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Santorum Sweep - No Camelot Moments Here; Move On ! MSNBC Analyst Meghan McCain on Suicide Watch

" You seem like a fine lad, Billy. . .er, Mimi Alford, an intern here at the White House. Yes she is . . . Mimi is 19 and might be a bit old for you, son. "Get them before they grow teeth," my Daddy always told me. Keep at it, Billy. Pleasure." A Camelot Moment.

Rick Santorum's sweep of the three primary/caucus States( Colorado, Minnesota and Missourri), by huge numbers, should harbinger the following events up to and through this weekend-

Wednesday -Newt Gingrich will get the full MSNBC Chris Matthews Camelot Treatment Ala Mimi Alford - "take care of Dave Powers and Teddy, Mimi. They're tense."

Thursday- MSNBC Mensa Member Meghan McCain will remain on 24 hour suicide watch. ( “If he (Daddy) would’ve endorsed Santorum, I mean, I would be, like, slitting my wrists.” Meghan with Noodles O'Donnell 1-5-2012)

Friday, the Obama Administration will dump HHS Choice mandate along with thousands of incriminating Fast and Furious and Solyndra e-mails.

Saturday -Axe and the lads will explain the troubling numbers to the Science President.

Sunday President Obama family will attend to Mass and attempt to take the Eucharist . . . under advisement.

Catholics have a clear choice for President and he does not have an Honorary Degree from Notre Dame, or Georgetown, let alone a Nobel Prize.

News Black Out in Chicago - Catholic Bishops Make Huge Statement on Obama Choice Mandate and No Coverage

President Obama,Our Secular Science President, loads up and aims more than marshmallows at Fish Eaters.

Yesterday, the Chicago news media avoiding mentioning the powerful statement on Obama's Health and Human Services Mandate. Cardinal George wrote this:

Our parents and grandparents did not come to these shores to help build America’s cities and towns, its infrastructure and institutions, its enterprise and culture, only to have their posterity stripped of their God given rights. All that has been built up over so many years in our Catholic institutions should not be taken away by the stroke of an administrator’s pen. This order reduces the Church to a private club, destroying her public mission in society. In generations past, the Church has always been able to count on the faithful to stand up and protect her sacred rights and duties. I hope and trust she can count on this generation of Catholics to do the same.
(click my post title for the text in full)

The Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun Times have much invested in Obama 2012, as in 2008. Barack Obama is a Chicago resident and has and continues to enjoy the full partnership of the Progressive Machine that helped him dance on the lily pads to the White House - State Senate of Illinois after an ignominious defeat for Congress at the hands of Bobby Rush, the media driven character assassinations of competition ( Democrat Blair Hull and Republican Jack Ryan), GOP's Judy Barr Topinka's deft selection of Amb. Alan Keyes as a general election opponent, elevation to the United State Senate, the stem winder in Boston 2004 at the DNC and tingle in Chris Matthews' leg 2008-Present.

Only John Kass, Steve Huntley and Dennis Byrne have criticized President Obama - rather they have refused to ignore his very obvious short-comings.

The HHS Obama Choice Mandate, crafted by Planned Parenthood and others, has awakened a sense that President Obama represents folks with absolutely no tolerance for Catholics.

Chicago is the most Catholic of American cities. . .no really.

John Powers of Chicago Daily Observer, for whom I occasionally offer my prose, lit into our supine media.

So how did the Chicago incumbent media react?

Op-eds from Dennis Byrne and Steve Huntley, both are against the intrusive HHS ruling and the denial of religious liberty. Yet, both columns look to be written before the Catholic Bishops letter was published by the Archdiocese of Chicago.

No mention in the Sun-Times; No mention in the Chicago Tribune; No mention on WLS-7 or any other media outlet, as far as I can search. As Peggy Noonan says, this may be the issue that gets President Obama defeated this fall, but the incumbent Chicago Media has chosen to stifle the opposition to the incumbent President on this one.

Anyone surprised?

I am sure many are surprised. That is the pity of it all.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Civil Liberties Are Not Afforded to Catholics - Dennis Byrne Explains the "The Yeah-Butters."

The Yeah, Butters are secular Progressive meme-mummers. The talking points (memes) are churned in the well-larded cash cows that produce the "The Yeah, Buts" - arguments and shout downs meant to silence any and all opposition to anything.

The "Yeah, Butters" created the "little liberty free zones" - no smoking, no trans-fatties, no goose liver, no nothing landscape that are the hall mark of Progressive America's laboratory schools of thought.

Progressives hate large families

Progressives hate smokers

Progressive hate people with pot-bellies

Progressives hate talk radio

Progressives hate you-name-it

Progressives hate schools that work ( Washington D.C., Catholic Schools and private schools)

Is hate too strong a word? Gosh, yes. Rather let's say that the above are Verifiably Unsatisfactory targets for elimination. Everybody Dance Now!

