Had the Church had a more contemporary attitude about homosexual couples adoption, this result might have been avoided.
 For instance, the United States Supreme Court announcing Friday that it will take up the issue of gay marriage — ruling on a pair of cases, one in New York, one in California, that go to the heart of the matter — is both dramatic and meaningless.Dramatic because this is the first time the high court has weighed in on this. And meaningless because the issue has already been decided. To realize that the gay marriage question has been settled, all you have to do is look at the way public opinion breaks down into a direct relationship between age and approval. The younger a person is, the more comfortable they are with the idea of gay marriage. The older a person is, the more likely they are to be uncomfortable with the idea that homosexual citizens should be allowed to marry and form families.. . .Why am I so sure?Because I live in the fact-based world. They weren’t bad swimmers. Women, it turned out, could cast ballots just fine. Jews paid their hotel bills like everybody else.
There is no factual basis to keep gays from getting married. They don’t make worse husband or wives, they aren’t inferior parents on any measure. The data just isn’t there.
Zero sum.  Zero is a number and that equals the number of children born to two gents who co-habitate. There are no birth control products in a lesbian home;  likewise, a devout married Catholic heterosexual couple, to be sure; the outcome differs, however: husband and wife procreate - they have children and create families.

Homosexual couples must step out of nature to acquire children.
Unlike laws, there are permanent things -marriage is between a man and woman, always has been.  Procreation is the object - you know to build a family: e pluiribus unum.  A man and a woman become one and that is until death.  There are permanent things and no matter how manner pieces of legislation, or polls, or op-ed pieces, or snotty self-serving cracks attempting to vilify others will undo this fact.