Thursday, November 18, 2010

Paul Krugman Must Have Helped Jan Schakowsky Draft That Goofy Deficit Plan

The last time I saw Jan Schakowsky was on the night of Vice President Biden's visit to Chicago and the Governor Quinn Get Out the Vote rally at the Plumbers Hall on West Washington Street.

While six Leo High School scholars and boxers chatted with NBC 5's Mary Ann Ahern, my eyes caught the dizzy-dim-witted Democratic Congress Critter Jan "MSNBC" Schakowsky darting around and trying to get near the stage. It seems that Jan did not find a spot near Governor Quinn, Congressman Davis, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Senator Dick Durbin and the many genuine Labor Leaders of Chicago - the skilled trades - because before Mary Ann Ahern returned to the TV Media platform, MSNBC Jan Schakowsky went storming off in a huff . . . or a minute and huff.

The dame is dizzier than a fruit fly in a gallon jug of old Gallo.

I read Jan Schakowsky's Progressive Fruit Loop Deficit Plan touted by the usual blowhards as 'The Path to Greatness' over the "Cat Food Commission" - so called by the Daily Kos/HuffPo Cadillac Commies to suggest that all Americans shall dine on cat food as a result of the Simpson-Bowles offerings.

Paul Krugman who bears a striking resemblance and personality parallel to the character Carmen Ghia in the 1968 Classic - The Producers and is a Lefty economist who wants America to go the way of Greece, Portugal, Ireland and California, has been howling and calling for the non-existent "DEATH PANELS" in Obama Care to fight the deficit and along comes Jan, who will do anything to get on stage or in front of a camera and generally offer nothing but future misery, taxes and on her best days a scandal for herself.

Paul Krugman hates the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction and more than likely drafted one for Congress Critter and MSNBC Tool Jan Schakowsky. Sure makes sense. More sense than a goofy plan that will not stop the economic bleeding. Click my post title for Jan's Burnt Offering that was probably drafted by Paul the Baker. It is linked to Prairie State Blue and can also be found on the SEIU Comic Book Progress Illinois complete with drool.

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