Thursday, February 23, 2017

John Kass Coins Brilliant Neologism - Supine Journalist and Oligarchy Sycophants are American Kemalists

Kemalism (Atatürkcülük) is the main structure of realistic ideas and principles about the state, ideologies, economics and the society’s fundamental institution that assure the Turkish Nation’s full independence, peace and welfare for the present and the future, the state’s being dependent on the nation’s solidarity Oxford Islamic Studies

One thought, one voice - that is the resistance.  From Michael Moore to Bruce Dold; from Nancy Pelosi to Rahm Emanuel; from Mika Brzezinski to Sheriff Tom Dart they are one in the spirit and one with the laws, policies and editorials that create more opportunities for Red Light Camera Companies, Uber Board Membership, Gentrification Aldermanic Generosities, and Nepotism leading to Dynastic Sinecures!

The Chicago Progressive Banana Republic was replicated nationally for eight years with the Obama White House.

From the Progressive Mikva Shakman Chicago of the 1980's there evolved the many faced Richie Daley's Ameritech Chicago, Boeing Chicago, LaSalle National Chicago, Fifth Third and Goldman Sachs Chicago and finally in full flowering fruition as Brand Obama Chicago, which it still remains with Rahm.

This oligarchic tendency is national and not limited to the City formerly known as Big Shoulders, but a coast and coast tendency blooming in New York and walking the red carpet in L.A.

The vast middle opened the door of the White House for the Obama moving van on November 8, 2016 and the howls have increased in volume from David Brooks to Eric Zorn, from Lynn Sweet to to Sally Kohn - TRUMP'S HITLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, cupcakes, Hitler is still Hitler and Joe Stalin would be as welcome as the flowers in May on Morning Joe.

However, the only voice in print journalism un-impressed with, un-Hope-iumed and un-shackled by the Obama Chimera, John Kass offers a more compact nomenclature - American Kemalism, to describe the need, the plead, and greed that it corporatist statism covering American left culture like a Scherwin Williams ad.

In a brilliant rhetorical Granby taking the dominant voices of oligarchy to the mat, John Kass pins the supine media of the Obama Years:
But this business of finding a renewed sense of journalistic mission poses an awkward, unanswered question.

Just where was that sense of mission for the past eight years?
You know where it was. It was in polite hibernation, on its back, with President Barack Obama in the White House.
When he was elected, there were happy newsroom tears of real joy for America's first black liberal president. It wasn't contrived emotion. It was real, and there was much bonding over a sense of accomplishment.
But there is a cost to powerful emotional connections with a politician. Love of a president can blind, but so can hatred of a president. And in the land of the blind, things tend to get lost, like journalistic mission.
One might wonder.

But John Kass is a great neighbor and he not only clears up the matter of the skunks behind the dry wall, but shoos them out.

Now journalists are at the barricades once again, like those idealistic students of Paris in "Les Miserables," protecting us against the orange-haired barbarian they so very much despise.
And they also seek to protect America against his populist army, that forgotten working class that sent him to Washington and that frighten them so very much.
Trump despises his media critics, and in his raging narcissism, shrieks that what we call the establishment media is "the enemy of the American people," and this only encourages them to hunker down even deeper into their Left vs. Trump bunker.
Yes, the criers of Beltway news are on the political left. But that's like saying rain is wet. Where's the surprise in this?
Modern American liberal journalism might not believe religion has a place in the public square, but it has a deep abiding faith, in government to accomplish the good. And there is the danger.
Because if journalists were truly intent on speaking truth to power, they wouldn't be defending the unelected rulers of America:

One slight objection: Les Miz is so Bill Clinton.  These are Hamilton Partisans!

However, the guy from the Hood who can sling ink and say something, puts the cherry on this sundae with this neologism and a nod to Busty Brzezinski of Morning Joe:

 The unelected and unaccountable federal bureaucracy is true power. The federal governmental leviathan is the faceless vanguard of the status quo. It is the vast hiding place of our modern American Kemalists, who are at once the servants of empire, and its quiet rulers, and they will not relinquish power easily.
Trump was sent to Washington by the majority of the states and by his voters — those folks repeatedly mocked and ridiculed as deplorables by Beltway journalism — to break that status quo.
And the bureaucracy fights back, offering crippling news leaks and resistance against the White House — even classified intelligence leaks from the Deep State — in exchange for journalistic protection.
On the popular MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program, co-host Mika Brzezinski responded to whether Trump's attacks on the status quo were the fulfillment of campaign promises.
"Well, and I think that the dangerous, you know, edges here are that he is trying to undermine the media," Brzezinski said, "trying to make up his own facts. And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that is the — that is our job."
Later, she tweeted out that her comments were purposely misinterpreted, but I listened to it again and again and it was quite clear to me.
Controlling what people think isn't a mere job. It's a mission.
And now it's been renewed.
Journalism is not dead.  It written by neighbors.

American Kemalists are outed. 

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