Monday, September 19, 2016

Closing Neighborhood Schools, Like Daley Closed Neighborhood Saloons, Is Part of the Small Global City Plan

Image result for mount greenwood school chicago19th Ward parents packed the Beverly Arts Center to help find a solution to CPS' problems.

Richard M. Daley closed more saloons than Billy Sunday, Frances Willard and Carie Nation combined.

Daley closed neighborhood bars and used 'public safety' as an excuse.  He gamed the ordinances that would permanently void a liquor license, citing residential complaints, noise and public urination. Fights happen in bars to be sure.  But they also happen anywhere. There are more brawls in Walmart than saloons and Chuck-e - Cheese is the place to go for a swell brawl. Daley closed taverns so people would no longer have a place talk sense over a pitcher, or two.

Rahm Emanuel is closing neighborhood schools to kill neighborhoods.  CPS has been ignoring 'residency' rules for decades.  Kids from Austin attend Morgan Park High School, no biggie.

Well when CPS closes neighborhood schools within cross-over Disciple/Gangster Disciple/ Stones/ Four Corner Hustler turf in Gresham, Brainerd, Chatham, Washington Heights, & etc., there are problems a plenty.  A grammar school aged kid living in an apartment in a two flat on 7900 S. Morgan may have to cross four gang turfs to one of the five ( Oglesby, Stagg, Wescott, Cuffee, or Gresham).

Now, there is a growing concern of parents in the 19th Ward about CPS closing and consolidating neighborhood schools that work the way schools are supposed to work.

Rahm Emanuel's City Hall and Forrest Claypool's CPS dictum is the same - if it works and not fixed break it.
 Parents and teachers say this -

Stop the closing of neighborhood schools. It may not be happening in your area now, but you never know when it's coming. We were blindsided by a proposal to close a high performing neighborhood school to relieve overcrowding at another. Let's make sure ALL students get the space they need, while not sacrificing our neighborhood schools! 19th Ward News

The 19th Ward is one of very places in this city where black and white neighbors get along very well and behave like neighbors to one another.  No rules, or ordinances; just civility and Christian charity.

Can't have that in a Global City!

Here's the thing - Mount Greenwood School has a capacity for 990 kids and it is at over 1,100 kids.

There is no undeveloped earth upon which to expand the campus. It is over-populated - way past filled up.

Alderman Matt O'Shea offers this solution in Howard Ludwig's solid report for DNAinfo Chicago:
O'Shea said there is no more room to build at Mount Greenwood Elementary, which can accommodate 990 students. That's why he's proposing the school take over the campus of the Keller Regional Gifted Center, which is just 3½ blocks away at 3020 W. 108th St.
Keller would be moved to 9241 S. Leavitt St., now the home of Kate S. Kellogg Elementary School. O'Shea has said that Kellogg and nearby Sutherland elementary school in Beverly have seen declining enrollment by neighborhood residents in recent years. So O'Shea wants to merge the two schools on Sutherland's campus at 10015 S. Leavitt St.
The merger would be phased in over roughly three years. O'Shea said he believes Sutherland, built to accommodate 504-756 students, can handle the merger, particularly as enrollment is projected to continue to decline.
I don't know where these projections come from but I can tell you that my daily polling of little guys, toddlers, infants and  moms large-with-child from my wide neighborhood perambulations, indicate that 19th Ward neighborhood schools will continue to swell like a thirsty tick for good decade or more.  School crowding should be a happy concern, but this is Rahm's Chicago, where neighborhood means racism and community means 'it's all good!'

The charge of racism is answer to every problem.  Because Kellogg is 83 % African American and suffers a declining enrollment, while its immediate neighbor Christ the King Catholic School is majority and doing nicely, racism must be at the core.  The Chicago Tribune launched into race-baiting immediately.
Ald. Matt O'Shea, whose plan to reconfigure schools within the 19th Ward has drawn criticism from some residents, took a different tack when explaining the controversial proposal Monday — presenting it as crucial to freeing up money to renovate crumbling Esmond Elementary, a nearly all-black, low-income school in Morgan Park that he called "the greatest need in our community."
He opened the evening's presentation of his plan to relocate or consolidate four elementary schools in his district by rolling out staff from Esmond, which is not part of the restructuring plan, to detail the substandard conditions at their building and plead for help. . . .Community members expressed alarm that the plan — which seeks to merge two high-performing majority black schools in Beverly to accommodate a predominantly white school in Mount Greenwood — had concerning racial overtones.
"I can tell you our community, yet diverse, is also very segregated," Shanya Gray, a Kellogg parent, said. "One of the things that it truly appears is that you are sacrificing black students because of the white students, which may not be the case, but I will tell you it appears that way."
Parents also argued that the racial and economic diversity of a merged school would suffer since, under O'Shea's plan, the Options for Knowledge program, which currently enables non-neighborhood kids from more impoverished areas to attend either Kellogg or Sutherland, would be discontinued.

Lindbloom was a neighborhood high school; it is now a 'selective enrollment' high school for the children of privilege.  Try getting your kid into Lindbloom and good luck.  CPS works for the Magnets and selective enrollment academies and lab schools.  Neighborhood schools can go pound sand, until they close.

Like Daley with saloons, Rahm's destruction of neighborhoods cuts brush for  Chicago -A Global City.  Empty of middle class.

As things stand, Alderman O'Shea and parents of the schools want to see a fair and intelligent solution to overcrowded schools in Mount Greenwood and schools with declining enrollments a few miles to the east.  Bad schools, closed schools and no schools help destroy neighborhoods for the community.  The community of bankers, real restate players and race hustling creeps also want a Global City   The people of the 19th Ward neighborhoods want to do right by their children. But, this is Chicago and Rahm wants Chicago on the fast track to Small City Global Village on the Lake.  Real Estate, banking and race-baiting creeps will do all in their to help the little man get what he wants.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

If Rahm Wants to Help, He Needs to Support What Works - Celtic Boxing

Our society is addicted to bullshit.  

We believe that legislation, ordinances, programs and policies will eliminate the seven deadly sins.

Sorry. Not gonna happen.

