Monday, April 13, 2015

What We Can Expect - 2016 Will Arrive and Depart and Hillary Clinton Will Be President

If America thinks Obama craps strawberries, I guess I am out of step. But step I do.

Obama's handlers ( he never had an original thought in his life) took Cuba off the table and gelded Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush on that issue. Cuba libre?  Nah. Cuba will be open to a few cyber-nerd bazillionaires, the auto industry and Captain Morgan, but Raul and Fidel Castro will keep all of the sugar.

A dictatorship ends and democracy begins when Chuck Todd reads something from GE and then tries to explain what is written on the note from up-stairs to Chris Matthews, Big Ed, Mika, Morning Joe and Andrea Mitchell.

That said, our own American fortunes remain tied to some pretty bad things - abortion, secularism bordering on nihilism, historical ignorance and political fascism.  Orgainized labor is merely a political app device clicked on when convenient. Journalism, which Joe Epstein paraphrased Oscar Wilde, is celebrity gossip spiced with political propaganda. Bruce Jenner's transformation certainly helps keep Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker out of the White House and will.

I suspect that America will mirror Cuba shortly and believe that it will be no different than recent mayoral election.  American voters will shrug and vote a pretty nasty person - Hillary Clinton, who is no more than Mayor Rahm Emanuel without a personal trainer.

Who will win the White House in 2016?

Let me speak up.  It will not be a Republican.  My guess; it will be Hillary Clinton.  As Chicago went last week, so shall go the nation . . .with whimper.

My proudly liberal colleague, Mike O'Neill, noted that Tammy Duckworth with beat Illinois's United States Junior Senator Marque Kirque like an old rug. I'd like in on that.

 The Illinois GOP is the template for the RNC - a party that blows off its own toes at the request of DNC.  .  Marque Kirque is the template for the GOP, just as the doughy and dopey Senator Dick Durbin is the template for Democratic Party. Both Illinois Senatorial carbon footprints are not worth the price of Oprah tickets, but both are regarded as men of gravitas in both parties.  I am sardonically amused that people with more brains, talent and moral backbone than either one of them would walk across tile square to shake hands.  I feel the same way about President Obama, whom I have not only spent but had dialog.  I found him singularly underwhelming in 1996 and more so now that he has been elected to two terms, snatched a Nobel Peace Prize and turned America into Europe in seven short years.

Bessie Warren, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley are merely stalking horses for Hillary. They are like Chicago Alderman Bob Fioretti who run, distract and be rewarded post election. Hillary is Rahm Emanuel.

America has evolved.

The race is over before it starts.



I say this with no reservations what so ever, if Hillary Clinton were to be elected to the office of President this nation would be entering the final spiral into the abyss of HELL!

Seriously, what does she offer, other than the reputation of being a liar, and a dried up vagina?

Anonymous said...

Love this piece!

pathickey said...

The GOP will carve up Scott Walker; block Dr. Ben Carson; insult Allen West and roll over for media belly scratches. It is what they do. All the New Medusa needs to do is wait.