Thursday, November 30, 2017

Aphra Behn on Our Roll Call of Sex- Hopped Hypocrites: Matt, Charlie, Garrison, Harvey, Franken and the Judge et al

The Nymphs resentments, none but I
Can well imagin, and Condole ;
But none can guess Lisander's Soul,
But those who sway'd his Destiny :
His silent Griefs, swell up to Storms,
And not one God, his Fury spares,
He Curst his Birth, his Fate, his Stars,
But more the Shepherdesses Charms ;
Whose soft bewitching influence,
Had Damn'd him to the Hell of Impotence. Aphra Benn
Image result for All of the Sexual Abuse Celebs
Interestingly, the only name among this cavalcade of creeps to surprise me was Kevin Spacey.

The rest always struck me as smarmy, mealy-mouthed, power-addicted louts and sneaks.

Just sayin'.

 Oh, still waiting for the Jimmy Choo six inch pumps to fall on Bill Moyers. 

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