Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Well, Damn Me with Faint Praise; I Missed Another Earth Day!

Sometimes there's nothing for it but to grab hold of nearest sharp object and introduce that implement to one of the ocular orifices. Yes, sir, nothing beats a poke in the eye with sharp stick for calling faux miseries to attention.

I was asked if I would care to attend a group Hootenanny at a Unitarian Church in my neighborhood to celebrate our Mother Earth.  I gave this offer some careful consideration, knowing that my acquittance* who dresses like Pete Seeger and speaks like Senator Elizabeth Warren was drawing me out with his suspicions that I am not in fact an Irish Catholic Democrat of the old stripe, but plutocratic fascist in wolves clothing and immediately replied, " Nah."

The jungle hat with the excessively long chin strap launched to nape of his thin neck, " Why not, might I ask?"
Having somewhat composed himself, he arranged the satchel containing plastic water bottles and styrofoam cups gathered along his daily journey among the unwashed who still use those beverage containers,  to show HE meant business.

I paused abit before answering, " I'm Sixty-plus years old with a long life ahead of me. Big Plans," I replied using the script from the AARP commercial with hot GILF walking through an autumnal glade.
Side Note ( She's smug and vacuous to be sure, but I'd take a run at her.)

" You play guitar and banjo!" accused my Progressive Pharisee who added, "What's wrong with you?"

The simple answer would have been "Plenty, Donny, " but I must plunge.

"This is a community's celebration of doing good and turning hands and hearts to our planet's needs."

" I choose to have my gums scraped, Donny. "

" You don't care."

"Who would break a butterfly on a wheel,Donny?"

" I don't understand you."


* In my world, there are great people who make every moment a joy(99% by my gesstimation) and the 1% who suck all of the joy right out of atmosphere (.05%) are Mean People vicious animals to be avoided at all possible costs and the balance I must categorize as

Mean-Well People - sincere, not very bright, self-important, intrusive and bad -tipping social parasites . . .politicians, editorial board members, academics and people you can not avoid, because THEY MEAN WELL.

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