Thursday, December 14, 2017

Chicago Oligarchs

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The globalization of cities and their elites often comes at the expense of many of the people who live there. Forced to compete with foreign capital and immigrant workers, native-born residents of cities from Los Angeles and London to Singapore often feel displaced, becoming strangers in what they thought was their own place. . . .in this era of powerful oligarchs and growing inequality, these planetary centers are less places for upward mobility than most other cities. This is clearly true in the United States, where its premier global city, New York, as well as its prime competitors for international standing, Chicago, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, rank among the 10 most unequal cities in the nation. Joel Kotkin - Forbes

 This is a formidable moment. Chicagoans can best negotiate it by placing their faith in Rahm Emanuel and his ethos of dogged effectiveness. No other candidate combines Emanuel's candor about the threats facing Chicago with the will to take necessary steps -- some of them unpopular -- to tame those threats.
Specifically: We're hugely impressed by Emanuel's forthrightness about the overarching crisis in city finances. He alone is frank about the immediate need to reform a pension system that otherwise will implode on city retirees and everyday taxpayers alike. Chicago Tribune - Rahm endorsement

Response, Citizens?  Mine is blue. Real blue. Not that I am against colorful language, but there just might be a sensitive soul scanning the web.

 Steven Colbert, the Chicago Tribune, WTTW, The Sun Times, WBEZ and Crain's Chicago Business are friends of Chicago Oligarchs.

Colbert, an ersatz satirist, offered Mayor Rahm Emanuel a national sound byte, echoing the drone of the Cook County and Illinois Democratic Party mantra - Trump is evil.

Candidate for Governor JB Pritzker offers only Trumpophobic nonsense, but offers no hope for this choking State, other than fight Trump.

The laughable Chicago Tribune acts as the MiniTru for City Hall and the County Building, with daily feature feed of Trump Thumping howlers from Rex Hupke, Stephen Chapman,  Eric Zorn, Mary Schmich and farmed-in pieces from WAPO, NYT, Salon, The Nation and VOX.

Not only that, but the Chicago Tribune continues its Bizzaro-world assaults on Chicago Police officers in full communion with Rahm Emanuel's creepy suppression of his role in burying the Laquan McDonald video.

There is absolutely no mention of the Forrest Claypool scandal, much less an incisive inquiry to his altering of documents and cover-up which to the reading public appears to be a Rico ready case.

Steven Colbert made no mention of this Rahm-an noodle bowl of worms.

Sadly, Chuy Garcia appears to have taken the path of least resistance and the coin as well as the Congressional seat of the larcenous Luis Gutierrez ll only days before Forrest Claypool fell on his silver spoon.

Trump-look-alike Bob Fioretti, a practiced stalking horse, is already out of the gate, clearing the way for the Chicago City Council Black Caucus to Raise-up Rahm!

The Oligarchy will continue - Trump a Lump!
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Illinois voters will paint themselves into the already assigned corners and idiots like former governor Pat Quinn will step into Lisa Madigan's seat, Michigan Ave. Fats Pritzker will take Rauner's warm and comfy seat after months of editorial screeds painting Jeannie Ives as some kind of Trump Tranny and clown judges will return to County and State benches.

Get ready for it neighbors!  You thought the last eight years were burdensome?  Hold the phone.

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