Friday, September 19, 2014

This is How An Emerged Nation Governs - 85% of the Vote and No Beheadings, Massacres, or Explosions! Scotland the Brave

I listened to NPR for the results of the Scots Vote on staying in the United Kingdom.  Yesterday. NPR was all Scotland and a Blue and White ' Yes!'

Today, I needed to drive from 108th & Rockwell to 83rd & Wood Street ( Zipcode 60655-60620 mind you) , or 4.2 Miles in 11 minutes.  In that time, NPR droned out three stories 'from emerging nations.'

They were yarns of UN Aid workers in West Africa slaughtered while educating folks on the dangers of ebola, Siera Leon went on Ebola lock-down and Iran's lashing of happy dancers.

I turned to News Radio 780 AM and finally learned that Scotland Vote "Nae" by at least 10%.

Scotland was passionate about the vote and witnessed an 85% turnout of the vote.  That is Democracy unencumered by parsing of ninnies.  People hold strong opinions and vote on it in a Democracy.  In 'Emerging Nations' they slaughter the closest carbob foot-print, take to the hills, jungles and deserts and wait for a BBC World service crew to record the leadership of the slaughterers to offer a Foucaultian Derrida Lah Dee Dah presis on ravages of 19th Century Euro-colonialism to the African Continent that sparked the massacre,

The BBC and NPR drown us in scab-yanking yarns of suffering from Emerging Nations.  I have a cauliflowed set of ears as a result.

When these Nations finally " Emerge" -then lets celebrate diversity.  Until then, people from Emerging Nations will want to live in a Demcracy like Scotland and the United States. . .for a few years anyway.
After which, the BBC and NPR will 'explan' the ravages of Democracy.

Well Done Scotland!  You are no where near as Balkanized as us Yanks.

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Jabo said...

Lot's of big words,but I enjoyed your perspective.