Wednesday, January 16, 2008

John McCain: Jim Durkin's Illini Deliver for McCain in Michigan

Illinois Chairman Jim Durkin's Illini McCain Roadcrew delivered in St. Joseph and Berrien Counties in Southwestern Michigan.

McCain Counties are colored in Teal - I can not believe that I just used that word. Next I'll be saying MAGENTA! Naw, I still put horseradish on rye bread for my vegetable intake. Roots are Vegetables!

Great Work Team!

Hat Tip to Mitt Romney Fan Anne Leary of BackyardConservative Blog!


Mad said...

Dia dhuit,

Been crazy busy...haven't stopped in in two days . . .had to come get my fix.

Good stuff Brother Pat. Notice I flooded the Wonk once again.

Want some great Romney ammo check out the post at my site.



pathickey said...

Sheridan, Be go maith anoise!

colecurtis said...

Great post as always Mistah Pat.

Bill Baar said...

Good, the best parts of the state when for McCain.