Monday, September 08, 2014

Governor Pandering Pat Quinn Rolls Out His Push Mower Again

ii9410191.jpg 1994 Ryan v. Quinn - "King George, prince of perks." -cries Pandering Pat

Ryan retorts, "He's as insider as anyone.  He was back working for the Dan Walker administration [in the 1970s]. He's made a career out of push- ing referenda. I don't think he's held any job out- side the public eye."

Governor Pat Quinn requires no sarcasm from anyone, because he provides the obvious ironies.

Gov. Pat Quinn has always been a  Goo-goo Gadfly, a Democratic Diva, a Progressive Pest  "of a most praisèd water. " 

In 1994, Pandering Pat Quinn took issue with then Secretary of State George Ryan holding that office and enjoying the perquisites of Illinois Elected Official goodies - State coppers mowing the lawn and bragging the groceries at the A & P.  

In fact, I recall a goofy Pat Quinn for Secretary of State TV spot in 1994 - he showed how honest he was by pushing a green-happy mover, just like his current ad employs.  Sadly, my You Tube Search skills failed me.  Maybe it is the same one. After all, Gov. Thrifty Pat never spends a dime unless it is squeezed of a tax-payers chinos.

Pat Quinn had his ass handed to him by George Ryan in 1995.  

It is kind of  tough being a fatuous dolt, ninny, lightweight, sap and mooncalf 24/7, 365 per annum without trotting out what did not work in 1994, but as Pat Quinn likes to tell people dumber than himself - he likes things tough. 

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