Thursday, January 03, 2008

John McCain - Running The Table in New Hampshire!

The only candidate with the integrity, experience, grit and sense of self to lead America in time of War on Islamist Terror has 'run the table in New Hampshire,' like Willie Mosconi (During the 1940s and 1950s, the pocket billiards game most often played in competition was called straight pool, or 14.1 continuous, a form of billiards considered by most top players to be more difficult than today's championship pool game 9-ball. Willie Mosconi still holds the officially recognized high run record of 526 consecutive balls - Wikpedia)- grabbing every media endorsement in the deep snows of New England and he's showing muscle among frozen corn stalks of Iowa without spending nickle one on ADS.

John McCain has given the American People a Candidate around whom they can unify the Republic and set the country's course with his Straight Talk and confident stewardship.

Here's the
Franklin Pierce/WBZ Poll: New Hampshire Presidential Primary

December 27-31

Sen. John McCain 37

Mitt Romney 31

Rudy Giuliani 10

Mike Huckabee 5

Rep. Ron Paul 6

Fred Thompson 2

Spread: McCain +6.0

Rack 'em!

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Giant Hat Tip to Meghan McCain and her cute Pal Shannon for their great Photos of Senator McCain's Historic Run of the Tables!


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