Thursday, October 30, 2014

So Long as Candidates Like Jim Oberweis Run, The GOP in Illinois is Done - Toast, Fork Ready

The Illinois GOP is stuck on stupid and regular Democrats from the evaporating middle class are force fed mediocrities every election cycle..  Candidates ( Dem or GOP) for high State of Illinois offices always allow the Progressive ( read nasty, leftist smug cranks) Democrats to define them. As a result, voters must always hold the nose and vote.

There are no Democrats anymore; there are only Progressive scripted worshippers at the altar of the  Illinois Secular Trinity:( Saul Alinsky, Dr. Quentin Young and Abner Mikva)  who control the gold and silver talents in the Temple of Middle Class Doom.  With enough money and a very compliant Chicago media, mediocrities can be presented to the Chicago citizen as later-day  saints, like Jan Schalowsly, Mike Quigley, Dick Durbin and the Governor of Illinois.  The individual gored ox goes a long way in getting middle class worker bees out on the hustings and into the polling booth, to be sure, but nothing works for the Progressive machine like the GOP.

Witness debate number two between Senator Dick Durbin and Notre victime de ce cycle - Jim Oberweis.

Jim Oberweis allowed Durbin to tell Illinois voters exactly what the Prog Dems want him to be = “Jim Oberweis has the most extreme position on gun control of any major candidate in Illinois,”   Gun control?

Again, “It’s so amusing to watch him race to the tea party to win the primary and race as fast away as he can when it comes time for the general election,”  the Tea Party?

The same groups of earnest people who want stay in the middle class and whom Durbin unleashed the IRS upon?  Yep.  Jim Oberweis rolled over like the Chiweenie he happens to be and Durbin did not even give Jim's belly a tickle. “I’ve never been a member,”  Oberweis whimpered.   Durbin could have called Oberweis a member of the June Taylor Dancers and a Nazi war criminal and allowed the defining to roll.

Until, the GOP develops something like a backbone.  Illinois and the middle class will continue to be the Little Miss Punching Bag of America.  Grow a pair. 

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