Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Dick Durbin Affiction - Oral Sphincter of Oddi

Thoughtful? Confused? Bewitched,?Bothered, Bewildered? Caught in a Fib? No. This is an affliction cuased from  a nasty case of  Illinois voter amnesia and untreated hubris.  Senator Dick Durbin's pie-hole remains puckered in confused and much 'pu-upon' martydom due to a career in the Senate marked by pandering, posing, posturing and punishing people he just don't like. The man has swallowed gallons of bile and spleen squeezings, causing a build up of smarm. The resultant malady - a kind of Oral Sphincter of Oddi.

There is a cure for this malady, but it is generally treated by proctological surgeons.  That pucker will remain permanent, unless we all help on Election Day.

The poor wee man. 

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Lisa said...

I think thats normal for democrats