Friday, April 10, 2015

Throw Away America - Margaret Sanger to Faiz Ikramull

“Initially, our investigation has shown that the father left the child in a garbage can and drove away,” Faiz Ikramulla, 35

Imagine, a three year old girl, a toddler, wanders along a very busy road near a Cook County Forest Preserve.  She is crying and waving her hands.

The sight and sound of a child in distress should spark some human sympathy.  Good people responded.

The little girl could give police officers only her first name, but the cops managed to identify the child's parents and learned that the girl's mother had indeed filed a missing persons report not only for her baby but her father.

The father, Faiz Ikramulla, was tracked down in Van Buren County Michigan and arrested.

Faiz Ikramulla had placed his child in Forest Preserve garbage can and walked off.

Last week, someone tossed a kitten from a moving vehicle sparking no end consternation. Happens all of the time.  A few years ago persons tended to drive into my neighborhood with their unwanted pets, open the doors and let them out.  I once called 911 when a pooch was tossed from a car.  Poor thing died. I could not get the plate numbers.  Sad, but no where near what happens to children and old people.  People get more worked up over the mistreatment animals than do over a child in a woman's uterus, or argue that we must be sensitive cultural 'differences' when children are concerned.

We live in toss-away America.  Parents wear out the old viability warranty and get packed off to Shady Rest ASAP.  Relationships fall on hard times and Attorney E. Claude Balls types up a divorce.  We UnFriend.  We ReCycle. We Abort.

That miserable old hog of a woman, Margaret Sanger, managed to convince shallow people with college degrees that Birth Control is humane and abortion a sacrament of secular freedom.  Until this country abandons its selfish and cowardly love affair with abortion, it will continue diminish itself at home and abroad.

Yes, abortion opposition must be a litmus test for elected officials. Smarmy creeps like President Obama,Senators Durbin and Kirque, Governor Rauner, Mayor Emanuel should not hold office.  If you are cool with calling the murder of a child in its mother's womb health care, you will have no problem selling your vote to any corporation, or country.  If you justify the murder of children, why not the killing of the elderly, the disabled, unpopular, or the opposition?  Eugenics worked well for the Third Reich, until unevolved Americans did something about it. 

I am one carbon footprint that will never evolve in a way that allows me to politely accept a point a view that in any way mistreats a child (womb to Holy Sepulchre).
Monsters hold a very evolved and sophisticated opinion on this.  Monsters who would abort, abandon the elderly to institutional abuse, or stuff a toddler into a Cook County Forest Preserve garbage can.

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