People do not behave solely in reaction to societal circumstance.  People steal, kill, rape, cheat, lie, gorge, gulp and envy out of human nature.  Society reacts to human nature and not the other way  around.  We build walls, fences, write laws, authorize enforcement of said laws because some human beings feel comfortable taking from others, raping others and killing others, if gorging, drinking to excess and paralyzing body, mind and soul with drugs if not enough.

Once the walls, fences, written laws and enforcement of said laws have been eliminated, people are not going to change their human natures - they get worse.  Read the papers.

Thuggery is not a health issue.  It is a condition created by a complete destruction of civility - civic obligation. Government helped destroy civility.

In much tougher times than our own, parish and neighborhood initiatives became part of the culture of civility.  Tough, hungry, angry and hopeless kids were introduced to boxing and other healthy activities by a priest - Msgr and later Bishop Bernard Shiel.  Image result for Bishop Sheil

Bishop Shiel was no social engineer, he understood human nature.  Shiel invited everyone to step into the ring and change their lives. Catholic, Protestant, Jewish  kids - white, black brown and yellow - became the citizens who defeated fascism and created the greatest standard of living in human history.  Bishop Shiel is all but purged from Chicago and American history by the social engineers who co-opted and then destroyed his work with government programs.

Programs gave us the blood soaked streets of Chicago. There is a clarion call to not only maintain failure but reintroduce its most expensive lead balloon - Ceasefire.

For the last few months, the Sun Times and the Chicago Tribune have printed op-ed pieces by former journalists, academics and the usual gold standard voices of "Same Old/Same Old," calling for the return of tax dollars to Ceasefire - a post-incarceration job opportunity for gang-bangers and street pharmacists.

Government Money (GM)gets tossed only to political players, political preachers and political pandering people in print ( formerly called hacks).

What works and receives no GM is neighborhood initiatives.   Neighbors need to go get Private Funding from local businesses, private foundations and people with the capacity to give.

Violence, like all addictions, is a symptom of a human problem, a personal problem and not a disease that be cured by removing inanimate objects.  Violence is the exercise of power over other people by people who feel powerless.  Violence is prima facie unjustifiable.

The frustrated shout and scream. The frightened lash out and destroy.

Violence can be beaten, only when people no longer feel powerless

Celtic Boxing in Mount Greenwood is one such program.

Founded in 1993 by Mike Joyce a Chicago attorney and lifetime resident of Chicago. The club was started to give neighborhood kids a place to learn the art of boxing and to offer a positive outlet.

Mike Joyce also started an on site boxing program at Leo High School where Mike attended high school. The club was started to inspire inner city youth to enable them to build confidence and the skills to compete in the modern world. Over the years, Coach Mike Joyce has mentored many troubled youth and has helped make them better, more confident adults.
The Celtic Boxing Club is an Illinois State Crime Commission/Police Athletic League sports program. The Club is open to all ages and has sponsored numerous boxing events throughout the city especially for police and fire departments and public safety causes.

To Inspire - to give breath where no none exists
To Enable - to provide the means to achieve
To Build Confidence - to construct the heart and mind toward a goal
To Compete - to defeat despair

Next Saturday, Celtic Boxing and the West Point Boxers will compete in an exhibition at the Italian American Sports Hall of Fame and Museum.  Prior to that they will conduct neighborhood workshops, workouts and sparring demonstrations at Leo High School in Auburn Gresham neighborhood and Celtic Boxing in Mount Greenwood from 10AM until 12 PM.

September 24th is an opportunity for Chicago to witness what works.  If Mayor Emanuel really wants to change the atmosphere of thuggery and despair in Chicago, he needs to close the windows on what has and continues to fail- marches, shout-fests and social -engineer lab experiments like Ceasefire.

He needs to open the doors to what works. Chicago needs to walk through those doors.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Chicago Oikophobia and Mary Robinson in City Council

                        Image result for mary robinson and mayor emanuel

         Oikophobia "the repudiation of inheritance and home."

Mary Robinson -first female president of Ireland in 1990 but refused to be a figurehead like her predecessors. Lacking formal power, she used the “moral authority” of her office to rally public opinion. A former lawyer (who once thought she’d be a nun), she went on to serve as the United Nations high commissioner for human rights and now leads her own foundation. Harvard Business Review
Like Ireland, the cheerleaders for the EU and other globalist IFM banking, climate changing and Soros funded social engineers, Chicago is run by people who fear our home, its traditions, its history, its voice and its very existence. Such people fall into the category of Oikophobes - people who hate who they are - deniers of American exceptionalism and Howard Zinn infected readers.

The Sun Times, Chicago's most consistently oikophobic news paper,  chirps its editorial 'Hi[, Hip Hoo-rahs' for former Irish President Mary Robinson's OXFAM, BBC, Eyeless on Gaza summation of Chicago Thug Violence.

The Chicago City Council didn’t see this one coming.
The aldermen invited Mary Robinson, the former president of Ireland, to the Council’s chambers Wednesday to accept Chicago’s Medal of Merit, only to listen to her call out the city for its mounting murder toll.
I don’t need to tell you that there is a blot on the landscape here in Chicago in the very high murder rate,’’ Robinson told the council members – or “councillors” — as the Irish Legal News reported in describing what it said “should have been a mere diplomatic function.”
Perhaps more importantly, Robinson urged the city to look beyond “criminal law, gangs and policing” in attempting to address a murder count that already has surpassed the 500-mark this year.
The “social sustainability” of Chicago depends on tackling the city’s violence problem, warned Robinson, who cut short her term as Ireland’s president in 1997 to become the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.
“I would encourage you to look at the poverty and inclusion elements of this very serious problem and to see it in terms of something to tackle,” she said.
Robinson’s pointed words were yet another wake-up call to Chicago to get serious — deeply and thoughtfully — about the city’s horrendous level of violence. 
Yes, yes!   Hear, hear! Rahthur, What? Damn thing sounds like Sneed wrote a good part of it " A wake-up call for Chicago from across the pond" -sneedless to say.

