Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Harvey Weinstein, Planned Parenthood and Progressive Fatwa on a Defender of Catholics

I heard the NPR interview with creator and co-Star of Philomena.  It was the typical low decibel stuff shirt chit-chat frosted with piously Progressive calls for civility, forgiveness, understanding and total hostility toward Roman Catholics.

NPR is a platform for the abortion industry, the redefinition of marriage voices and those who think completely without consideration of other people who just might not see things their way.

Hollywood is no longer the home of the stars,  but a computer of faux animations wrapped around very bad writing.

Harvey Weinstein is Hollywood. Harvey was hurt because the movie Philomena tagged for what it is -

 “Philomena” is about Lee’s quest, in the company of a former BBC journalist played by Coogan, to learn what happened to her son after she gave him up for adoption at a convent in 1952 Ireland. The movie makes this particular Irish Catholic institution look about as pleasant as Abu Ghraib.I found the film lazy, contrived, with a dull odd-couple road-trip structure dabbed with insipid humor (Coogan, in a discussion of busty 1950s pinups Jayne Mansfield and Jane Russell: “They were very big. They were huge! Their careers”) and smack-you-in-the-nose dialogue like “What they did to you was evil” and Coogan’s crowd-pleasing, film-defining cry, “F – - – ing Catholics!”). I could see no reason for the movie’s existence other than to soar overhead in the guise of the sweet bird of comedy, then drop a surprise load of guano on Catholic institutions (and, in the second half, the US Republican Party). Kyle Smith New York Post
A Fatwa on the critic who dared to object to yet another shower of power poop from the Hollywood Monkey House on Catholics.

All of the films attesting to the Hollywood doctrine on the Roman Catholic Church of the last twenty years have helped keep Kermit Gosnells in greenbacks and redefined marriage in the sixteen States with the demographics who will swallow anything.

To those deaf ears, Kyle Smith answers - 
Film critics tend to give a free pass to obvious, trite, heavy-handed movies that light up the correct political-pleasure circuits in their brains. I’m used to disagreeing with them. That is because I am, as far as I know, the only conservative film critic in the entire United States who writes regularly for a general-interest newspaper or magazine. I see things all the others miss.

Mr. Smith should go to Washington.

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