Sunday, March 18, 2018

Arch-Hypocrite Mike Quigley Gave Away the Keys to Illinois Election Booths in 2006

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 "I believe American citizens deserve to know what really happened during this past election."  Wee Mike Quigley in the Chicago Tribune Opinion June, 2017

This political pygmy, Mike Quigley, handed the keys to Cook County and Illinois Election Booths to Venezuela's Hugo Chaves on August 27, 2006.  I have written about this crime on Cook County voters since 2006.
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If there is foreign collusion, Mike Quigley should have his pasty jowels under the hot--lights.  Mike Quigley, David Orr and Forrest Claypool stooged for Sequoia Systems' CEO  Jack Blaine.
The CEO and President of one of America's largest voting machine companies, Sequoia Voting Systems, gave both deceptive, and carefully selective answers in his reply to a letter sent earlier this year from two high-ranking officials in Chicago, according to documents recently obtained during an ongoing investigation by the Brad Blog.
Sequoia's chief executive, Jack Blaine, repeated knowingly false answers, at least three different times, in his January 18 response to Chicago Alderman Edward M. Burke and the Chair of Chicago's Board of Election Commissioners Langdon D. Neal. The pair had written to the company on January 11, expressing concerns about the truth behind Sequoia's claims that they had completely divested from their purportedly "former" parent company, Smartmatic, the Venezuelan-run firm with direct ties to Hugo Chavez and his government. Alternet 2008

No Chicago news outlet has bothered lighting the burners under this story - ever.  Both Chicago newspapers, two of its AM radio stations ( WGN & WBBM), WBEZ, WTTW, all of the three major television stations have dodged this Cook County collusion  story like it were a fentynal laced load of loud., because it will taint Obama's image, as well as make people want to look three times under every Cook County Democrat's wallet.

David Orr is seeking to retire, career grifter Forrest Claypool's paws were stuck in the CPS Cookie Jar and has gone to ground, but the dumbest cluck of the trio, Mike Quigley, sits on U.S. House Committees and shoots his mouth off on MSNBC.

The other day, Wee Mike blamed House Speaker Paul Ryan of enabling President Trump from being tied to the election fraud that He, Claypool and David Orr made possible in 2006.

Illinois election booths were hacked because Mike Quigley, Forrest Claypool and David Orr made it easier for foreign governments to do so - Russian, or Luxembourgers.

The Three Amigos of Election Fraud counted on a compliant and supine media.  They also count on indifferent Independents, disspasionate Democrats and reasonable Repulicans to ignore their crimes.

So far, so good.

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