Progressives ( American Dewey/Hegelian Secularists - think Bill Moyers) really hate Catholics and always have done so. From Lyman Beecher - to Thoreau - to Jane Addams - to Roger Baldwin, Progressives have worked like Mexicans with family to eliminate Roman Catholic American influence and existence.

In the last fifty years, Catholic Democrats have done their heavy lifting. Funding from the big Yeah, Butter Dairies - Planned Parenthood, ACLU, 501 (c) 3 Family Foundations with boards backed with Lefties, public service unions and lending institutions helped baptized Catholic politicians, become born-again Henry Wallace/Margaret Sanger mouthpieces.

The result is the looming battle against religious liberty - going the way of cigarettes, sugar and butter. Catholics are the target for tonight and everynight.
Dennis Byrne, in his Chicago Tribune column answers the Yeah, Butters in their own words.

Radical secularists spit out their usual canard about how "Catholics seek to impose their morals on everyone else." This is the goofiest of upside-down arguments. In truth, it should be clear to anyone but the blindly ideological and anti-Catholic bigots that secularists are imposing their beliefs on Catholics. As the Rev. Robert Barron, a Catholic priest, scholar and author, noted: "Who is using the law to impose morality on people? It ain't the Catholic Church. It's the secular state."

Secularists will drag out plenty of diversionary arguments to the central issue, most typically: Many Catholic couples use artificial birth control, so it doesn't matter if the government tells the church what to do about contraception. As if the government can decide what church teachings are valid and constitutionally protected by taking a poll. If church membership disagrees with the church's beliefs, that's a problem for the church and its members, not the government. Government already has enough problems of its own.

In his controversial appearance at the University of Notre Dame, President Barack Obama promised a sensible approach to matters of conscience. He now touts how he draws from his Christian faith when crafting public policy.

It's all campaign rhetoric, and Catholics who fell for it by giving him a majority of their votes in 2008 have cause for regret and anger.

Yeah, but there is so much more coming.

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Egypt Lives up to "Arab" Stereotypes - Where's CAIR?

"Why does the word “Arab” evoke images of terrorists & veiled, oppressed women?" -website Reclaiming Identity: dismantling Arab Stereotypes

Gee, I don't know. Maybe this might help:

I offered my morning rosary to Our Lady to help keep the 19 young Americans safe from the Arab Springers of Egypt.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood's son Sam is among the group of current and former studens in Cairo to help that civility challenged nation at least appear to be interested in living at peace with Christians and Jews.

God help them.

CAIRO — Egyptian authorities have charged the Egypt country directors of the International Democratic Institute and the International Republican Institute in an investigation into the financing of pro-democracy organizations, state media reported Monday.

IRI’s Sam LaHood, the son of U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, was the first of 43 names published Monday afternoon on the Arabic-language Web site by state-owned newspaper al-Ahram. Several other American and Egyptian IRI employees are also being charged.

. . .Fayza Abul Naga, Egypt’s minister for international cooperation, who is widely seen as the mastermind of the probe, said Sunday’s announcement should leave no doubt about the “government’s seriousness about discovering some of these groups’ plans to destabilize Egypt,” the state-owned newspaper al-Ahram reported on its Web site. The minister is among the few Mubarak loyalists who remain in the Egyptian cabinet.

There is no Statement by CAIR - it is busydoing nothing to dismantle arab stereotypes. Here is a partial list of CAIR's immediate concerns

U.S. Muslim on No-Fly List Detained after Sea Travel to U.K.
Oregon resident took train to N.Y., ship to U.K., was detained on arrival

CAIR Calls for Reform of FBI's Training on Islam, Muslims
CAIR today joined a coalition of other civil rights and advocacy organizations in calling on the FBI to eliminate anti-Muslim bias from the system used to train its agents.

Al-Awlaki's Calls to Violence Rejected by U.S. Muslims
Civil rights group concerned about constitutional issues raised by assassination of American citizen

CAIR Says Bill Unfairly Singles Out U.S. Muslims
(WASHINGTON, D.C., 9/19/11) -- The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today urged American Muslims and other people of conscience to call members of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee about proposed legislation that singles out American Muslims for additional scrutiny over the threat of violent extremism in the United States.

CAIR Concerned About FBI’s Use of ‘Outreach’ to Spy on Muslims
ACLU documents show agents gathering intelligence on those they met

CAIR Decries Santorum’s Call for Profiling of Muslims
Civil rights group asks Republicans to reject Islamophobia

CAIR Asks FBI to Probe Internet Threats to Mosques
Comment on anti-Islam hate site: ‘I want [Muslim] blood on my hands’

TN GOP Rep. Tells Muslims to ‘Go Back to Where They Came From’
CAIR says GOP leaders must demand Rep. Womick’s resignation from Tennessee General Assembly

CAIR: D.C. Hotel Uses ‘National Security’ Defense in Muslim Bias Suit
Muslim civil rights group calls hotel’s defense an ‘unprecedented claim’

Safe, it pal.