Being the President of Ireland is like being the Fighting Irish mascot at Notre Dame games. In fact, Noter Dame hosted a conference for the Celtic oikophobes in 2007

Joining our esteemed former President in Indiana, is David Begg of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, Philip Watt of the National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism, and the Secretary of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, Ali Selim. Yes, that is the same Ali Selim who last year declared that ‘Sharia law should rule in Ireland in the event of a Muslim majority’.
The conference is, moreover, packed with postcolonial, pseudo-Marxist professors from all the major Irish universities. It is being organised by the Professor of Irish Studies at Notre Dame, Luke Gibbons. Gibbons, a former lecturer at Dublin City University, is a fanatical postmodernist who thinks that Irish identity can and must be debunked. . . .
Those who demand that we unconditionally ‘accept the world’, are what one philosopher calls ‘oikophobes’. ‘Oik’ is the Greek word for ‘home’ or ‘dwelling’. Hence, oikophobia, in contrast to xenophobia, means ‘the repudiation of inheritance or home’.
As George Orwell observed, left-wing intellectuals ‘take their cookery from Paris and their opinions from Moscow’. In other words, they despise their homeland, their common culture and traditions. As such, they are the quintessential oikophobes, whose principal aim is to ‘reinvent Ireland’.
Mary Robinson merited a medal and exercised her jaws like a President of Ireland.  No power, but cheer on the side and agitate: 
  • Say happy things about the European Union, 
  • Create Narratives for Bank of Ireland,
  •  Cheer Climate Change and Damn those who Doubt, 
  • Advocate Universal Abortion and Gender Grievance Goading
  •  Bash Israel, 
  • Welcome Floods of Immigrants, 
  • Bash Dialogue with any but Group Thinkers
  • Re-write History,
  •  Bash the Catholic Church (what little is left), 
  • Cheer Obama and Bash Bush pere et fil.
  • Equate Travellers, Pikees, Tinkers, Gypies at home, to Michael Brown, Laquan McDonald and other poor murdered Black Fellas in Yank Land.

As far as Mary Robinson's words to the Fifty Nappers, I heard Lamon Reccord and J'amal Green say the very same things. Get them lads a Medal of Merit each!

Mary Robinson is New Ireland's BBC approved Mary Poppins got-up like Maureen O'Hara, who pitched Mary Poppins to Walt Disney, by the way.

New Ireland is the facade of the Celtic Tiger* which spit out its teeth in 2008 and has gone back to pulling Yanks home to shore up the economy.

The Sun Times editorial board cheers lustily for Mary Robinson's advocacy of " same-old-same-old."  jobs, programs, more gun laws and a swift and well financed return of Cease Fire - the Chicago Gang-Banger.

Mary Robinson was called in and presented the Chicago Medal of Merit by the spin-doctors and Alderman Eddie Burke to help take the heat off of Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Oikophobes - the oligarchs creating the Tiny City of Tiny Dancer, eliminating neighborhoods and erasing our home.

Mary Robinson, the City of Chicago and the Sun Times wants Chicago to stay the course -geld the cops, throw more money and. gosh darn it, bring back millions of dollars to help Ceasefire - there's Hobos on trial and they will need a place to go, when G. Flint Taylor finds a judge to spring them.

* Three-and-a-half years ago, the Republic fell into a hole that was dug by bankers, but their fatal work went unstopped by the very inspectors appointed to protect us. The idle but nonetheless pensionable delinquency of these “public servants” has brought about the ruination of our economy, and despair for hundreds of thousands. So, have we not learnt that such a failure to do one’s duty can have abominable consequences?
It was bad enough that we have done the ignoble and unprincipled deal of the peace process to bring Sinn Fein in from the cold. That we are now allowing the cultural warr-iors of Sinn Fein to sedulou-sly create a false narrative about the terrorist tragedy of 1969-1996 is a criminal folly that might in the longer term match anything done by the feckless banking inspectorate.
For remember this: we are entering a new and quite terrible era. The capital transfers from England that have sustained the fiction that is the Northern Ireland economy will soon be coming to an end. The island of Ireland is facing a future of unimaginable hardship, and unlike any time since the 1930s, there is almost nowhere abroad for the unskilled to find work. We cannot allow false narratives to emerge that will lure the poor, the deluded and the impressionable into a return to violence. Otherwise, war will once more be our true Sinn Fein harvest, as self-righteously, self-pityingly, and self-indulgently, we again destroy ourselves alone. Kevin Myers

Thursday, September 15, 2016

First Wave Feminism: Mary of the Sorrows - Beata Maria Virgo Perdolens

Image result for Mary the True Feminist

Women are the superior gender.

Women are tougher than men. Tougher means - can take it. Not faster. Not stronger. Not as warlike. Not as in-your-face competitive, nor as instinctively feral.

Men are feral in the same way that a chihuahua thinks it is a Rottweiler.  Image result for Men  are feral boysWe like to think of ourselves as wild, independent and fierce, until we get a cold, or the Cubs blow another year into the records.Image result for Men  wallow in our own filth

The ideal woman is Mary, Mother of God.  Even the Islamists bent on attacking her churches in France pay her grudging tribute in doing so.  Mother Mary seems to scare the holy hell out of them. Devout Muslims  honor Mary, in the same manner that they respect the faiths of their neighbors.

Mary is the First Wave Feminist, not the Madame DeFarge vampire attributed to French Revolutionary nonsense and feminism itself - that should get the gals with unshaven legs and Park Avenue Planned Parenthood harpies yowling. Mary Mother of God, Mother of Jesus and wife to Joseph the Carpenter showed the power of women through bearing the sorrows that no man could endure.

Nope, 1789 years before the French slaughtered their neighbors wholesale, in Roman occupied Palestine a woman suffered seven sorrows.

