Saturday, March 16, 2019

How's Things in Nineva? USA Same as it was in 1919: Ripsnorter, or Sockdoligizer?

Gospel of LUKE    " Just as Jonah became a sign to the Ninevites,
so will the Son of Man be to this generation." Chapter 11, verse 30
Ripsnorter - Ripsnorter is a slang term for an active, wild or exciting person or thing. An example of a ripsnorter is an extreme sports enthusiast who loves to make a lot of noise when celebrating his team's victory. YourDictionary  

One of the morning gospels this week warned us.  We get warned all of the time and ignore it - put on weight and expect diabetes to hit the guy next door.

I listen to people.  I don't always heed what they are saying, but I sure as Hell hear them.  Some people cry, " It is the end of days!"  It is, especially for the people in the line-up of next week's obituary columns.

History teaches us that,  while everything is change and changing, the same stuff happens over and over again.

America is having problems.  We had problems and will continue to do so.

America is not unlike the USA of 1919.

We had problems with illegal immigration and our neighbors to the south.  Pancho Villa had the good grace to wait until America returned from the Great War to return the compliments of Black Jack Pershing's Punitive Expedition of 1916. How about that wall?

  • June 15 – Pancho Villa attacks Ciudad Juárez. When the bullets begin to fly to the U.S. side of the border, 2 units of the U.S. 7th Cavalry Regiment cross the border and repulse Villa's forces. Hey, Where's the Caravan?
  • Eugene Debs, like Chelsea Manning went to jail, but retained his Adam's tackle.
  • Disasters like the 2019 California wildfire were man-made - The Great Boston Molasses Flood killed 21 people and injured 150 persons
  • Women got the Vote (Women get to sue everyone within elbow distance and Bribe College Admissions yokes)
  • Booze got outlawed ( Dope Got Legal 2020)
  • Socialist made a huge splash at their convention in Chicago and splintered into three factions - even then they ate their own
  • Race riots in Chicago, Kansas City and Omaha in 1919 and Jussie Smollett remains in the news, but two black women will carve each other up in Chicago until one gets enough votes to be Mayor of this dying city with no shoulders to speak of
  • President Wilson had a stoke and President Trump is one
  • Attorney General Palmer fought Communism by harassing Italians and today Communists run most of the American Media
  • Boston Red Sox sell Babe Ruth to the NY Yankees for $150,000 and $150,000 gets short shrift from the College Office of Admissions in 2020
  • The Algonquin Round Table meets for the first time and in 2020 Rex Hupke and Heidi Stevens pass for journalists
Things are always bad.  Have fun with what you have.  I read an article from 2013 by some science editor who boasted, 

I learned a new word the other day: it's “ripsnorter”, and according to the Merriam‐Webster dictionary it means “something extraordinary”. The stimulus for its use – as communicated in an Email bulletin from F1000 under the heading ‘ENCODE: “A ripsnorter of a controversy”’ – certainly lives up to the definition: it's the paper recently published in Genome Biology and Evolution by Dan Graur et al. 1, which essentially takes the ENCODE consortium to task over the meaning and application of a single word, “function”, and its derivative “functional”.  Andrew Moore - editor BioEssays

Jesus Christ Crucified!  Imagine spending time in a stuck elevator at Daley Center with the author above posted?  With NPR piped in?

Yet, you learned the word "ripsnorter?"  Uh, no, Andy. You did not learn the word.  Pancho Villa and Black Jack Pershing were ripsnorters.

A ripsnorter is a noun used as an adjective.  A person was called a ripsnorter, because he exerted a willful delight in putting his whole body into the scrum, the ring, the pile of wood, or the pile to be driven and exuded the joy of combat.

Something extraordinary in our flabby and flatulent epoch is embodied New England Patriot QB Tom Brady and everybody with a maw, lungs, a set of teeth and some limited mental capacity hates Tom Brady with a cordial enmity rivaled only by Trumpo-phobia.  Now, Brady is a ripsnorter.

I love ripsnorters, Hoss.  Not one myself, but love one when I see one!  Trump is a ripsnorter.  Bernie Sanders is a ripsnorter,  Sarah Huckabee is a ripsnorter.   Chicago Mayoral Candidate Laurie Lightfoot is a ripsnorter.

The opposite of a ripsnorter is a sockdoliger. A sockdoliger brings about a sharp conclusion via  "a combination of sock, meaning to give somebody a blow, with doxology, the little hymn of praise sung towards the end of a church service."  A pretentious, scheming officious windbag.

Elizabeth Warren is a sockdoliger.  Felicity Huffman (Mrs. Shameless) is a sockdoliger.  The State of Illinois (elected persons) is a sockdoliger.  Jussie Smollett is a sockdoliger.

A ripsnorter is too busy to sockdolize.

The biblical people of Nineva were sockdoligers.  Jonah was a ripsnorter.  He went into the belly of the big fish, because he happily did what God asked of him.  Dick Durbin is a United States Senator and no ripsnorter and no where near smart enough to be a sockdoliger.

We live in an age that hates ripsnorters and sends sockdoligizing old man traps into public office for life.

That was fun.

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