Tales of the South Side - 'Hear Me Roar!' I Did and Called Out for More

"The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn." —Gloria Steinem

Caitlin Nolan-Kane called her husband Charlie F. Kane at work.

Charlie Works for Com Ed.

Charlie went to trade school, while Caitlin, his honey-haired sweeties went to De Paul Law School and they married after Caitlin passed the last of more than a couple of bar exams. Caitlin had credentials and Charlie had solid reputation as an electrician and solid citizen.

Charlie was in a cherry-picker basket high above an alley in West Beverly over by the Bank on 103rd & Western.

Caitlin Nolan-Kane was struggling with a problem at her dining room table.

The couple had been married for the better part of year and Caitlin was unsure whether or not she should be stay-at-home Mom, or a Cook County Judge.

Caitlin had passed the Illinois Bar Exam on the third go-around just before she married Charlie.

Caitlin's stay-at-home Mom issue was one of what might be, as she and Kane had no children. The odds were better of Caitlin becoming a Cook County Judge. Charlie put in a great deal of overtime.

The electricians cell phone rang repeatedly, because he was rather busy and he ignored doing anything unrelated to the task at hand. Caitlin was persistent.

The frustrated and perplexed young woman asked Charlie Kane, " Why didn't you answer?"

" I'm up in the basket, Sweetie," answered the devoted spouse and tradesman.

"Can you help me when you get home?"

"Sure," he replies. "What's the problem?"

"Well, I started a really hard puzzle and I can't even find the edge pieces."

"Look on the box," Charlie said. "There's always a picture of what the puzzle is."

"It's a big rooster," she said.

"I'll be home at 5, or 5:30, Babe."

"Don't stop with guys at Keegan's, Honey. I really want to finish this."

"I'll be right home once I get the truck back, Love. Try and relax. Do something else until I get home."

As good as his word, the forthright Charlie Kane put the Tahoe in the garage of their sweet home on Talman near Kean Gas. He removed his work boots and went straight to the dining romm table and surveyed the problem that confronted his pretty wife.

Having repaired rainbows of wires and circuits and conduits tangled and fouled and kinked in Gordian knots the electrician immediately assessed the problem, "Okay, put the corn flakes back in the box."

"Oh, My God! I took out the wrong box."

" These things happen."

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Real Jazz - The Lost Tapes: Monica Zetterlund

Monica Zetterlund had the tone of Ella Fitzgerald and an ability to create a real sense intimacy in the artificial setting of a studio.

This is sensational genius at work with quiet dignity.

. . . And because you have been very, very good to stop here, Monica nd the Bill Evans Trio!

Cardinal Barry Obama's Church of The Missing Context

"I actually think that's going to make economic sense," said Obama. "But for me as a Christian, it also coincides with Jesus' teaching that 'for unto whom much is given, much shall be required.'" From John Kass Chicago Tribune on Preacher Barry

Man, the President will read anything put in front of him "Here, Mr. President, this has you quote from Jesuah, Mathews, Maddow, Luke . . . St. Paul . . .who cares . . .it's biblical and it makes great copy and context for your getting the rich to pay more - the rich. . .no not GE. or George . . .the other rich people . . .pipefitters and Local 150 Operators. Yes, sir it is working perfectly and it is off camera. . . Go get 'em!"

John Kass's column this morning reminded me of that. The President was given Luke 12:48 and today's gospel at Mass was Mark 1: 29 - 39. It's good one.

Jesus, Simon, Andrew, James and John, his Million Loaves and Fishes Quartet, performed a a miraculous cure of Simon's mother-in-law and good woman got up from her fever bed and good the lads some lunch. Jeuss then cured the folks in the neighborhood and cast out demons. People were as screwed up then as they are now, but at least then they didn't drink donkey squirtings on NBC's Fear Factor and call that entertainment.

NBC and GE are huge investors in President Obama's vision of America.

John Kass reminded me of President Obama's Prayer Breakfast preachifying this past week.

The President occupied the podium with Biblical parsings for taxing us much more. By "us" I mean all of us - United States taxpayers. We are blessed! However, I do not believe that Luke's passage (Luke 12:48), all Dewey'd up by President Corinthian Barry Obama at the prayer breakfast is in any way, shape or, form about taxes. Nope that Luke pastoral piece is about getting your ass smote -

"But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked." New International Bible

or, King James -"But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.

Then there's the Douhy-Rheims used by us Fish Eaters and HHS Traitorous Dogs -
But he that knew not, and did things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. And unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required: and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more.

You see, them 'stripes' have to do with cuts of the old bullwhip. Deuteronomy 25:3 called for no more forty good-and-sound on the backs of servants and stewards who screwed up.

