Wednesday, February 05, 2014

These Are the U.N. Beauties Demanding that the Vatican ( Catholic Church) Behaves.

 Thirteen of the eighteen members of U.N. Committee of the Rights of the Child are from what NPR and the BBC World Service like to term 'emergings nations' - nations prone to hacking off limbs, human trafficking, beheading for Allah, vanishing neighbors, nepotism, junta of the week bloodbaths, maritime piracy and Ivy League Alumni.  Hey, they're emerging.

Now, to be fair, I do not know if getting cleaned out at a casino ranks as a human rights violation or not, but Monaco might be somewhat less strident about pedophiles than the House of Saud, who tend to tuck the Koran under the mattress in the late Grace Kelly's principality.

I read that the U.N. Committee of the Rights of the Child are really, really put-out with the Vatican for ignoring the homosexual rape of teenage boys and making girls dor th laundry - all charges made clear by Hollywood, SNAP, Jefferey Anderson, Bill Maher, HBO, OXFAM, and Al Qaeda.  More so, there is a demand of compliance that the Vatican catch up to these emerging nations with regard to gay rights, gay marriage, abortion on demand and free rubbers.

They are dead serious, which makes the hypocrisy all the more laughable.  Here's UN Kid's Watchdog Roster
Ms. Agnes Akosua AIDOOGhana*28 February 2015
Ms. Amal ALDOSERI (Vice-Chairperson a.i.)Bahrain*28 February 2017
Ms. Aseil AL-SHEHAIL (Vice-Chairperson)Saudi Arabia*28 February 2015
Mr. Jorge CARDONA LLORENSSpain28 February 2015
Ms Sara DE JESÚS OVIEDO FIERRO (Vice-Chairperson)Ecuador*28 February 2017
Mr. Bernard GASTAUDMonaco28 February 2015
Mr. Peter GURÁNSlovakia*28 February 2017
Ms. Maria HERCZOG (Rapporteur)Hungary*28 February 2015
Ms. Olga a. KHAZOVARussian Federation28 February 2017
Mr. Hatem KOTRANETunisia*28 February 2015
Mr. Gehad MADIEgypt *28 February 2015
Mr. Benyam Dawit MEZMUR (Vice-Chairperson)Ethiopia *28 February 2017
Ms. Yasmeen MUHAMAD SHARIFFMalaysia*28 February 2017
Mr. Wanderlino NOGUEIRA NETOBrazil*28 February 2017
Ms. Maria Rita PARSIItaly28 February 2017
Ms. Kirsten SANDBERG (Chairperson)Norway28 February 2015
Ms. Hiranthi WIJEMANNE (Vice-Chairperson)Sri Lanka*28 February 2015
Ms. Renate WINTERAustria28 February 2017

* A few Rights of Child moments from some eemrging nations -
 Ghana -

Le Maison Saud -

Bahrain -

Ethiopia - 

Sri Lanka-

The United Nations is important for one thing alone - slob diplomats who scoff-law NYC, bolt on checks, rape maids and speak English like a crack-heads on NPR.  Thanks for your insights.  This should get Matt Damon's fullest attention.

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