Thursday, September 25, 2014

Doing Austins Part II - Leo High School in Gresham of Chicago and Catholic Schools in Israel

Leo High School is not too far from Israel.

“the loss of Catholic schools would mean that a fundamental part of the Church’s mission of evangelization would disappear completely in the very land where Jesus walked.”  - See more at: 

N.B. - My Augustinian examiner blew an O-ring and thus I must examine what passes for my conscience.

Catholic schools are in danger of disappearing in . . .Israel.

Catholic schools have vanished in Englewood, Auburn, Gresham, Roseland, Grand Crossing . . .in Chicago.

Lemme see, Little Flower High School is now Scott Joplin Middle School, Academy of Our Lady ( Longwood) is International Charter School, Little Flower Grammar School is now Ellison Charter School, Mendel High School is now Gwendolyn Brooks Magnet School  ; Mercy High School, St.Thomas Aquinas High School, Visitation High School, Maria High School, St. Wilibrord High School closed an all but forgotten, and elementary schools of the Archdiocese of Chicago closed, closed, closed.

In a very recent study of Catholic schools in Israel conducted by  Father Jeffrey Burwell, the director of Catholic studies at the University of Manitoba in Canada, and reported in The Cardinal Newman Society, Kimberly Scharfenberger, clear signs of change, or die leaped out at me.

“Catholic schools in both Israel and in the Palestinian Territories, especially in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, are in a precarious predicament,” Fr. Burwell said. “The State of Israel has as its primary concern a deep commitment to care for its Jewish residents. As a result of this understandable perspective, the Israeli government is not altogether concerned with non-Jewish schools.” 
Fr. Burwell added that “the Israeli government can do what it pleases when it comes to Catholic schools.” Catholic schools are in the power of the government, because anything they have “is theirs completely and totally because of Israeli generosity,” he said. ( unlike here in Blaine Amendment Illinois) 
Meanwhile, according to Fr. Burwell, Catholic schools in the Palestinian Territories “are in much more dire financial situations” because Palestine is in the midst of political upheaval and tremendous poverty. “Many Christians are leaving the region, which means that the vast majority of Catholic school teachers are in fact Islamic,” Fr. Burwell explained. “It is self-evident that a poor Catholic school that is largely staffed by Muslims can do very little to embrace the notion of evangelization, particularly as the region itself teeters on social and political unrest.” 

 American society is hostile to Catholic schools.  The bogeyman "Separation of Church & State"  is and has been a Nativist dodge. In fact,  thirty eight States continue to clutch the Blaine Amendment to its collective bosom and prominent among them Illinois. School Choice means Popery!  Catholic schools are supported by Catholic individuals, foundations, friends and the ever rising costs of tuition.

No Catholics; no Catholic schools.  Well, maybe a few, like St. Ignatius and Loyola Academy.   That is the ultimate victory of the Progressive!  Catholics tend to think for themselves and people who think for themselves tend to be . . . not pliable.

Some Catholics would argue that Catholic schools should be for Catholics only or for the conversion of the non-Catholic.Some would opine, " Well, how many of your students at Leo are Catholic?"

I'd say. " Fewer than 10%

Then, Mr. Catholic might ask, "Why should a Catholic support a school of non-Catholics?"

I'd argue, or attempt to point to the fact that, where there are no Catholic schools available, there also is an up-tick in urban killings. More Catholic schools, fewer savage killings.

Catholic schools offer more and cost more than Charter, Magnet and generic public schools - they can say God.   You don't have to believe it, but you will see the God stuff put into action.

Gresham is not too far from Israel, Father Burwell replies, “A Catholic school is, by its very being, a tool for evangelization,

Leo High School opererates because of its generous allies: Alumni, Big Shoulders Fund, and foundations. However, the game is stacked against Leo High School.

There will never be vouchers in this state, because the very catholic politicians who should champion school choice take the coin of the very Anti-Catholic forces who besmear the faith and foundations they trot-out at corned beef and cabbage lunches: Illinois PAC, Planned Parenthood, Fred Eychnaer, public service unions and the teachers unions.

As an inner city, gender specific Catholic high school there is greater competition for students to begin with - St. Rita, Brother Rice and Mount Carmel are within easy reach and those schools boast diverse student populations.    However, the real competition  comes from the increased number of Charter schools - there are six such Charter high schools in  Leo High School's Zipcode.   Charter schools are public schools dressed up like Catholic schools and cost 80% less.

Time to get serious.


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