A whack with a bullwhip can be taxing on the soft, supple milky flesh of young handmaiden. . .sorry. How the mind do race.

Context Folks! Here's the full Luke -

40 Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”

41 Then Peter said to Him, “Lord, do You speak this parable only to us, or to all people?”

42 And the Lord said, “Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his master will make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of food in due season? 43 Blessed is that servant whom his master will find so doing when he comes. 44 Truly, I say to you that he will make him ruler over all that he has. 45 But if that servant says in his heart, ‘My master is delaying his coming,’ and begins to beat the male and female servants, and to eat and drink and be drunk, 46 the master of that servant will come on a day when he is not looking for him, and at an hour when he is not aware, and will cut him in two and appoint him his portion with the unbelievers.

47 And that servant who knew his master’s will, and did not prepare himself or do according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.

48 But he who did not know, yet committed things deserving of stripes, shall be beaten with few. For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.
(emphasis my own)

No taxes. No 1% and no 99%. Stewards, whips, and portions of stripes for servants who knew their job descriptions, but screwed up.

Luke's gospel tells us that as Catholics, or Christians we come into this world with a set of instructions. That is called VALUES. We get taxed later.

We know that abortion is murder, because the rules we agree to as Catholics, or Christians or Jews, state just that and also that birth control can be a chemical abortifacient - something that causes an abortion. If we know the rules and screw up, we face the "stripes" down the road.

Our Faith is what has been given to us and if we give that Faith over to Political Correctness, Weakness, Self-loathing, or Opportunity, Jesus warned us that "much" would be given.

The President might want to consult with Congressman Jan Schakowsky about taking a whip to the help.

In other news, Carmel of Mundelein Alumnus Rick Santorum is ahead of President Obama in the latest Rassmussen Poll.

In a potential Election 2012 matchup, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is at 45% while President Obama earns 44%. This is the first time in any poll that Santorum has led the president. Several other GOP challengers have led the president a single time in the polls including Rick Perry, Herman Cain, and Newt Gingrich. Each man briefly held the lead while they were surging in the polls, only to fall quickly. It remains to be seen what will happen to Santorum’s support.

Santorum gets 78% of the Republican vote and leads by ten among those not affiliated with either major party. President Obama get 83% of the Democratic vote in that matchup. Santorum leads by 16 points among men but trails by 12 among women. As is typically the case in all matchups, the president leads among those under 40 while the GOP hopeful leads among those who are over 40.

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Historical Art Genre Takes Political Turn - Artist Jon McNaughton

"You can look at a picture of an artifact for days and still not know it. But examining it in your own hands reveals its texture, its substance and how it works,. . . There has been too much distortion over the years. I believe the more accurate the presentation is, the clearer our image will be of our heritage. It is a far better way to honor our ancestors." Don Troiani -historical artist.

A former Federal officer sent me an e-mail with the controversial art of Jon McNaughton attached.

I immediately was reminded of the Revolutionary and Civil War presentations of Don Troiani. Several of his works appear on the walls of Fox's Pizza Resaturant at 100th & Western Ave, depicting the Irish Brigade at Antietam being blessed by Catholic Chaplain Father Corby of Notre Dame. And Clear the Way - the Charge of The Irish Bridage at Fredicksburg*

The work above by Mr. McNaughton presents President Obama standing on the U.S. Constitution to the applause of a few former President, but a general attitude of shock and dismay from most. Most significantly is the center piece of the work - The Forgotten Man on the bench.

This is very good representational art. The painter identifies the theme, heroic or forelorn, and places the sweep of history's personailities and events into a framed context.

I expect, Mr. McNaughton to take more heat than any Guggenheim sponsored dabbler who toseed execrement at the Virgin Mary, or descrecrated the Torah.

Some folks demand to tell us what is correcrt; hence the gent on the bench.

*On a cold December day, 1862, the 28th Massachusetts, part of Brigadier General Meagher's Irish Brigade, fought a valiant but suicidal assault at Fredericksburg.

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Obama Paloozza II, or Grant Park Reducks

The Obama Campaign 2008 resembled a Leni Riefenstahl (or was that Reni Liefenstahl?) production and McCain/Palin Campaign was like Wagon Train without Ward Bond.

Obama had doric columns in his Denver Parthenon and John McCain showed up somewhere.

Obama was on a half-shell high above Olympus and Strobe-lighted and John McCain had a Polaroid Land-camera album of his carrier days.

Obama had Campaign Stuffed with gold and McCain had old gum, lint, popcorn kernels, toe-nails, and some coins found in the couch in the rumpus room.

Barack Obama wanted to win big like a kid on Star Search; McCain thought it might be nice.

Thus, we have The Making of a President 2008 for Dummies.

Now, we are hip deep in an the orchestrated Orwellian howl-hootenanny 2012. President Obama will face Someone. It could be a new Thomas Jefferson, a new Roland Burris - Someone 2012's got my vote.

