Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Sun Times in the 19th Ward? Don't Buy It

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The Sun Times has a perfect right to smear a whole neighborhood and I defend its right to do so. 

In the same way, the people who live in Beverly, Morgan Park and Mount Greenwood have a perfect right to ask that the Sun Times no longer be made made available for purchase.

My neighbors do not deserve to be regularly treated to this race-baiting editorial nonsense:

Like a match set to dry tinder, the slur set in motion a chaotic, Wild West-style melee on a sunny Saturday in November. Punches being thrown, bystanders forced to hide under restaurant tables, guns drawn and taunts called out?
That’s a scene that belongs in 19th Century Dodge City, not 21st Century Chicago.

This nonsense followed a fatuous cut-and paste job on Mount Greenwood by Frank Main and Sam Charles as an hors d'oeuvre to the above cited Sunday editorial.  People going to services at Mount Greenwood Community, Mount Greenwood Lutheran,St. Christiana, St. John Fisher, Queen of Martyr churches can pray for strength and a spirit of forgiveness.

After church and over breakfast maybe people can have a neighborly conversation about asking businesses in this neighborhood to stop carrying the Sun Times.

The Sun Times always wants to have a "conversation."

It goes like this , people who live in Mount Greenwood are hateful racists and  should accept any and all behavior - take it and like it and shut up about it. 

Fair enough. Well, in that spirit, sell your papers any where but here.

I pray that gas stations, franchisee-owned convenience stores located in and around the 19th Ward ask that Sun Times stop making delivery, because residents no longer want to read malignant nonsense from the Editors, Neil Steinberg, Mark Brown, Mary Mitchell, Jesse Jackson, Fran Spielman, Michael Sneed and the Watchdogs.

The people of my neighborhood will never, ever get a fair shake from the owners of Sun Times ( ChicagoReader et al) and they never have to this date.  The Chicago Reader called Mount Greenwood the worst neighborhood in Chicago - 'The Upside Down.'

I stopped buying the Sun Times years ago.

Where are our leaders on this?

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