Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Newman (from Seinfeld) for U.S. Post Master General!

I heard a guy call in to WLS -Don Wade & Roma this morning with a comment on the designation of Dr. Sanjay Gupta for U.S, Surgeon General: 'Why not Newman from Seinfeld for Postmaster General?'

Brilliant, Sober, Consistent and Change I Believe In! Hell, He can't can't screw up a trainwreck that is in progress. Why Not?

Newman is a U.S Postalworker, which never work in the rain for obvious reasons, this came in conflict when george castanza made a deal with him for him to by a calzone for him from a place which he was thrown out of. he has been involved in many plots with the four main characters, while also being adversarial to jerry; they are famous for saying eachothers names in an despicable voice upon meeting. 1 scheme where newman is involved is where he, elaine, and kramer kidnap a dog that was really annoying to elaine. newman's love is elaine, and this is shown when he recites poetry about her. Newman recieved a birthday wish when he suddenly got a convertable, and a hot new girlfriend who is interested in the mailing system. kramer and newman,who are close friends, tried to travel to michigan on mothers day with a mailtruck full of empties of which he wanted to cash in for the 15 cent payback. when kramer was in debt, betting on arrivals and departures at the airport, newman came in with Son of Sam's mailbag to give as collateral, newman said that he once double dated with son of sam. Newman hates keith hernandez, of which he called "pretty boy" for making a crucial error that made the mets lose, and in retaliation, he was spit on along with kramer by what jerry calls a magic luggie.

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