Friday, December 03, 2010

Profiling, or Scouting?

My pal, Attorney Tamara Holder has a re-posting of a thoughtful article that she wrote last January, following the arrest of the terrorist who attempted to bomb the Detroit airport.

Ms. Holder wrote this in reaction to calls for greater attention to Muslim folks boarding flights to the United States and re posted this morning because the profiling issue was exacerbated by the TSA pat-downs boosted by Homeland Security Czarina Janet Napolitano.

Tamara Holder writes, "“Racial profiling” is used too loosely. Instead, “intelligence” is the issue. If a terrorist gets to a security check-point at the airport, he has already gotten too far. We cannot rely on patdowns and scanners to catch terrorists. Terrorists are smarter than a TSA employee.
Patdowns and bodyscanners may be tools to keep terrorists off of planes but they will just look for a different way to achieve their mission. The 9/11 terrorists may have been caught if the body scanner detected their box cutters. Abdulmutallab may have been caught if the body scanner detected the bomb-making material in his underwear. These measures may or may not work to deter terrorists. We shall see…"
Click my post title for more. I disagree with Tamara Holder. I think Profiling is good scouting.

I think that profiling is no more than a smarmy PC buzz-word like Systemic. High school coaches profile every time that they enter a gym, or grab the top row in the stands at a football game. They are profiling young men ( sexists.) who have the physical abilities to perform great feats of athleticism for the school that can grab them. Option Offense ( teams that use a running game to beat the clock) schools looks for a quarterbacks and running backs who can perform in the Wishbone, I-Option, Spread Option Wing-T Option, Flexbone and Double Option formations. The scouts Profile a quaterback who displays a keen sense of the field as well as a quick witted nimbleness in determining which running back will be fed the ball to take the "dive." "veer," or "mesh" run against the opposing defense. The scouts are looking for qualities and characteristics. They come armed with a Profile.

A myopic kid in an iron lung will not meet that profile.

Likewise, remember the old Western movies when a cavalry patrol came upon a massacred wagon or stagecoach?

The Steel-eyed Old Army Scout and his Commanche Aide would take arrows and lances from the victims and return to the Cavalry Commander.

Scout Cole Murtaugh- "These are markings of a Kiowa Murder Party, Lietenant - see how these red hash marks cover the yellow? That means that Red Hand is out for Yellow Hair scalps."

Lt.Oakes Willoughby -" Mr. Murtaugh, your antipathy to the Kiowa is well known. The Kiowa are indigenous Americans with a rich culture and robust moral sense that is Eco-friendly and Earrth wholesome. To take your meaning, we should troop along and abuse . . .nay, murder people? That is Systemic Racism!"

Scout - " These arrows and lances were just pulled out of the backs of these here women folks."

Lt. Oakes - "Did you see the actual act of launching these missiles, Murtaugh? Who's to say? Who's to say that Kiowas killed these people? It may very well have been an Aryan War Party of disgrubtled Confederate Army veterans. Why, only the other day in an Op-Ed Letter of the Shinebone Star The Rev. Mark Potok of The Southern Poverty Law Center deemed it may be so! I will not Profile."

Scout - "Well,Sonny Boy, me and Jimmy-Sass-Back, here, will pull freight - you and me done split the blanket Lootenant. We'll winter up in the High Lonesome and come down in the Spring and bury you and your patrol then."

Lt. Oakes -" Your empirical sense and systemic racism will not be on my hands. Killing Kiowas will only add to their recruitment efforts."

And that was not how the West Was Won. However, given the PC sentiments of some folks . . . I gotta go with Profiling is Scouting.

Profiling is Scouting - intelligence. It is how option quarterbacks are selected and it was how patrols in the old West avoided that really close haircut.

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