Friday, February 24, 2017

" It was Thoughtless, Cruel and Bullying of Trump!" Shrieked the Gal at the Urinal Nest To Me

Quid Nunc?

Yep, Trump's a dog.  I ordered ice cream at lunch today and one of the teachers asked me, as a social justice instructor, what I thought of Trump's transgender 'let the States Decide' mandate.
Like any good American I said, "Gee, I don't know. What do you think?"

My colleague went off on that Orange haired crazy man in the White House.

My ice cream melted.

If Obama had been in the White House, no would would ask me anything about his policies.

Trump melted my ice cream. Trump and global warming. It's February and it is 70 degrees. God? Carbon foot-printing? Trump?

Catholic social justice warns us that " rejecting the false promises of excessive or conspicuous consumption can even allow more time for family, friends, and civic responsibilities. A renewed sense of sacrifice and restraint could make an essential contribution to addressing global climate change. "

I had a scoop of vanilla.

I could have given it up and put $ 2.00 in the mission pouch.

I didn't.

I like vanilla ice cream.

It's all about me.

Trump melts ice cream. I am a selfish brute.

Off to the lavratory in our single gender Catholic high school.

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