Monday, January 07, 2008

John McCain: Not-for-Profit Patriot

John McCain's Kodak moment came in the discussion of whether or not a Senator would be well suited to the Office of President of the United States ( Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy seemed to do pretty well, it seems to me).

This allowed McCain to straight-talk the seminal tag- line of this Election:
( From the Guardian - click my post title forthe complete article)

The contempt felt by McCain, war hero and senator, for Romney, a multi-millionaire businessman, was manifest throughout the 90-minute debate.

Romney opted to stress his own executive experience as a businessman and governor of Massachusetts, suggesting that his rival lacked this, having spent most of his life in the senate. "I've been in the economy. I've been in the real world," Romney said.

McCain came back immediately to say that he had plenty of experience of executive power. "I led the largest squadron in the US navy, not for profit but for patriotism." He indicated the biggest problem facing the US was security, fighting two wars, and he, rather than Romney, had dedicated his life to that. ( emphasis my own)

McCain boasted that he knew how to get Osama bin Laden and, if he became president, he would get him.

Romney, witnessing the success of Obama's message in Iowa about change in Washington, portrayed himself as a Washington outsider in contrast to McCain, with his years in the senate.

McCain replied that he had succeeded in changing the US approach to the war in Iraq, being one of the advocates of last year's surge strategy that saw an extra 30,000 US troops sent to Iraq, a policy he claims has helped to reduce violence.

Earlier yesterday, Romney, front-runner in New Hampshire during almost all of last year, acknowledged doubt about the outcome in the primary. He insisted: "I'm planning on winning in New Hampshire." But he added, "It may not happen."

Although Huckabee won in Iowa, he is unlikely to repeat that victory in New Hampshire, but he said: "We're going to do better than expected."

Ron Paul was excluded from the debate by Fox News. In the USA Today/Gallup poll he recorded 8%, down from 9% last month.

All the dough in the world cannot beat an honest Man!


Mad said...

Very nice. And True.
John McCain is behind the biggest change Americans have seen in quite some time . . .victory in Iraq and against radical Islam.


Posted thousand pics and vids up at the blog from life on the campaign trail here in NH

pathickey said...

I will poach them, be assured my Bogman Brother!

colecurtis said...

Speaking of the Fox Debate: did you see that joke afterward that they called the roundtable with one of them, mind you, thats husband is on Romney's payroll? Then all of the "so-called undecided voters" which all thought coincidently(not)that Romney was the best and that was who they had just all of a sudden made up their minds that they were supporting. You wouldn't think that all of those undecided voters quite possibly were on that same Romney payroll would you? These networks are all biased and are all democrats and do not bother hiding that fact. I thought that they were supposed to be neutral.GMA(ABC) is having a love affair with Obama this morning and i am sick to my stomach.

pathickey said...

Chris Wallace is a tool - IMOHO.