I am backing and voting with all of my heart and soul, time, treasure and talent, for Someone 2012!. Someone was, is and shall be better choice than President Obama. If John McCain had tried even a little he would have been President, but he allowed Governor Palin to do all of the heavy lifting.

I like Barack Obama in same way, that I like many Illinois politicians. Barack Obama comes from the Protected Panjandrum species - Ald. Brendan O'Reilly, Sheila Simon, and Chris Kennedy. They are the " Where the Hell Did He/She Come From?" only a hen-scratch better than the Ain't They Greaters. They come fully funded by someone, or some group and get appointed or slotted into an easy to win race. Obama v. Keyes e.g.

I dislike a very few - Mike Quigley, Forrest Claypool, Tony Preckwinkle and of course Jan Schakowsky. They are Ain't They Greaters -moved from post to post and office to office, more to get them out of town, or out of the way than anything else.

Then there are "What Can You Do?" goofballs - seemingly harmless dopes who have the backing of far more competent persons. These officials, like Blago, Sen. Roland Burris, Sen. Dick Durbin and former Gov. Pat Quinn, never fail to disappoint.

President Obama, in my opinion, will go down in history as the worst President since James Buchanan and just slightly worse than Jimmy Carter. However, given the GOP's tendency to do political seppuku at any moment, he has a slim chance of holding onto the White House in November. President Obama helped only the Abortion Industry - Planned Parenthood in his term of office. Oh, and he allowed a Navy Seal Team to rub-out Osama. Hell, I could have done that, bit no one asked me.

Oh, really?, say thee.

Sure. Without citing the Corporate Sponsorship of Obama Bundler and Hyde Park Mogul John Rogers ( ex. of Desiree Rogers), explain Arne Duncan.

Take your time and use all of your notes; this is open book.

Dave Axelrod is planing another Grant Park Obama-palooza Obama Palooza II. Like Lalapalooza, perhaps the Obama Campaign will asked to pay for the park, finally.

I wonder if the bill from 2008 was paid. Probably written off by Daley, in exchange ofr the Distinguihsed Harris Professorship at U of C.

Presidential advisor David Axelrod said Thursday that the location hasn't been discussed.

"But, you know, our [campaign] headquarters is here. The president's heart is here. So, you know, I think that will help guide our decision-making," Axelrod said.

Axelrod said he would like the festivities to be in Chicago.

Remember these?

* "Press File Seat - $935 (includes 1 Press File Credential, seat in heated Press File Tent, Power, Cable Television, High Speed Wired Internet Service, Catering)"

* "Radio Position - $715 (includes table space and chair behind the riser, power and an ISDN BRI line for radio -- comes with two credentials)"

* Obama's top donors--not the masses who donated the $5, $10 and $25 the campaign brag about--will have VIP access throughout election night and received an early heads up a week ago to plan to spend Election Night in Chicago.

Now, did the Obama 2008 Campaign up on all of the Grant Park Obamapalooza I?

Before, what just might be . . .
check the ledgers.


Leo High School: The Walgreen's Building at 79th & Halsted - No Story Here, It's Under the Rubble Getting Hauled Away

Since Tuesday afternoon, the heavy traffic on 79th Street between Morgan and Halsted is . . .absent.

Yesterday, Leo President Dan McGrath and I walked over to CVS on the south side of 79th at Halsted. Dan and I frequent buyers at CVS. The Ladies told us that once the building collpased and the demoltion began that the Occupy Walgreens were looking for new habitats. These are famous Chicago Rattus Norvegicus* Occupiers. Business was way off all around the commercial hub.

The Liberty Tax dancers were now taking up positions in front of Leo High School, as well.

This morning, when I pulled into the faculty lot on the south side of 79th Street just west of Leo High School, I was asked by a young guy where he might pick up a bus. He needed to go west. I tyold him that his best bet was to hike over to the Halsted Terminal at about 80th Street.

I could have stretched out in the middle of 79th Street and taken a nap, it is that free of traffic.

Our west parking lot is part of a complex that includs an artifically turfed practice field enclosed by Rickie Daley wrought iron. There was once a monastery whioh housed the Irish Christian Brothers until 1991. In 1995, Leo President Bob Foster demolished the monastery at a huge cost to Leo High School, in order to keep the neighborhood safe. Foster then ordered his staff to find a means of acquiring the entire block of empty, or struggling buisiness buildings between the site of the monastery and Morgan Street.

That was accomplished by 1998.

All the while the building that collapsed on Tuesday was owned by the Nation of Islam,whicj also had buildings and a huge restaurant on the north side of 79th Street including the still unoccupied and operated Salaam restaurant, as I recall. On the south side in the Walgreen's Buildings there were a few offices with Final Call signs above 79th Street that were occupied . In 2004, the City of Chicago aquired the buildings, built the same year that Leo High School opened -1926. Leo is no where near collapsing.

