Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Chiraq" is Demeaning to Chicago - Call it "Worrisome"

No less an expert on the use of language than Senator Dick " I Heard Obama Say" Durbin has chimed in on Spike Lee's movie about violence and the failure of public schools in Chicago neighborhoods. Here's Dithering Dick, “I want to give Mr. Lee the opportunity to explain the nature of this movie,” he said. “I don’t know much more about it, other than the title. It is worrisome.”

It is worrisome because Rahm's most ardent black minister is white pastor Michael Pfleger and Pastor Pfleger hosted the Cusacks at St. Sabina Faith Community's Easter services, as well as Jeremy Piven who played Ari on HBO's family comedy Entourage and Ari was based upon Rahm Emanuel's Hollywood bundler brother Ari.


It's kind of funny.  Only a few years ago, a freshman at Leo High School, Antonio Davis was murdered on the streets where he lived.  Leo High School absorbed the full expense of burying this nice kid: paid for the grave, the funeral home, the church the services and hosted the repast following the funeral for three hundred of Antonio's family members and neighbors.Image result for antonio davis funeral rahm emanuel

The funeral services took place at 127th & Harlem on tropically hot and torrentially rainy day. Hundreds of mourners packed the un-air conditioned church and waited for the ceremonies to begin.  The funeral director had been contacted by the Office of the Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel to wait until the Mayor could pay his respects.  Twenty, forty, sixty minutes went by.   The services were stalled because were waiting for Rahm Emanuel. It was worrisome.

Worrisome, because little kids and the elderly were swooning from the sticky heat.  The Mayor arrived.  He brushed past the Leo High School President without word or greeting.  The Leo High School President had taken the burden from family of Antonio Davis upon himself - cost and logistics. A week's worth of burden.

Rahm Emanuel not so much as nodded.  I though that funny and worrisome.

Worrisome, this funny little man had only just begun his role as Mayor of Chicago.

Funny, because over the next three years Rahm Emanuel did what he does - raises money for himself and ignores everyone else, until the first run-off election in Chicago's history was forced upon him.

Rahm was just forced to undergo the first run-off election in Chicago's history, because Chicago is plagued with thug violence and bad public schools.  Rahm closed 50 bad public schools on the south and west sides of Chicago, where the sobriquet "Chiraq" was coined.  The closing of the bad public schools forced children to cross into neighborhoods where gang-turf is delineated by rounds spent from a 9mm.

Worrisome, because Pastor Pfleger endorsed not only Rahm, but a candidate for alderman of the 17th Ward who would serve Rahm Emanuel and all of his works and that candidate was beaten like a red-headed rented mule in the February General Election.

More Worrisome, was the fact that Rahm was forced into the only run-off election in Chicago's history and was required to contort, tap-dance, threaten, wheedle, poke, promise and punish black politicians, reverends, urban translators and community leaders for support.  He got it and beat his challenger by double figures.

A worrisome thing that.

Now, when all is well,  more worrisome mischief creeps into the ink of Chicago - Spike Lee is making a movie!

Worrisome is the theme of thug violence and bad public schools. More Worrisome is the title of the movie that reflects the opinion of the people on the west and South Sides that Chicago, in some neighborhoods, is a dangerous as Iraq, or Yeman, or Syria, or Egypt, or Kenya..

It's worrisome.  Just when the very people who orchestrated Chicago's misery had the opportunity to finally paw political kitty litter over the crap of their own making, along come Spike Lee, who might be the best American director since John Ford, pointing out the mess.  Worrisome.

They (Rahm,Durbin et al) do not want the movie to be Chiraq!  Dick Durbin who lies every second breath calls this worrisome,

Spike, I think we have a working title - "Worrisome!"

I think Dick Durbin would make a swell Pastor Pfleger.


Jeff Janulis said...

So you like having the 17th ward represented by an idiot like David Moore, with a past of domestic violence ?

pathickey said...

Geepers Jeffy, you sure a raise a compelling smear. However, I like Alderman Moore just dandy, all the same. Keep happy!