Today is the feast of Mary of the Sorrows and her sorrows are commemorated in the Rosary.
The Sorrows are these:

The Prophecy of Saint Simeon. (Luke 2:34–35)
The escape and Flight into Egypt. (Matthew 2:13)
The Loss of the Child Jesus in the Temple of Jerusalem. (Luke 2:43–45)
The Meeting of Mary and Jesus on the Via Dolorosa.
The Crucifixion of Jesus on Mount Calvary. (John 19:25)
The Piercing of the Side of Jesus, and His Descent from the Cross. (Matthew 27:57–59)
The Burial of Jesus by Joseph of Arimathea. (John 19:40–42)
Mary was no Scarlett Johansson kick-boxing her way out of a jam in some Marvel comic movie.  Mary taught women, the superior gender,  that suffering is our lot and not some annoyance.
There was not a damn thing Mary could do to change, put off, or ignore any one of her sorrows - there was no contraception for the words of a prophet, fleeing oppression, losing a little boy at church any more than confronting the sacrifice her Son chose to carry on his head and back like Roman lashes and cruciform timbers

Mary could not lawyer-up.  Legislate agony out of her way.  Her way, the Romans later called the Via Dolorosa - the street of sorrow.
Image result for Feminist harpies
Faux Feminism objects to a woman enduring anything - an unwanted child,  a place in line,  tepid water at the place setting, men who hold doors open and ask ' allow me?'  Unendurable.

Real women suck it up and order their 'boys' husband and sons to 'cowboy up, for Crissakes!' women can take it. Women endure and men medicate.Image result for Men  wallow in our own filth

Women are the superior gender, even the feminists who embarass side with crass, selfish and vain materialism.Image result for beautiful mother

Women are superior to men, but their natures disallow the quick fix, the easy path, or the evolved solution to suffering.  Women should never want to be like us.  Thank God and His Mother for that.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Musings Before Mass on 9/11 2016

Image result for 9/11 2001 in Chicago
Image result for mass at sacred heart church in chicago
Fifteen years ago, Islamist Terrorists, mostly from Saudi Arabia, hijacked four jet airliners and crashed them of them into planned targets, one was plane was knocked out of action by heroics Americans who sacrificed their lives to save others.
Image result for 9/11 2001 in Chicago No contrails for months over Chicago

The skies over America were empty of air planes for months.  Safety measures were taken in all cities, towns and villages to meet a potential terror strike.

Americans waved flags, for a while.  They thanked firemen, firefighters, paramedics and priests, for while.

Now, such heroes are villains.

Americans got bored again and Noam Chomsky, Susan Sontag, Ward Churchill. Bill Ayers and Keith Oberman started have a real vibe.  Between 2001 and 2016, the number of public nitwits swelled like tick on a fat man's rump - Anthony Weiner, Michele Bachman, Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink, Ward Churchill, Al Gore, Glenn Beck, Joe Scarborough, Toure, Man Buns . . .

Some Americans returned to self-loathing.  Some people seemed to lose common sense.  Scab yanking and self laceration became institutionalized - no wants to be a bully.  The heart wants what the heart wanted and that is all that matters.  The test of political correctness became the level and intensity in levels of offense given to the vast majority of people,

However, the vast majority of people continue to be good neighbors, to help sick kids, to teach good citizenship to young people in a society that valorizes empty gestures and materialism,  to care for the elderly, to help the needy, to protect the unborn and the living and manage to encourage the broken hearted.

I will stand at Gospel with people who do those very things.  After the Gospel we always pray the Memorare - that seems to us Catholics a prayer that never fails to lift one over fire, failure, frustrations and finance.  It don't cost nothing, either.  No one cares who you are voting for in the coming election - that is your problem.  We all have bigger things to think about than elected goofs and NFL showboats and celebrity converts to anything that will keep their name in People Magazine.

We have a job of work to do.

Remember 9/11  and behave accordingly. 

Friday, September 09, 2016

John Kass has been Denounced by the Politburo of Small Minds

 Image result for stalin secret policeImage result for John Kass

Inventing the Enemy uses stories of personal relationships to explore the behavior of ordinary people during Stalin's terror. Communist Party leaders targeted specific groups for arrest, but also strongly encouraged ordinary citizens and party members to “unmask the hidden enemy.” People responded by flooding the secret police and local authorities with accusations. . . . every work place was convulsed by hyper-vigilance, intense suspicion, and the hunt for hidden enemies. Spouses, coworkers, friends, and relatives disavowed and denounced each other. People confronted hideous dilemmas. Forced to lie to protect loved ones, they struggled to reconcile political imperatives and personal loyalties. Work places were turned into snake pits. The strategies that people used to protect themselves – naming names, preemptive denunciations, and shifting blame – all helped to spread the terror. Inventing the Enemy , a history of the terror in five Moscow factories, explores personal relationships and individual behavior within a pervasive political culture of “enemy hunting.”   intro to Inventing the Enemy by Wendy Z. Goldman 2011
“I denounce because though implicated and partially responsible, I have been hurt to the point of abysmal pain, hurt to the point of invisibility. And I defend because in spite of all I find that I love. In order to get some of it down I have to love... too much of your life will be lost, its meaning lost, unless you approach it as much through love as through hate.”Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man

"Political language — and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists — is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. One cannot change this all in a moment, but one can at least change one's own habits, and from time to time one can even, if one jeers loudly enough, send some worn-out and useless phrase — some jackboot, Achilles’ heel, hotbed, melting pot, acid test, veritable inferno, or other lump of verbal refuse — into the dustbin where it belongs."  George Orwell

The Muhammad Ali of the canon of African American writers is Ralph Ellison; never the less, Black writers from James Baldwin and Leroi Jones to the second raters of our day detested Ellison as one who would not play group think.  Artificial outrages couldn't make Ralph Holler.

I love it when Progressive voices begin to rise to the level that only mutts can hear.  That is almost a daily event.

