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Evolution's Greatest Error - Progressive International - When PC Meets Reality: A Monkey's Tale From Delhi.

Evolution is a theory that morphed into progressive truth ( inquiry) at the tail end of the Nineteenth Century.  Charles Darwin's observations from the gunwales of HMS Beagle clicked nicely with late Victorian Social Enthusiasm - secular religion.  The Dawn of Evolution broke with the birth of the Do-Gooder .  The fundamental questions that lead to truth were shouted down by parlors full of enthusiastic social theorists armed with Hegel, impatience, steady incomes from factories, tenant farms and royal largess, as well as political power. Artists and scribblers flocked to these parlors in London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, and New York to find fortune, fame and force the less gifted to pay attention to them.

Art linked arms with Progressive Pontiffs and soon Emile Zola turned the reading of literature into an autopsy of society. Soon literature became the path to power, in the words of Marxist literary critic Irving Howe, because “it struck me as the easiest major, where I could bullshit the most.”

It is a short jump from the printed page to political power for Progressives - it is a very exclusive Masonic Order.  In no time at all social theory became doctrine and later law.

The first law of the Progressive is Be Contrarian in All Things but Matters of Personal Wealth.  The rich are always bad and only the rich can destroy their evil.  Convicts are always better than jailers.  Working people are great, so long as they do not ride in the same elevators as a Progressive.  Debt makes Wealth. Liberty is fascism. And, so it goes.

Science can mean anything so long as it supports the meme du jour.  Darwin managed all of this by watching monkeys. Let's consider our ring-tailed cousins in Dehli.  You see in Hindi India monkeys are sacred on Tuesdays and Saturdays in honor of the monkey faced Hindu god Hanuman

Now, there are many types, classes and races, if you will, of monkey - langur, rhesus & etc.

The langur is a  grey black-faced fellow  with temperment an old timey Irish Cop.

The rhesus is a pain in the ass.  India new delhi monkeysThere are many more Rhesus monkey's than langur monkeys, because the Langur is on the endangered list, because he was so God damned mean, nasty and dangerous. The much more numerous, smaller red-faced Rhesus monkey is scared shitless of the langur.  In the past, langur monkeys were used by Indian Entrepreneurs to patrol neighborhoods plagued by troops, nay regiments of Rhesus cousins.

However, Politically and Environmentally Correct Doctrine afflicted India, no less than it has in Big Gulp NYC, or Rahm's Chicagoland.
India’s rhesus monkeys are derelicts. They regularly steal food, alcohol, glasses, medical equipment, and clothes. They even break into cars.
To combat them, the langur men used to be a common sight around Delhi’s political and diplomatic areas, especially during visits by high-ranking foreign officials.
The problem is, it’s illegal to keep langurs. They are a protected species, and in November 2012, the environment ministry cracked down. The ministry told government departments and agencies that langurs are covered by India’s Wildlife Protection Act, and that people who own, trade or hire out langurs face up to three years in jail. (emphasis my own)
Like the cell-phone in the hands of an SUV & Starbucks armed soccer mom from Naperville, the langur monkey continues to patrol the streets of Delhi.  Statisics from pre-caste polling services, like Paul Simon Institute are used to draw up laws made confound common sense and what was formerly known as Nature.

Langur monkeys do not make great pets, because they huge nasty-tempered brutes, but they make great wonderful riot-control deterent enforcers of mobs of felonious rhesus monkeys.  What would Darwin say?
Probably, ' once the rhesus has fully evolved through  after-school, programs, frees schooling and breakfasts, unchallenged access to government housing, health care and rise in the minimum wage Dehli will have even more rhesus monkeys.'  Instead, the same Government officials who ban the ownership of langurs, hire the outlawed langur leash-holders to illegally do what Nature used to do - the rhesus monkeys out of the neighborhoods.

To cover up the hypocrisy, the Delhi Progressive apply contraceptives to monkey vitals in order to keep down the rhesus breeding:

The NDMC and the Delhi government are taking other measures too. The handful of monkey catchers employed by the council round up about 500 a year with their lassos.
India’s Central Zoo Authority has been working with the National Primate Center in California to reduce the monkey population by using contraceptives left in food and sterilization of captured monkeys. A pilot program is taking place in the northern state of Uttarakhand.
And the NDMC has been negotiating with an Indian company to supply electric shock tape for government buildings. The makers of Avi-Simian Shock Tape, which runs off a simple main socket, claim monkeys and birds receive a small electric shock when touching the aluminum wires in the tape. But for now the monkey population remains in complacent control of New Delhi.
If it is stupid, it is Progressive

H/T Sancte Pater

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