Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chicago Media Giggle Up Karen Lewis, Because Toni Preckwinle Wont' ( Can't) Play

Karen Lewis, less than a yard from her Svengali Jesse Sharkey (ISO & CTU) got the giggles shared by our propaganda media!

Chicago's Media (read Editorial Boards) are just giddy over new, scientific polling numbers that show Karen Lewis is also leading over Rahm Emanuel - Toni Preckwinkle holds 55% and the CTU sock-puppet for Socialist Jesse Sharkey with nine point lead - in the soon to be fabulous race to replace Rahm. The Sun Times conducted a poll showing Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and Karen Lewis beating the bejazuz out of Mayor Coon Eyes.
Lewis revealed on Monday she already has an unofficial exploratory committee in the works, a chairperson has been named and her camp is working to have a representative in each of the city’s 77 neighborhoods.
Since an Early & Often poll released Sunday put Lewis at a 9-percentage-point advantage over Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Lewis’ phone has been ringing non-stop, she said.
“They’ve been coming from all over the country,” Lewis said in an interview Monday. “Facebook is blowing up. Twitter is blowing up.”
Blowing up like the great puffer fish!

Once again, Chicago sheep are encouraged to make the electoral choice of horse-poop, or manure.


Yep, you can not  beat the joy around the Editorial tables. They are happier than a teen age boy with two fish sticks.

Let's see, vote for Karen and Lewis and Jesse Sharkey becomes mayor; vote for Toni Preckwinkle and Dr. Quentin Young owns Chicago as well as Illinois.

Either way, Chicago fast-tracks to Detroit.

Karen Lewis and Jesse Sharkey ( you get one without the other . . .ever!) want all of us to know that they have Grassroots support!  That means MoveOn Dot Orgasm and Grassroots Illinois Action cranking up the happy!

“Another local group, Grassroots Illinois Action, isn’t backing a particular candidate.
However, field director Abbie Illenberger said the group is building both its member and financial base in hopes to possibly boost the right candidate’s campaign. Illenberger said the group’s work is in the backdrop of Emanuel having $7 million in the bank and having a SuperPAC that has the potential to match that amount. The mayoral election is Feb. 24, 2015.

Now here's the side-splitter, "The ability for regular, working people to run means we have to organize ourselves and do it collectively,” says Abbie Illenberger.

Regular, working people?  Karen? Toni? Alderman Bob Fioretti? \

 Frank from down Maplewood Street works for Streets and Sanitation, Molly who took a leave of abscense from CPS because Tim King's Urban Prep thugs loused up the elementary school she worked at, Jerry the African American copper who drives the wagon in 22 and Dewey the laborer with County are all regular working people.

I am around regular working people 24/7 and they can't stand any of the above mentioned just plain folks.

The same news media that gave America the Barack Obama gum-scraping it now enjoys and paved Chicago's pot-holed streets with 40 Weight Motor oil for Rahm's Carpet-bagging tenure as Mayor is giggling giddily to make two more mediocrities Chicago's Chief Executives!

Now that' old news.


Lisa said...

Man the s--- runs pretty deep in Chicagoland.
Even though I am in NY,no envy here

pathickey said...

It do pour forth, Lisa.

Anonymous said...

No finesse, no experience just a whole lotta Rahm and McCarthy Bashing..not a fan of Lewis!!!