Yesterday, some writer named Stephen Gossett wrote an Old Timey Joe Stalin Amalgamated Textile and Cash Register Workers DEE-NUN-SEE-Ay-SHUN of Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass. Citing no less authoritative voices as Wonkette,

Stephen Gossett does total Battle of the Cowshed on Mr. Kass:

"John Kass' lodestar is provocation—and that has taken the Tribune columnist into some pretty ugly, even quasi-racist territory. But his latest incitement represents a new low.
First off, here's how Kass chose to introduce the column, titled "Murder numbers don't tell the story in Chicago. Shootings do," and published Thursday morning . . .
"The feral boys of #Chicago with their death sticks, a direct product of the #Democratic welfare state." Just let that rattle around for a second, then try to compose yourself.
As former Chicagoist editor Marcus Gilmer* pointed out, "feral" has become a preferred epithet for the alt-right, along the lines of "thug." And "boy," well, that sad, racist history precedes itself. This is, of course, the Trump-ian mode of public communication, borrowing "nationalistic" language and turning the dog whistle into a megaphone. But its familiarity makes it no less virulent.
The piece itself begins right away with more reprehensible language, particularly after mentioning Chicago's undoubtedly awful murder statistics"

Reprehensible language like this, " nihilistic feral boys, brandishing their guns in cars, waving their death sticks in rap videos, young African-American men who believe they have no future, waiting to die."

Nihilistic is dog whistle language for someone or some people with nothing to guide them - like a lodestar, or good Old Polaris, Stephen Gossett, but to be too provocative,myself.

Brandishing guns and waving death sticks is dog whistle language for props used in Face Book selfies by nihilistic feral boys.

You see, friends and neighbors, words matter.

When people are blocked from using the words in our language and culture by prissy little pundits with precious little to offer in the way of talent or impact,  as if a word's very existence caused genocide, famine and Skittles on the sidewalk, we end up with Hillary v. Trump.

The denunciation is a journalistic form of shunning.  It can be effective, especially when the readers have limited scope in their reading and experience, or are just dopes. It is especially effective when pleonastic sesquipedalians toss out them big words and studied up facts/

Post-factual race-baiting has been made the new normal in 2016; and now Kass seems all too content to join the worst of the fray. That's the true feral nihilism. And it's especially loathsome when its delivered by a messenger parachuting from the outer suburbs. Notice the location stamp on his tweet: the hard front lines of Berwyn.

Post-factual race-baiting has been the new normal in 2016 - hundreds of thousands of people have said so, during the global warming/climate change costume change and red carpet show.  Hey, Stephen Gossett, I read Variety, as well as Salon.

Well John Kass has been denounced as a writer of the English Language and as a suburbanite.  I know Joe Epstein lives in Evanston, but I do not think that Joe knows, or has read Stephen Gossett.

You are denounced John Kass. You and John Dos Passos, Camille Paglia, Ralph Ellison, Mark Twain. Saul Bellow,John Steinbeck, H.L. Mencken, Russell Kirk, Joseph Epstein, Walker Percy, John Kennedy Toole, P.J. O' Rourke, . . .**

* ??????????Marcus Gilmer - related to Jimmy Gilmer?

** Denunciation Alumni

Thursday, September 08, 2016

“You and the other officers will not make it to court.” - The Voice of the Unschackled in Judge Tharp's Court

Image result for Intimidating Jurors

Yesterday, a 71 year old gentleman was shot in the stomach by two thugs on bikes in the Marquette Park neighborhood.  Though a security camera caught the act taking place, I seriously doubt if the youths will be brought to book.

Yesterday, six of the magnificent seven dressed in suits and Bill Cosby sweaters had the opportunity to study the faces of "anonymous" jurors in Judge John "Jay" Tharp's courtroom in the Dirksen Federal Building in the Hobo Trial.  Last week, Judge Tharp deemed it too prejudicial to shackle the members of the Hobo super-star coalition of gangs, even though Federal Marshalls asked that they be so restrained in the interest of safety and justice.  Judge Tharp took the Atticus Finch approach - the high-minded, think-out-of box, Yankee spit in the face of common sense, ACLU approved self-focus.
Image result for Judge John "Jay" TharpFar left -Judge John "Jay" Tharp nominated to the bench by Mark Kirk (R, Durbin) - Never Right

Appeals Court Chief Judge Richard Posner could not have done better than Judge Tharp and Posner is always playing Brutus, Clarence Darrow, or Larry David,  in the court of public opinion (media), it seems to me.

Now, people who are doing their civic duty in the American Justice system are imperiled by Judge John " Jay" Tharp's play acting To Kill a Mockingbird.

Still, the potential jurors found themselves facing the six accused Hobo gang members in Tharp’s courtroom. The allegedly violent gang members* wore suits, dress shirts and chunky sweaters as they studied the men and women who could decide their fate. Federal prosecutors have accused the men of committing nine murders, as well as a series of brazen robberies, home invasions and other crimes.
The final group of jurors will sit through a trial that is expected to last months. . . . The judge took roughly five hours to question the first 16 potential jurors from Chicago and its suburbs — a group that included a handful of retirees, a bartender, a college student and a man who has spent nearly four decades as a puppeteer. (emphases my own)

The trial will take months - that is plural sets of four weeks.  Judge Tharp is deliberate.  Now, it seems to me that in a number of months the Unshackled Hobos and their families, friends and well-wishers will manage to lift the veil of anonymity from the imperiled nine good citizens and true.  Notice that they Hobos studied the men and women who could decide their fate, from the get-go.

The Unshackled Hobos and the Hobo coalition will be in the unprejudiced position to nod signals and gesticulate interests in particular jurors to friends and family.  It does not take a Nero Wolfe, or August Dupin to come up with an identity in this City - unless of course one might be in proximity to an old man watering his lawn when two thugs bike up and shoot him.

I would rather be Nero's Mom than a juror in the Unshackled Hobo trial in Judge John "Jay" Tharp's court.

Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

*  Federal prosecutors say the Hobos, a “renegade group” of Gangster Disciples, Black Disciples and other gangs, terrorized Chicago’s South and West sides between 2004 and 2013. Among the defendants headed to trial are alleged Hobo leader Gregory “Bowlegs” Chester and alleged assassin Paris Poe.
Poe is accused of participating in the slayings of federal informant Keith Daniels and Chicago police informant Wilbert Moore. The feds also say he once threatened a police officer scheduled to testify against him, standing within two feet of the officer in a Cook County courthouse and saying, “You and the other officers will not make it to court.”

