Friday, January 25, 2008

John McCain: If Romney Loves McCain, All Americans Can Do the Same! McCain Helped Mitt Turn-Around the Olympics

Hey read it here - From Mitt Romney's brag-book on his Turn-Around of the Olympics.

Click my post title for Mitt's Mad-Love for Senator John McCain - the Next President of the United States.


Jeff said...

Hey - great post - be sure to include the part in the link where McCain praises Romney too. Since if Romney is good for McCain, Romney is good for our nation too, right?

pathickey said...


We got Mad-Love for Mittles Too!

He's needed - not as Commander-in-Chief - but as the national Turn-Around Guy:

Priority One - Major League Baseball!

Toss the Bud - Grab the Mitt!

colecurtis said...

Yeah Mistah Pat I figure we could use him in the McCain administration to handle any bad publicity that we might have concerning having him on the payroll to begin with. Then to handle any foreign policy seeing as how well versed he is in that area and because we have first hand knowledge as to how versatile and quick on his feet when it comes to molding himself to the situation at hand or how active that imagination of his can be.

Ali A. Akbar said...

McCain gets stuff done!