Wednesday, December 06, 2017

No Need to "Process" Idioms by Idiots

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 “I’m still really processing it.” - Anne Curry NBC Hostess and Mensa Second Stringer upon the exposure of Matt Lauer's priapism and goatish hypocrisies. 

Idiomatic phrases allow us a pause in the old brain-pain. Some useful idioms add color to speech

  • Kick the Bucket - Shed our mortal husk
  • Take a Brody - Jump off  High Place ( bridge & etc.)
  • Do the Dutch Act - Take one's life
  • Two to Tango - Dance,or  ride an Argentine tandem
  • Rock the Boat - Sit down Stubby!
Today, pretentious losers employ faux-brainy phrases dim the fog of culutral war and also tend to  whine,'Can't we dialogue?' when losing an argument.

No, Dummy we can not dialogue, unless you can present dialogue as a verb with all five characteristics!  Voila!

Dialogue: N.B: "It was evidently well-used as a verb in Shakespeare's day, fell out of favor, then returned in recent history as a business-speak word. I hate business-speak. There are alternatives, and, where there are good alternatives, I'm usually against verbification. Unless it's a colorful verbification. Discuss works nicely in most situations. What does dialog add other than a faint suggestion of probably non-existent workplace democracy and/or respect for the opinions of all?"Luftmarque - sage, that, Luft!

Person (first, second, third)
Number (singular, plural)
Tense (present, future, future perfect, perfect, imperfect, pluperfect)
Mood (indicative, subjunctive, imperative, infinitive, [participle])
Voice (active, passive) (Deponents are active)

These are the very same dopes who mispronounce common words like Armistice,Oeuvre,  Charcuterie and Denouement in correcting the proper pronunciation of said words, will preeningly puke out trendy phrases like  - 'Still processing' when trying not to laugh-snort a schnozzle full of coffee when talking about the late Matt Lauer- NBC's Mr. 30 Cock. 

Ubi Sunt, Matt Lauer?

Qui Shives a git!

Anne Curry, I guess,  and People, Hollywood Extra and other havens of craven sophisticates like Anne, Matt, Harvey, Spacey and CK Louis. 

The clowns are down for a few weeks. Let's enjoy their absences from our public stage.  Let us pay attention to children, to heroes and hard-working Americans.

Let's do that and make fun of pretentious imbeciles making oodles of cash.

Process that Miss Curry!

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