Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The Medill Onions Get Dave Protess Peeled - It's A Start

No one wants an innocent person punished, unless one is nuts.  One can be nutty enough to play act the role of Atticus Finch and Che Guevara in one costume : The Ambulance Chaser Revolutionary Journalist.  That is the situation facing the Innocence Project's former Wildcat Fagin - Professor Dave Protess, of the Huffington Post.

David Protess is to journalist academician, as G. Flint Taylor is to altruist attorney, in my simple helot's opinion.

For almost thirty years, Protess and the Torture industry's ambulance chasers( Loevy & Loevy/ Locke Bowman/ G. Flint Taylor et al)  have done to the American justice system, what Jeffery Anderson attempted to do to the Roman Catholic Church complete;y undermine faith and confidence in its institutions.  Their labors could never have been accomplished without active complicity of the media - newspapers and television.  Knowing that a few bad apples can spoil the whole barrel,  these radical capitalists scattered fruit and burned the lathe and cooper's rings.

Chicago's epidemic homicide rate is given the same level of concern as the weather,  "Outlook Bloody for next few days with a storm murder expected over the weekend."  Everyone complains about the murderers, but no one seems willing to do anything about the tweedy creeps who spring them and make them Lawsuit Lotto winners.

Accepting Burge as the next best thing to Heinrich Himmler is as common as acknowledging Jane Addams as the Father of Labor.  I belong to nether camp.  I am older than Burge Mytholgy acolytes and I personally know the family of the Wilson Brothers who seemed to have not only tortured and murdered Officers O'Brien and Fahey, but created, though uncredited of course, the Torture Industry and burnished the reputations of the Innocence Project dilettantes.

About two years ago, I received an e-mail from Pulitzer Prize winning Chicago Tribune reporter Bill Crawford (ret.), which praised my amateurish efforts to at least have some reporter, any media person, to question the narrative of 'the systemic racist police brutality culture and the electric testicle zapper.'  Bernardine Dohrn was the first person who opined that Commander Burge, a decorated Vietnam baby-killing military policeman, might . . .might mind you, have learned torture techniques including the hand cranked nut zapper, when she took her post at Northwestern.  Dorhn's compelling hypothetical was repeated,  reprinted and reified in Sasha Abramsky's Mother Jones article, as well as every syllble written by John Conroy and gradually artificially reconstructed and admitted in court.

Here's Bill Crawford:

(compiled by Martin Preib
HT-Second City Cop

This week, The Chicago Reader, which had an active hand in crafting not only the Burge mythology, but also the media apotheosis of Prof. Dave Protess, offered the first genuine scrutiny of Protess and his works.

Call me crazy, but the reactions of readers of Michael Miner's column seems to signal shifting of templates beneath the Florsheims of Protess and also the Torture Industry.

We can handle the truth. It would be nice to read some in the near future.

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