Friday, December 06, 2013

WTTW Ventra Town Hall - The Mighty Wind A Blowing for Forrest Claypool!

WTTW is a forum for unified voices - a kind of harmony from one note sung by a chorus of group thinkers.  Last night's Phil Ponce hosted Hootenanny made A Mighty Wind!  Let's see they had Forrest Claypool and a CTA numbers guys, journalists from Chicago's two big newspapers and audience of concerned citizens who appeared to be culled from the last WTTW Pledge Drive, or lured with tote bags away from the early specials line at Heartland Cafe, some kid from Northwestern who loves Ventra Cards and some old guy in a baseball cap who got cut-off.  The twitter was . . .let's say a Mighty Wind in favor of Forrest's continued payday.

Ventra Cards are here to stay . . .Doo Dah, Doo Dah.

Get a load of this pillow talk.  ( Update at 11:05 AM)

Here is the video!

Ripe for satire, but has no shelf life. Check, Please!


Ventra Special

On a special edition of Chicago Tonight, we take a close look at the CTA’s problem-plagued rollout of its newVentra payment system. Eddie Arruza will look back at some of the issues and commuter complaints that have occurred over the last two months. Then, CTA President Forrest Claypool, along with his Chief Internal Auditor Andrell Holloway, give the first extensive media explanation of what went wrong and how the myriad of glitches are being addressed. We also hear from a live studio audience of CTA riders about their experiences with Ventra.

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