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The Noble Irish Terrier

Image result for irish terrier
The over-all appearance of the Irish Terrier is important. In conformation he must be more than a sum of his parts. He must be all-of-a piece, a balanced vital picture of symmetry, proportion and harmony. Furthermore, he must convey character. This terrier must be active, lithe and wiry in movement, with great animation; sturdy and strong in substance and bone structure, but at the same time free from clumsiness, for speed, power and endurance are most essential. The Irish Terrier must be neither "cobby" nor "cloddy," but should be built on lines of speed with a graceful, racing outline. -The Irish Terrier

This morning on the way to services at St. John Fisher Catholic Church, I ran into Rocky - an eight year old Irish Terrier puppy.  These dogs stay pups until they go to heaven.  Rocky was all business yanking the leash of the young lady taking him out for his matin mouvement de l'intestin et de la miction des arbres , des souches , des poteaux et bouches.  That's French for his refreshemnt complète.

Rocky turned his attentions to me - a natural patsy for play.  He was all a shudder and whiskers.

Rocky reminded me of Leroy Hickey my dog from 1965 - 1977.  Leroy was an Irish terrier that my Dad bought off of one of my Grandfather's pals - Pete Bradley - from Scartaglen, Co. Kerry.  Pete had a bitch that pupped nine red beauties and my Dad picked the feistiest  one in the litter.  About two weeks later the Old Man took Leroy back to Pete to have his ears and tail properly clipped.

Pete had had a few.

The result. Leroy's tail was about three inches shorter than it was supposed to be and his ears were lopsided.  This is the downside of getting products, pets and promises from any 'guy I know.'

Leroy needed to shake, not only his tail and the attached money maker, but his entire being to signal delight. Other dogs took his tail-less greetings with wary approach.

The Irish Terrier breed is about 2,000 years old and was bred for protection of the home, children and to do constant warfare on rats and other vermin.  With snooty Progressive patrician WASP bigotry, the Irish Terrier was not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) until 1885.  The Irish themselves much later.

Like most of the aboriginal Irish of the two-legged variety, these bastards can dig.!  Leroy would have made a great Streets and San guy. They are superb ratters.  There was not a rat within six blocks of our house and Leroy would bound over the backyard fence or front gate to get after a rat or feral cat on the B & O tracks embankment at 75th Place.  They'd go to ground and Leroy would dig them out.

They are very loyal, protective, stubborn and fearless.

Leroy had a reputation as the only dog in Little Flower Parish to have gotten the best of Bowser Lanigan - mixed mutt Rottweiller.

Irish Terriers are great with children, but very tolerant of others.

Leroy remembered Pete Bradley and would foam at the mouth whenever Pete's car pulled away from Grandpa Hickey's house at 7535 S. Marshfield and totally ape-scat if his blue Pontiac ventured west on 75th Place anywhere near our house.

I hope to see more of Rocky on my way to church. 

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Out of the Mouths of Cops - People Still Speak to One Another: Inspite of City Hall

"Thank goodness for bloggers. They closed the Taverns so people could not meet and spread the word. The news in chicago is more like the propaganda ministry. If it weren't for blogges (sic) the truth would never get out." Comment from Second City Cop

 Working men and women could walk to a neighborhhod tavern at one time, Richard M. Daley put an end to all that. Ironically, it was saloon goers who became the Daley Government in Exile that made him States Attorney and then Mayor of Chicago.  How about that?

I always turn to a Chicago Police officer for the straight dope on things.  My first reads every morning come from Second City Cop (SCC) and Beachwood Reporter. SCC tells the facts of the matter, in same way that one could pick up the straight dope from a guy who was there, or knew a guy who could and usually did, get something done - like in an old time neighborhood saloon. I remember reading some stuff from a few years back that verified with actual data what I already believed from an honest man.

"In 1988, the year before Richie Daley became mayor of Chicago, 11 taverns were closed as public nuisances. The next year, there were 49. All told, between 1990 and 2005, there have been more than 1,000 license revocations citywide." Last Call for Taverns
In the days before television, people — mostly men — sought diversions in neighborhood taverns, says Michael Ebner, history professor emeritus at Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Ill., a Chicago suburb. "There was a degree of camaraderie there and a sense of neighborliness as well," he says. "The social bonds that evolved … were quite enduring."
Home-cooked meals often were available at taverns, which became hubs of political activity and, eventually, places to watch sports events on TV. "The tradition lives on, but in sharply diminished proportion," Ebner says. . . .
In 1990, about 3,300 Chicago establishments had tavern licenses allowing them to serve alcoholic beverages; places that also offer live entertainment, charge admission or serve food as a primary source of business require different or additional licenses.
The number diminished as city leaders sought closure of bars that prompted police calls or complaints from neighbors, and since 2009, the number of tavern licenses has held steady at about 1,200. USA 2012

Richard M. Daley closed more saloons than Billy Sunday, Frances Willard and Carie Nation combined. This I know, because a man who sold bar cleaning products for forty years in Canaryville and who operated the non-PC handled Lily White Products at  635 W. 47th Street was put out of business, by Daley anti-saloon crusade.  William Schoenecker began his business by filling rinsed out empty bottles with bleach, at his home on 55th and Wells and selling them to the many saloons, taverns and restaurants in Chicago, at the time. After serving on a sub in World War Two this gentleman expanded his business and flourished, until Richard M. Daley began his progressive anti-saloon crusade.  Leo High School placed William Schoenecker's name into nomination for the Leo Hall of Fame in 1995, for his generous donations to Leo high School scholarship funds over forty years. I was tasked with doing Bill "Lily White's biography.
Image result for Old Chicago Saloons
I asked him why he was closing his once very successful operation in Canaryville.  Bill told me, " No saloons to sell to, Kid.  Daley don't want people going to neighborhood taverns and beefing about him, or his pals.  Here in Canaryville, you have TNT's Pizza and Kelly's on Wallace and  Pat's on 43rd.  That's it.  Bridgeport - it is the same. Tome was that guys could get off work, clean up and stroll to the tavern.  Now, a guy needs wheels and after a few toddies he's got himself a drunk driving beef. Money for the City and no shared wisdom over a couple of pitchers of Old Style - that's the idea."

