Saturday, March 02, 2019

Toni Goes OG on Lightfoot - Shafts Aloft!

Lori Lightfoot was portrayed Friday as a “wealthy corporate lawyer who’s defended the elites in this country” only to “recast” herself as a police reformer when the record shows otherwise. - Sun Times - Fran Spielman cozying up to one angry crone

     “Heroes, approach!” Atrides thus aloud,
     “Stand forth distinguish'd from the circling crowd,
     Ye who by skill or manly force may claim,
     Your rivals to surpass and merit fame.
     This cow, worth twenty oxen, is decreed,
     For him who farthest sends the winged reed.”


"It is a formal letter of defiance," answered the Templar, " but, by our Lady of Bethlehem, if it be not a foolish jest, it is the most extraordinary cartel that ever was sent across the drawbridge of a baronial castle." Walter Scott - Ivanhoe
Only a caitif recreant would hurl such an exraordinary cartle over the drawbridge of a baronial castle.   Straight up, G! Shafts fall!

Well, it took Toni the Phony no time to go scorched earth on Lori Lightfoot. Toni Preckwinkle, who famously dissed Nobel Laureate and Hyde Park emigrant Saul Bellow ( who parted from Chicago shortly after La Preckwinkle broad-brushed her misreading of a Bellow quote) is not even remotely a stranger to fouled waters and muddy-deeds.

Hell, ask her husband Zeus now, safe, happy and no-doubt penshioned off, in Mindanao from the 4th Ward Virago!

Ask Cook County Committeemen who were lashed thoroughly for not immediately backing a Preckwinkle selection for judge.  Preckwinkle is one humorless and nasty person with a room temperature I.Q. - such persons at one time ran the Movie Theatre Projectionists Union.  Now, they become Progressive Cook County Board Presidents and candidates for Mayor of Chicago.

Preckwinkle is painting Lori Lighfoot, a same gender householder and law enforcement misathropist, as Bill Daley, the Daddy Warbucks of La Salle Street Investors, who gave mightily to Bill's recent Leveraged Buy-out of Chicago.  Nonsense, Vieille fille Toni!

By St. Thomas a Becket, your bolts bounced benignly a boulder's toss from Lightfoot's pate.

While I am no fan of Monsieur Pied léger, I find Toni Preckwinkle to be as welcome as a rattlesnake's fangs to my more tender extremities.

I know Lori Lightfoot is a lesbian and that is just fine with me and would have no factor in my vote.  I vote for the dialectal epicene pronoun per ability.   I know Lori Lightfoot is No Bill Daley.  Who Is?

That said, ask Toni Preckwinkle to translate the more exigent sententiae- she was a teacher.

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