These buildings were built! However, they do come with aresponsibility to maintain what was built. They are quality constructions and bitch and half to demolish.

In fact, Heneghan Demolition which Leo High School contracted to demolish the delapidated monastery and business block to its west, is doing the demolition at Halsted. They do painstakingly great work.

It took Heneghan an entire summer to take down the Irish Christian Brother Monastery - that place had more reinforced concrete than Hitler's Bunker.

That beautiful old building was neglected for as long as I have worked here at Leo -1995 - at the moment. There was a tree growing out of the roof of it.

Bob Foster kept Leo High School vital and its campus healthy. When the monastery built in 1950, by Father Pat Molloy of St. Leo Parish for use of the Christian Brothers, was abandoned, Bob Foster did not want its shell to become a hazzard in waiting. Bob Foster acted and Leo High School added to the health of the Gresham neighborhood.

The opposite is true of the terra cota facade of ownership and responsibilty for the Walgreen's Building that collapsed and injured four people.

As the saying goes, "$hit happens." It happens all of the time and the truth about the blocked streets, re-routed buses, interruption of commerce and the rat-catching due to the habitat relocation will be hauled away in the trucks of the Heneghan Demolition Company.

*Norway Rat -These “super rats” can reach 16″ in length. Each female rat can give birth to 20 pups in her lifetime. Some factors affecting rat populations in cities include continuously mild winters, weather-related disasters, and encroachment of their habitats by new urban development. They have been living rent free in the Walgreen's Building for decades now.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Cappy Dick says, " What is the Number of Cop Convictions for Police Torture Proven in Court?"

" Burge tied my shoes too tight! It was Hurtful! It was Wrongful! Where's my Money, Flint?"

Tortured is the logic of the wrongful conviction, Lawsuit Lotto Lawyers, Hep-cat columnists and kittenish editorial boards. If you believe hard enough, really, realy hard enough and can quote from John Conroy it is satisfyingly verifiable and therefore true. Every convicted thug is a victim. Anything used to convict Mr. Kill-all is torture and we all hate torture.

Torture is magical!

After the actual torturers and murderers of two Chicago Police Officers (Fahey & O'Brien), the celebrated thugs the Brothers Wilson, became the Mumia-lite for Chicago's Progressive Machine, Leftists became 1%-ers - Jon Loevy, G. Flint Taylor, Locke Bowman & etc.

Today, Police Torture that now includes, any form of interrogation hit the Illinoi Supreme Court, which vote 6-o in complete agreement with popular opinion.

The court’s 6-0 decision represented another milestone in the long-running saga of Burge and his crew of officers, who repeatedly have been accused of torturing African-American suspects in the 1970s and 1980s at a South Side police station.

Defense attorneys had feared that any break in the court’s tough stance would lead to the kind of abuse seen during Burge*’s tenure. Prosecutors had hoped that the court would issue a ruling allowing them to use tainted confessions when the other evidence against a suspect was overwhelming.

“We believe that this type of coercion by the state ...constitutes an egregious violation of an underlying principle of our criminal justice system...” the court wrote.

The vote in the case was 6-0 because Justice Robert Thomas did not take part in the case.

Here's aquestion for the court - when has any cop ( Burge, Beavers, or Brezyak) been convicted of torture?

Waiting ................................................................!

I find it wonderful, that people of faith continue to firmly believe in that which can not, nor ever will be proven.

*In October 2008, Patrick Fitzgerald had Burge arrested on charges of obstruction of justice and perjury in relation to a civil suit regarding the torture allegations against him. On April 1, 2010, Judge Joan Lefkow postponed the trial, for the fourth time, to May 24, 2010.[1] Burge was convicted on all counts on June 28, 2010 and sentenced to four and one half years in federal prison on January 21, 2011.

Your Morning Smear of Obama "Yeah, Butter" - The New Anti-Catholic Meme

Planned Parenthood (Abortion) Made President Obama

Progressives are "Yeah, but" -ters. Yeah butters.

No matter what evidence is placed before a Dewey Doctrinaire there is always "Yeah, Butter" -

"Yeah, but . . . Bush created the mess."
"Yeah, but . . . We are to blame for Islamic Terror."
"Yeah, but . . . Catholics are homophobic racists."
"Yeah, but . . . Don't you care about the children? They are being born, People!
"Yeah, but . . . Police ALWAYS torture murderers"
"Yeah, but . . . 1%-ers like my Dad made me a 99%-er in a cardboard box in Oakland."
" Yeah,but . . . Where is the Catholic Church's outrage at the Republicans' support for war, the death penalty, and tearing great big gaping holes in the social safety net?"

To which I generally cock an eybrow and query, "Pardonnez-moi, mais avez-vous été sniffer de la colle?"

