Thursday, December 02, 2010

Professor Dave Protess's "Treats" for "Innocent" Murderers

One of the cottage industries that has eroded any and all faith in our Justice System is the Lawsuit Lottery. The Lawsuit Lottery was invented by radical lawyers and assaults police officers, prosecutors, judges and city, county and municipal governments in defense of convicted murderers and career criminals by tugging at the heartstrings attached to our American sense of fair play.
The gambit is always the same - a murderer was convicted of a horrific crime because

A. Systemic Racist police officer ( black, white, Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander) tortured, abused and denied basic civil rights to a copyrighted Minority - usually a black man - in order to close a case.

B. A prosecutor hid evidence in defense of Systemic Racism

C. A Corrections Official tortured, abused and denied basic civil rights to whole bunch of copyrighted Minorities -usually many black men- while they awaited trial.

D. A convicted murdered can only be freed and given Justice by kids taught by Professor Dave Protess of the Medill School of Journalism as part of the Innocense Project.

Cook County States Attorney Anita Alvarez smelled the same stink that many newspaper readers found wafting through their senses as the endless parade of G. Flint Taylor Burge Bonanzas and Professor Dave Protess Atticus Finch Productions blared from the front pages and spilled into the evening news shows. Now, we learn, via the e-mails that the Cook County Prosecutor Anita Alvarez has stoically demanded that Professor Dave turn over, that Professor Dave Protess, the too much lionized leader of the Medill Innocense Project, tosses "Treats" to obatin the intended outcome of Innocense, where the Justice System had declared Guilt.

No American wants an innocent man to suffer an injustice and the Hegelian Progressives use that sentiment to make millions of dollars and careers for future Katie Courics. Triple figure cabfare, a few few Iron Hotel visits by NIU college cuties . . .nothing seems too costly in the purchase of the intended outcome. That is pure John Dewey flavored Hegelianism.It seems the wheels are off of Professor Dave Protess's Snakeoil Wagon -

CHICAGO, Dec. 1 (UPI) -- Northwestern University's Medill Innocence Project arranged a visit from a female student as a "treat" for a prisoner, prosecutors allege.

Illinois prosecutors say the visit and a possible offer of unspecified promises were made before the prisoner recanted his testimony in a 1993 murder and armed robbery case, the Chicago Tribune reported Tuesday.

Authorities produced three memos and an e-mail sent by students of Northwestern journalism professor David Protess to an attorney representing convicted murderer Armando Serrano, who is seeking a new trial.

The memos include suggestions that Francisco Vicente, who testified against Serrano but later recanted to the students, was upset that a private detective who works with Protess failed to make good on unspecified "considerations."

The e-mail, sent by a student investigating the Serrano case, said a female former student agreed to join a visit to Vicente in prison after he requested her presence.

Dangling a girl infront of a locked-up gent,Professor Dave?

Well, that is all part of the magical world of Hegalian Dialectic that dominates academic methodology - Truth is mutable. As that old Vermont Sap John Dewey said,

Time and memory are true artists; they remould reality nearer to the heart's desire.

If Professor Dave and the Kiddies in his charge really want convicted murderers to be innocent men, well they will by golly be just that . . .with the help of Lawsuit Lottery Lawyers, gutless politicians, and really goofy journalists.

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