Wednesday, January 16, 2008

John McCain - Here's the Truther Jerry Kiley

That is John McCain. Somewhere far from what is going on in that photo was Jerry Kiley. Now, Jerry Kiley has re-written history at the behest of Duncan Hunter and a Publisher. That's Truthers, folks. click my post title for the groups smearing lies about John McCain.

One guy tries to make another person's heroism or success in life come down to his own level of misery or disappointment. That is why there are morons who wish to 'do away' with achievement in schools in favor of 'YOU ARE ALL SPECIAL!' The Hell we are!

Some of us are downright lousy. I can not close a circle with a pencil and I received C Minus in Art from Sister Gertrudis.

Some of us are heroic and charitable - some of us are gutless and miserable. Some of us are downright invisible.

The mere fact that John McCain's staff responded to a Truther is a sad reality. Truthers tell other people that Jews planned 9/11; that the Holocaust was a hoax; Dr. Martin Luther King was a Communist agent/the CIA placed 'crack' cocaine in America; and that our Troops in Iraq are paid agents of Oil Companies.

In the past there was a special place for Truthers, but the State of Illinois closed Manteno Mental Health Facility in the late 1970's.

Today Truthers teach at American Universities and are defended by Jello spined academic colleagues and lazy journalists - it is easier to make up the news than it is to actually do some leg-work.

I am an empiricist - I actually hear the tree that falls in the forest, but will take the word of people I respect and know that many other trees fell in different parts of that forest.

Here is the clown telling one and all, and somehow linked to a South Carolina Newspaper mogul and Duncan Hunter's will to be somebody - his name is Jerry Kiley.

In the old neighborhood, Mrs. Shea and Annie Hughes from Westport County Mayo would call him 'the poor thing, he's that touched.' True enough Girls - Kiley wrote this about himself:

Jerry Kiley

Gerard "Jerry" W. Kiley has been a key figure in the battle for U.S. POWs and MIAs and other U.S. veteran issues since 1983. He has served in a leadership role in a wide range of veterans' activities, from seminars and national meetings to protest demonstrations.

Kiley is proud of his fourteen months' service in a U.S. Army communications center in support of combat troops in Vietnam. Nearly thirty years after the end of the war he continues support of those who came home from an unpopular war to an unappreciative nation, as well those who were left behind.

For three years Kiley was Communications Director for the National Vietnam Veterans Coalition and later served as vice-chair of the organization for an additional three years. He also served in board positions for "The Last Firebase", "Veterans of the Vietnam War" and "Homecoming II Project", each dedicated to obtaining freedom for U.S. prisoners of war who remained in captivity in Southeast Asia after the end of the war.

Kiley learned his take-no-prisoners style and his tenacity while growing up in the Bronx and attending Catholic high school in Harlem. He received national attention when he confronted a college basketball player on court by holding an American Flag in front of her after her refusal to face the Flag during the playing of the National Anthem.

He currently holds a management position with thirty-seven years' service for a multi-billion dollar New York company, in which capacity he served a term as president of a Northeastern Industry professional association.

Kiley has been married for thirty-three years, and is the father of two children.

I deleted the 'poor things' home address,phone and e-mail, because his wife and kids should not suffer. McCain was being tortured and Jerry Kiley was 'proudly' answering the phones. They both served can't argue with that. I was going to Loyola and did not serve. In the interest of full disclosure - I am as yellow as a duck's foot!

Truthers it seems need to re-invent. Perhaps the disappointments with their own lives compel them to re-invent miseries for others.

Manteno was good place for Truthers.


Winghunter said...

Short on brains AND information Pat.

Start studying and hold your tongue until you're done;

Candidate Research - Know Who You're Voting For ( The Easy Way )

pathickey said...


Every person that took your test came up with a Romney score! Way to go!

If you catch chicken; dress the chicken; cook the chicken and serve the chicken - You are gonna have chicken tonight!

You are an amazing dispensery of facts - for Mitt Romney!

Wingboy You are on to something!

colecurtis said...

I gave them a piece of my mind Mistah Pat

pathickey said...

That would be a banquet of sincerity and sound judment, Miss Vicki.

This is politics. To be sure, a tough and scummy environment; however, where clowns were once laughed at , they now get seated next to mopes like Hannity and his pal Skeletor.

TheTownCrier said...

Will you explain your insinuation that Hunter has anything to do with publishing with Kiley?

This is what Hunter has said about this:

"We haven't heard of the endorsement. I don't think we know him," said Roy Taylor from Hunter's campaign in an interview with RAW STORY. "We would like that, if a man goes to the polls and votes for him, we'd appreciate it."

The spokesman also said that Hunter had no comment about Sampley's attacks on McCain's record as a Vietnam veteran. "We're not out to condemn veterans," Taylor added. "But they have a right to think what they want, and it's not appropriate for us to reflect on other people's views."

pathickey said...

Sure ,

Hunter accepted the endorsement of the group smearing Senator McCain. Why he would be willing to do that? I have no Idea.

Hunter is linked to Kiley and Sampley's efforts in exactly same manner as Ron Paul with his 9/11 Theorists.

If I were Hunter, especially an American heor much decorated for valor as he is, I would condemn any and all such tactics and put miles of distance between my person and the agendas of Sampley and Kiley - but, that's just me.

Mad said...

You ignorant pissants. Hunter is DEEPLY involved with Sampley and several of his Fake Vet organizations. Still swindling the IRS via two of them. Wake up.

It is difficult to see who is more sickening Sampley and Kiley (because they are about as worthless and low as it gets) or the festering myopic dolts that show up and support them.