Daley closed neighborhood bars and used 'public safety' as an excuse.  He gamed the ordinances that would permanently void a liquor license, citing residential complaints, noise and public urination.  Fights happen in bars to be sure.  But they also happen anywhere. There are more brawls in Walmart s than saloons and Chuck-e - Cheese is the place to go for a swell donnybrook.  Image result for Chicago cop bars

Every neighborhood had a great number of local taverns.  I grew up in Little Flower and there were taverns, lounges and saloons, as well as Visit Our Tap Room liquor stores every few hundred feet from one's front porch - on Wood Street, On Wolcott, on Ashland and all along both sides of 79th Street.  I can not recall anyone ever getting a drunk driving beef.  Dads walked to Billy Ellis's Wooden House, Louie Katecki's Lou's, BH, Shannon's, the Mirror Lounge - Home of Cal Starr, Mel Collins' Sea Breeze Lounge, Sol's Tap Room, Caruso's and Casto's.  The thought of driving to a palce to 'get a drink'  was nonsense.

More than the liver, the heart, the soul and the brain were massaged in places  where Schlitz and Sunnybrook was sold - saloons were where topics ranging from the Vietnam war to the rise of First Wave Feminism were as much a topic of discussion as the hopes of Leo Durocher, or the Dreams of Dr. King.

LBJ called Richard J. Daley about the Vietnam War.  Old Man Daley opposed the war, but supported the boys doing the dying.  Mayor Richard J. Daley expressed the views of people who worked at Darling Rendering and Wrigley gum on Ashland, Spiegel Warehouse on 35th and Lee Lumber on Pershing Road spoken with heart and head in the taverns and saloons, like McGloins at Ashland and Archer Avenue in Mopetown. LBJ listened to Robert McNamara and Nixon became President.

Richard M. Daley listened to only the Robert McNamara's of his times - the University of Chicago crowd, the IVO Hyde Park Mafia and Newton Minnows.Image result for keegan's pub chicago

You can not make policy where people have a voice and closing the opportunities to speak in the name of 'public safety' was a Progressive turning point in our history.

Today, people do not frequent saloons, bars, or taverns in the manner of generations of Chicagoans past.  People go to bars and get hammered.  The music is always excessively at volume max, because as a noted south side mixer master told me in 1976 - "You can't talk; so you drink more and try to shout over the music. Louder music; more booze sold."  Flat screens dominate any perspective.  One meets not for ' a drink,' but a bacchanal.

Saloons were open all day because of shift work.  Shifts are found only in the First Responder World of cops, fireman, ambulance teams and nurses.  Everyone else is 9-5.

In this environment, ideas are not shared; traditions are not passed on; nor is the simple courtesy of listening to another person necessary.

Except on the blogosphere.  The Internet is the place where neighbors can share ideas for better or worse. It's dry, however.

No one seems to know this more than the Police officers who have been targeted by the very people responsible for the policies that have created our blood soaked streets and our group-thought intellectuals.

This Labor Day ask someone who actually walked a picket line from 1936 through the 1950's about real labor.  Find a saloon somewhere outside of Chicago, or ask some blogger.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Federal Judges and Sound Judgement Not Always a Fit: Foot Loose Hobos in Judge Tharp's Court!

              Mark Kirk's Judge John Jay Tharp (blue striped tie) Hobo Friendly

With seven Hobos scheduled to go to trial in September, prosecutors alleged for the first time this week that the gang was responsible for nine killings as well as countless shootings, robberies and home invasions. No gang has been charged in a federal indictment with that level of violence since the El Rukns two decades ago. Chicago Tribune June 16, 2016
In today's Chicago Sun Times, Jacob Wittich tells us that 'several' Hobos will be in Judge Tharp's courtroom and Judge Tharp does not want them unduly prejudiced by being shackled.  Foot loose!

The Hoboes, not the bindlestiffs of yore, nor Lords of Boxcars, a super group coalition ( Gangster Disciples/Disciples & etc.) of gang thugs are about to be tried in Dirksen Federal Court.

They are wildly dangerous.

Their Hobo associates, who will pack the court, just might be more than mildly dangerous.

The United States Marshall Service asked for permission to shackle the 'several members' ( I am unclear of how many persons constitute a 'several' - more than two, but less than many, I guess) of Hobo coalition, due to manpower shortages, and the danger to the public this gang and their associates pose to everyone.

Well, truth be told,  there are Seven Hobos - a Magnificent Seven - being tried in Dirksen Court. That is seven dangerous persons with seven circles of family and associates.  Sounds like the seven circles of Hell having its day in court.  What could possibly go wrong?  Mark Kirk?

Senator Mark Kirk ( R, Durbin) recommended, President Obama nominated and  the U.S. Senate confirmed by a vote of 86-1 Judge John "Jay" Tharp to the United States District Court for the Northern District. republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah was the only Senator to vote against Jay Tharp.

I would love to speak with Senator Mike Lee.

Mark Kirk has made a national jackass of himself in the United States Senate and he will be soundly defeated by a very weak ( hack) candidate on November 8th.

We have Judge Tharp.

The Hobos will be unshackled. Gee, what could go wrong?

But U.S. District Judge John Tharp denied those requests during a Friday status hearing, claiming the shackles could sway the jurors’ perceptions of the defendants.
“The charges in this case are obviously quite serious, and the concern that the marshals have raised is quite appropriate,” Tharp said. “That said, there’s obvious prejudice that [shackling] inures, and I have to try to balance the rights of the defendants against the legitimate needs of security.”
“What reinforces this is the fact that should the defendants not comport themselves perfectly appropriately at the trial, the prejudice that will float to them from that sort of misconduct will far outweigh the prejudice of shackles,” he continued.
Tharp said it was a “difficult” decision that he will not hesitate to revisit during the trial if necessary.
Tharp also addressed concerns that a guilty plea by one of the defendants could adversely affect the other defendants.

Ask any County Court ( brawlers, drunks, non-political grifters, thieves) veteran about their appearances in the local County Court shackled to other accused after a long night in County.   Yep, shackled for safety reasons - their own and the public.

