a bitch to stab another human being.  Worse, it takes a practiced and soul-less bunch of bastards (CNN) to skew a tale of terror.  CNN says, the report is "quite real."

Quite real.  As genuine as CNN, the Paris Accord, Lord Mayor Khan's concerns and Kathy Griffin's apologies.

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