Today, the Boston Globe's Joan Vennochi offers the latest meme -slather of "Yeah, Butter" - concerning Obama's HHS Choice Mandate.

Catholic Institutions without regard to Catholic values must pay for abortifacients, condoms, and birth control pills as part of any health care plan.

Here is the "Yeah, Butter, du jour.

But not all employees of Catholic institutions are Catholics. Why should their employers impose their religious beliefs on them and deny coverage for birth control and other medical care? As long as those Catholic institutions are getting taxpayer money, they should follow secular rules. That’s the Obama administration’s argument, and it makes sense.

Well, gee. How does Joan assume that? People are hired without reghard to race, creed or color, per Federal Fiat.

Therefore, she can only assume that some employees might not be Catholic.

Joan says, "Obama isn’t trying to undermine Catholicism. He’s telling Catholic leaders they can’t regulate the beliefs of those of other faiths."

YEAH, But!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl, Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone has a but! Did I spell that correctly?

Emersonian Irony: Breast Cancer - No Longer a Woman's Health Issue

Consistent Progressive will take a shoe-horn to out of step Breasts Cancer Battler Susan G. Komen.

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines RW Emerson

The Dowagers and the Lefties have a collective hinder binder due to the Susan G. Komen For the Cure Foundation's wise and sweet decision to deny Planned Parenthood -Abortion America - future grants. John Dewey called that an unsatisfactory result.

No one, not a Pope, not a bishop, not any Thomistic philosopher is as goofily consistent as a Progressive. The Progressives will never disappoint and always live up to low expectations, because once Progressives have an idea visit their closeted collective mind, no force on earth can change the Outcomes, consummatory experiences, as old John Dewey taught them. Dewey taught that ethics and values are mere hypotheses.

Butting their horny heads against facts, let alone the more metaphysical verities, hurts like hell, but can not stop a Progressive. Now, Breast Cancer is trumped by Abortion -surgical and chemical - as a woman's health issue.

So, cordedly uncomfortable are the collective cougar thongs that is soul-patching its knit hat wearing Trotskies out in defense of national infanticide. launched a campaign Wednesday against the “the world’s largest breast cancer organization” Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

“Susan G. Komen for the Cure just cut all its funding to Planned Parenthood for breast health screenings, bowing to anti-choice pressure and making breast health care suddenly inaccessible to many women,” the liberal group wrote in an email to supporters.

Komen announced Tuesday night that they will no longer be awarding the abortion provider Planned Parenthood with grants due to a new policy prohibiting Komen from giving to institutions under investigation by government bodies.

Planned Parenthood is currently facing a congressional investigation into whether taxpayer funds went toward abortions.


The trolling menstrual minstrels offering comments across the blogosphere and former print news sites will be all carpal tunnelled up clicking and sending tropes and memes.

Read more:

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Leo H. S. Retires # 91 Football Jersey Don Flynn and Neighborhood Says Goodbye to a Landmark

Leo 58, St. Ignatius 54 was the final score of the varsity basketball game last night in Leo's iconic Brother Finch Gym (3rd Floor).

The St. Ignatius Freshman and Sophomore teams soundly beat our Leo Lions by 9 points apiece, but the gents of the varsity saved Leo from a an Iggy Sweep.

They had help from the spirit of # 91 Donald F. Flynn, Class of 1957. Don Flynn went home to Christ in October after decades of powerful support to his teammate Bob Foster and Leo High School. Don Flynn was a self-made mega-millionaire, who never forgot that he was a poor kid from St. Kilian's Parish.

On the football fields of Shewbridge and those defended by Mount Carmel, St. George, St. Rita, Fenwick, Mendel, and before a crowd of tens of thousands of fans in Soldier Field, Don Flynn scared the livers out of scores of Catholic and public school football players.

With Don Flynn's passing, Leo marked the passing of great heart and meaty set of hands always ready to give more and more. Therefore, before the start of the varsity game, Leo President Dan McGrath paid tribute to Don's brother Bob, his son Kevin and his wife Susan and his four grandchildren, and Don's faithful and long-time secretary and friend Yvonne Sperandeo, as well as thirty plus friends and family members and permanently retired Leo football jersey number 91.

Having bested the Lions at the lower levels, St. Ignatius gave the varsity a contest Don Flynn would be proud of - taking an early lead in the double digits. By the start of third quarter, the Lions methodically chipped away at those numbers and gave Leo and the Flynn family a well-earned victory.

East of Leo, the old Walgreens Building on the south east corner of 79th & Halsted collapsed onto Halsted. Four people were injured, but no loss of life, thanks be to God. The men and women of the Chicago Police Department's 6th District are keeping people safe as they always do.

