Monday, July 28, 2014

Natasha Korecki Helps Illinois Voters Spot the Loonies - Early and Often

You can't keep goofs down and that is why these Room Temperature I.Q.s hold public office!

Love me some Commie Chanting!  Everybody!

Basket full of Grapefruits
Readnot/Thinks less
Illinois is in a Mess!

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho!
We don't have no where to Go! (repeat . . .Early and Often)

You can not say that Progressive International is not having an impact - Elizabeth Warren is taken seriously . . . no really.

Here in Illinois, Cook County and Chicago we have an endless parade of goofballs, grifters and GooGo Fascists ( 3Gs) holding public office and looting our bankrupt communities six ways to Sunday.

Rahm Emanuel, once a 3G darling, and now considered a tyranical plutocrat ( he is THAT and change) Hell bent on destroying the PACS that masquerade as labor.  These PACs are the monster-sized public sector "unions" of wage slave workers decked out in Purple and Red XXXL t-shirts who happen to earn wages via tax-payers.

Grassroots are photo-op mobs chanting folks transported to rallies by the busload to threaten spineless dummies in elected office to tax the middle class out of existence.

Netroots are the fundmentally lazy college educated slackers and hipsters who Tweet anonymous HashTag slogans and threats.

Then there are the rest of us.  Some of read and a few of us retain the ability to manage an original thought.  We many, we unhappy many, we band of patsies! We pay, we will pay, until we have nothing less than resignation and we too beg for XXL Purple and Red T-shirts and the concomitant wage-slavery of a husky $15 an hour.

The American middle class and its robust standard of living was created in large part because of American :Labor - Real Labor.  Real labor are the skilled and low skilled Industrial trades who fought, not Scott Walkers, but Fords, DuPonts and Rockefellers for right to fair wages.

Progressives too coin from guilty Fords, DuPonts and Rockefellers and put it to great use underming and now strangling the American Middle Class as it gasps for its last breath.

Thanks be to God and Natasha Korecki of the Chicago Sun Times the Illinois Band of Patsies a heads up on the Netroots and Grassroots carpetbaggers re-settled like Rahm Emanuel himself in Sweet Home Chicago to place a new generation of goofs, grifters and Goo-Go Fascists into public office.  This is the second such report from the writer who provided the most accurate and clear prose on the unmasking and ultimate pants-yanking of two Progressive frauds - Rod Blagoyevich and Congressman Jesse Jackson, Junior.

Natasha Korecki warned of Progressive International's shop-set-up in Illinois and the bridge to the Karen Lewis City Hall Expedition.

Now, Korecki links the Grassroots/Netroots Coalition of Leeches in its Chicago, Cook County and Illinois campaign -

Look out Chicago, a new political movement has arrived.
United Working Families, a partnership between labor groups, including the Chicago Teachers Union, and a coalition of a dozen community groups is expected to announce its formal launch on Monday, executive director Kristen Crowell tells Early & Often.
Crowell is the same woman who headed an effort to counter policies by Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker, raising $50 million along the way.
“This organization collectively will represent well over 100,000-plus members in a diverse range of communities in Chicago,” Crowell said of the Chicago group.
Crowell previously served as executive director of We Are Wisconsin, which grew out of protests in 2011 and eventually cultivated its battle into a full-blown recall election against Walker.
Remember the drum-circle jerks who camped out under the Madison Wisconsin Legislature rotunda and chanted Death to Walker and Tremble Ye Running Dogs?  Kristen Crowell managed that tasty street theatrical and rooted in the likes of Big Ed from MSNBC and Michigan Fats himself, Michael " 9Mansions" Moore.

Walker, if you will recall, was not Recalled and led his state out of fiscal water-boarding without killing off Organized Labor.

This time, however,  the Madison Class warriors and  Hipster Hobos will dress up like Chicago's Stan from Streets and San, Eddie the Electrician, Doreen the Dockworker  and Framin' Eamon the Irish Carpenter.  

You see, its all bout us, this time. Us, the Band of Patsies.

The Cadillac Commies are now the champions of the working mom and dad and all of their disgusting Catholic school attending spawn.

The natural Progressive contempt for We Band of Breeders is on hold until a thick cadre of creeps hold more elective offices than we can afford.
Still, it’s no coincidence. The Chicago group has been in discussions with the Working Family Party — a progressive group that successfully backed candidates for office in various states — about modeling some of their programs, including community outreach and candidate training. . . . Crowell said the group is developing its political strategy, including whether it will back a slate of aldermanic candidates.
“Certainly, it is our opinion that the current leadership is not doing enough to take care of our folks,” Crowell said. United Working Families will focus on “finding, recruiting and supporting candidates who are going to be with us.”
“It’s not about elected officials, it’s about members having a role and having a voice in Chicago.” 
I have a voice and I have very nice baritone.  I sing out when I am delighted and wail up a storm when creeps like Elizabeth Warren, Jan Schakowsky, Wee Mike Quigley, Dithering Dick Durbin and Governor Pat Quinn want to side with me and mine.  But that's just me.

Natasha Korecki told us to " Look Out, Chicago!"  Now, lets see if the Progressive 2 X 4 whacks the Band of Patsies between the eyes and continues to murder the American Middle Class.

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