Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Chicago Tribune Gins Up Police Hate for Christmas

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Just a few bullet points:

  • There is no Police Omerta - Code of Silence was invented by Commie Ambulance Chasers to bully more money from cowardly City Mayors.
  • Veteran Police Officers return fire on offenders - they do not shoot boys/girls/children/babies/toddlers & etc.
  • Chicago Tribune is goofyRelated image
G. Flint Taylor, a toxic Marxist opportunist, shameless showman and plutocrat, coined the media's over-used phrase, police code of silence. 

When fat-slob with a badge, Anthony Abbate beat a tiny Polish woman tending bar, where Abbate was all but sucking on bar rags, G. Flint Taylor took the opportunity to make hay at Huffington Post  -the kiosk for Kooks, Commies and Hollywood D-listers to pen nonsense.  G. Flint rolled the usual Marxist Meatball ingredients of Race, Class Envy Police Brutality and Jeremiad:

Editorial Boards captained by ninnies like Tom McNamee of the Chicago Sun Times and Bruce Dold of the Chicago Tribune were wowed by this social justice warrior's words and mimed the meme at every opportunity.  That was five years ago.

Today, the Chicago Tribune again  joins G. Flint Taylor's drum circle of jerks: City to pay $20 million to settle code-of-silence lawsuit over fatal crash caused by drunken Chicago cop, sources say

The Chicago Police have no Code of Silence. In fact, Chicago Police Officers are more than chatty about clouted, politically connected, slugs, mopes and bullies on the job.  Cops want them gone and the political creeps who wedged them into the ranks investigated.  Ask a cop.

More idiotic is Bruce Dold's editorialized banner rhetoric - Off-duty Chicago cop shoots armed boy trying to carjack him in Bronzeville, police say:

Around 6:30 p.m. Monday, an off-duty Chicago police officer was sitting in his personal vehicle in the 3600 block of South Prairie Avenue when two suspects approached him on both sides, according to Chicago Police Sgt. Cindy Guerra.  The suspect on the passenger’s side tapped on the window to distract the officer while the one on the driver’s side, a boy, announced a robbery, Guerra said.

The officer, an 18-year veteran assigned to the city’s 11th District, fired one shot striking the juvenile suspect in the abdomen. The boy was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where his condition has stabilized. The other suspect ran away and is still at large.

The officer was also taken to Rush Medical Center for stress-related reasons, but is listed in good condition.

Please note that BOY is not in quotation marks.

Police did not say boy.

Tribune say Boy.

What say you?

Merry Christmas, G. Flint!

Merry Christmas, Bruce!

Sure hope there will not be a need for media omerta, when such idiotic bleed leading headlines inspires an idiot savage to open fire on a police officer - just in time for the Holidays,

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