Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Merry Gamiss-mas!!!! Kids, I Got Everything Already.

This is what happens when nice people insist on giving presents.   This too.

Everything I read on-line these days seems to have a pop up ad for Gamiss (with the A presented as an upside down V).  These ads are eye-popping examples of new fashion for new Americans. I imagine these folks would love a Techno-version of Christmas in Killarney.

These New Americans must be 'evolved' Americans who eschew meat, sugar, fat and any sense of other people on this planet.
Star Wars Meets Zena the Warrior Princess, Gents!

Kool Yule!

I got nothin'!

                                           Tyger Rags?

I am not a guy who does not like presents ( birthday, Father's Day, Christmas, or Talk like a Pirate Day).  I am not grouch.  I love giving presents to loved ones, but presents embarrass me.

I have everything, already. Gamiss can keep its goods well-warehoused and out of sight.  De Gustibus Non Est Disputandem - I likes what I likes and buy them myself.

Gamiss is not doing it for me. I have everything already and more.
  • I do not live in Isis, or Daesh controlled Syria
  • I got a woman . . .crazy for me; she's funny that way
  • My Kids are all splendid adults
  • My Granddaughter Lily is a beautiful, happy and smart baby
  • My roof don't leak . . .yet.
  • I have most of my teeth
  • I can still bend over and pick up pennies on the sidewalk and paper and pencils in the halls of Brother Rice
  • I eat like a Sultan
  • My Malibu starts and goes
  • I take Communion with my neighbors most mornings
  • God allows me to continue to draw breath
  • Encore Westerns is on cable
  • Lovely people crack me up
  • Soda Stream keeps me hydrated
  • I know Mike Joyce
  • I still teach
Gamiss not this Christmas!  Give your love!  Tell me, "You're really not that bad."  Get yourself something nice - on me!  Image result for Christ in a manger
Remember Christ was born in manger and not on Black Friday.

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