Shackles like nooses remind us of Roots, Twelve Years a Slave, Ben Hur and Flash Gordon.  We are always reminded that "We are better than that" and "those are not American Values." No, they are constraints. Progressives love their prose purple and their metaphors mixed and Judge Tharp delivers, " . . .  there’s obvious prejudice that [shackling] inures, and I have to try to balance the rights of the defendants against the legitimate needs of security. What reinforces this is the fact that should the defendants not comport themselves perfectly appropriately at the trial, the prejudice that will float to them from that sort of misconduct will far outweigh the prejudice of shackles,”

Ah, yes!  They will rue the day they acted out in Judge Tharp's court!

Judges have great credentials.  Some judges even have common sense.

The United States Marshall Service are ignored by Judge Tharp.  What could possibly go wrong?

Stay tuned.

Friday, September 02, 2016

Bullet Points With Alderman Emma Mitts( 37th): Intellectual Beef Jerky at All Race Pressers

beefbēf/Submitverb informal1.complain."he was beefing about how the recession was killing the business"synonyms: complain, grumble, whine, carp, bitch, gripe, bellyache"they're constantly beefing about the neighbor's dog"

To Beef:
(photo Galloway -Sun Times)

  • This is racism at its best,” Ald. Emma Mitts (37th) said at Thursday’s news conference. 
  • Why are our kids constantly shooting each other
  • You know why, because they’re angry
  • They’ve been locked up
  • They haven’t had any jobs and no resources and they want to make a dollar
  • They haven’t had parents who been able to teach them. 
  • The system failed from many, many years ago,” she said. Emma Mitts
Now that is a fistful of seven sticks of beef jerky that will keep your intellectual molars grinding the live long day.

The statement above comes from a Chicago Alderman during a news conference called by the usual voices of race-hustling, opportunism, snappy patter with mixed metaphors,  and political bull jive: Jesse Jackson, Commissioner Richard Boykin, Alderman Emma Mitts, Urban League President Sharon Runner and Congressman Danny Davis ( D. Rev. Moon).  These worthies are calling for . . .now here is something that might really bring thug violence to a screeching halt . . . a walk, a perambulation, a healthy constitutional through "endandered communities."  That is the answer from the people the media goes to for answers 24/7 in Chicago: Thug-Step One: Shoot someone!  Make good your escape! Lay Low It's All Good .  The Community-Step Two: Call the Media! Don't Identify the Shooter! Don't arrest the shooter. Offer a Reward!  Create an Activist Network  Have a March! Have March! Have a March! Call the Media.
In the wake of the deadliest month Chicago has seen in 20 years, the Rev. Jesse Jackson on Thursday said he would join other black leaders in an “Endangered Communities Tour” that will hold town hall meetings in nine of the city’s hardest-hit neighborhoods. . . .In a war zone, you don’t have to be guilty to be crucified,” Jackson said Thursday, emphasizing the innocents that get caught in the crossfire. (Mixed Metaphor)

Beef Jerky -  .In a war zone, you don’t have to be guilty to be crucified,” 

I asked a Vietnam veteran at Mass this morning about the number of crucifixions he witnessed during the Siege of Khe Sahn and he asked me, " You on the pipe?  Get some breakfast in you."

Jesse Jackson has been a continuous presence in the public imagination concerning all matters of race and picking up a buck.

Race relations are great, when black and white people meet  on street, at work, in neighborhood sports, charity work, at Mariano's, Aldi's and Fair Play foods, riding the Metra and serving their neighbors.  That is not news.  Race relations are not so hot on news at 5,6 and 10 PM, or all over the newspapers and on the radio, or every time someone gets tuned-up riding the Red Line.

The solemn-suffering faces of usual suspects at every Race Bait presser and their bullet points are dry, chewy and badly spiced slabs of empty intellectual calories making morbidly obese craniums every where nod in robotic solidarity.

Pastor Pfleger maintains his own Jerky operations on 79th Street and eschews the $10.00 National Barrel of Beefs required for Rainbow Coalition's gnashing of teeth.  When Pfleger goes national this is what happens

Lord Ha' Mercy!  And Hillary is back at the plate!
Image result for pastor pfleger with cupich

Therefore, grift locally and backtrack more easily - he is ecclesiastically bullet-proof with Francis Cardinal George home with Christ. Pfleger can "God Damn a Cop!" at his services brush it off* like link on a black Armani suit.  It's all good. Pastor Pfleger will be a bishop before long.

Beef jerky is for folks that have been over-served.  Back in the day, it was Slim Jims.  It has no nutritional value, but tastes good at the time.

Emma Mitts is a lucky woman.  She is a Chicago Alderman.  She is and her colleagues are mandarins of the oligarchy - they manage things by voting the way they are told to vote.

However, the Alderman's very words leap out of the narrative after the first bite!  Racism (Whitey) caused two angry, locked-up, no job/no resource, dollar-less lads with bad parents to continuously shoot Dwayne Wade's cousin on "O" Street**.

These tow unhappy gents sound like they have been brainwashed by Fox News and must have become Trump voters.  Did Pastor Pfeger endorse Mrs. Clinton yet?  Plenty to chew on.

Then,  the last pull of dried meat blames " the system"  - civil rights, affirmative action, race based set-asides, housing?

Tasted Ok for a while.

*Rebuttal :"This a "representative" of the "community." An un-elected representative by the way. And supposedly, a representative of an organization that is supposed to prevent people from straying from the path to eternal salvation.

What happened to "love the sinner, condemn the sin"? Or "Treat others as you would be treated"? Or does all of that take a back seat to the cult of personality running amok on the south side in the guise of Catholicism?"

** The real tragedy behind the constant grifting of hustlers:
". . . Among those killed was Nykea Aldridge, cousin of Bulls star and area native Dwyane Wade.

Nykea Aldridge | Facebook photo
Nykea Aldridge | Facebook photo
Aldridge was shot in the head as she pushed one of her four children in a stroller in the 6300 block of South Calumet in the Parkway Gardens neighborhood, a particularly violent area colloquially known as “O Block.” Two men were charged in her death."