Thursday, December 23, 2010

Chicago Firefighters - No Stone Unturned for Their Brothers and Sisters

Chicago Tribune Photo.

Chicago firefighters lost two young brothers in the horrific collapse of the building east of Stony Island on 75th Street yesterday. Nineteen Chicago firefighters were injured and several are in bad shape.

I live in a neighborhood that is thick with 1st Responders - Police Officers, Paramedics, Firefighters: City, State, County and Federal.

I know them and see them at Mass, cutting the lawn, shoveling the snow for the widows, coaching little guys and girls up at Kennedy and Beverly Parks, grabbing a Miller Lite at Keegans or Cork and Kerry, attending wakes and funerals and never have I heard one of these public servants ever tell a war story to civilian like me.

That is for those who share their perils.

I listen to bar stool philosophers and disappointed and bitter people beef about ' the pension rich tax hogs.' The Chicago Media, in between the purple draped funerals of cops, firefighters, or others who charge into peril, takes cheap shots at firefighters and cops in the name of Better Government High-mindedness. Only last week a cranky and sophomoric series of articles beefed about the drill conducted to remove siding from a home in Mount Greenwood. As Vice President Biden might opine -BFD. A real journalist, like the Chicago Sun Times' late Ray Coffey would never soil his fingers with such pusillanimous ink. Ray Coffey understood danger and respected men and women who ran into peril.

The reality is to be witnessed in the photo up above - not one green-black coated and helmeted figure is inactive. Every heart and hand is digging and clawing its way to bring hope to their brothers under the bricks, rubble and ruin.

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