79th Street has changed since the early 1900's when that beautiful terra cotta bedecked building dominated the corner - Franks Department store was torn down years ago. Leo helped the city of Chicago take down a bock of abandoned buildings between Sangamon and Morgan Streets. St. Leo Parish was closed and a treatment center for veterans stands under the Lombardy bell tower of the church. The Chapel of St. Leo in Leo High School that once hosted the over-flow crowd of Catholic worshippers is now the cafeteria for Leo students who dine under a crystal chandelier that once loomed above the altar with the north wall allowing light through stained glass windows dedicated to Our Lady.

The mission remains the same. Leo students, like Don Flynn, have the opportunity to rise above circumstances and challenges.

Things disappear and sometimes collapse. The spirit of Catholic values are here to stay.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

St. Cecilia Pray for Us - A Musical Collaboration Unites America's Michael Moriarty and Chicago's Dan Robinson

Let us pray. O Eternal God, who gave us, in the person of Saint Cecilia, a powerful protectress, grant that after having faithfully
passed our days, like herself, in innocence and holiness, we may one day attain the land of beatitude, where in concert with her, we
may praise you and bless you forevermore in eternity. Amen

Two great musicians are working on the prayed for premier of an original work. Michael Moriarty*, celebrated actor, musician, composer and defender of unborn children has written a string quartet - musical presentation that usually consists of two violinists, a violist and a cellist. The work from the time of Haydn has four movements. Dan Robinson**, director of the St. Cecilia Choir of St. John Cantius, has taken Mr. Moriarty's work, transcribed the manuscript and played it through to determine that it should be presented in public.

Michael Moriarty, most known as a stage, screen and television actor, symphony for strings was first performed in St. Louis and again at the New York City. Of this work performed as part of the Bachanalia Festival at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan,CAROLINE STOESSINGER, the cathedral's artistic director said,
"Bach said he wrote music for the entertainment of the soul. Michael Moriarty is an entertainer who writes in a contemporary idiom, influenced by jazz and highlighted with memories of 18th-century counterpoint."

I am working to scare up some funding ( a modest $ 7,000-$8,000) in order to secure a venue, pay musicians for rehearsals and the concert. During my post-Leo hours, I am hitting up possible patrons or a solid corporate citizen (Bank or Business) in order to help this collaboration between two talented men some funding.

If you love music and you appreciate the labors of talented people, let's pray to the Catholic Muse of Music - St. Cecilia. Not only that, if you have any ideas about helping to bring this work to life here in Chicago - leave a comment. Thank you!

Everybody!(repeat after each line) Pray for us. Saint Cecilia,

Saint Cecilia, wise virgin,(Pray for us. Saint Cecilia, & etc.)

Saint Cecilia, whose heart burned with the fire of divine love,
Saint Cecilia, apostle by your zeal and charity,
Saint Cecilia, who converted your spouse and procured for him the crown of martyrdom,
Saint Cecilia, who by your pleadings moved the hearts of pagans, and brought them into the true Church,
Saint Cecilia, who did unceasingly see your guardian angel by your side,
Saint Cecilia, who mingled your voice with the celestial harmonies of the virgins,
Saint Cecilia, who by your melodious accents celebrated the praises of Jesus,
Saint Cecilia, illustrious martyr of Jesus Christ,
Saint Cecilia, who during three days suffered most excruciating torments,
Saint Cecilia, consolation of the afflicted,
Saint Cecilia, protectress of all who invoke you,
Saint Cecilia, patroness of holy canticles,
Saint Cecilia, special patroness and advocate of all singers, musicians, authors, and students,

Michael Moriarty's Music
New CD
[5-7-00] A Voice in the Wilderness (working title) -- Michael will be in the recording studio soon!

Great Find:
An album, "The Highest Standards" from the mid-80s contains a song, "You'll Never Walk Alone" featuring Michael playing the harmonica.

Production Company: Plug Records
Producer: David Lahm.

Michael Moriarty's Jazz CDs
Reaching Out
Sweet 'n Gritty
The Michael Moriarty Quintet Live at Fat Tuesday's April 12, 1992

The New York Times has called Michael Moriarty "a jazz pianist of considerable skill."

Michael Moriarty's Classical Tape
The Music Of Michael Moriarty
Symphony For String Orchestra, conducted by Michael Moriarty
Psalm For Solo Violin, Nina Beilina - Violinist
The Kaufman Symphony For Chamber Orchestra
A CD with William Feasley, guitar & Vladimir Lande, oboe
From a review:
"The little-explored combination of oboe and guitar has managed to find a
small but unique repertory for itself. The sharp, dark overtones of this kind of
ensemble work best with lyrical modern music, as in Ibert's dramatic Entr'acte,
Karl Pilss's lovely neo-classic Sonatine, and a serious, ruminative piece (Simplicity)
by Michael Moriarty (yes, the actor!)..."

St. Cecilia Choir and Sine Nomine Ensemble
Daniel V. Robinson, Director

In addition to serving as one of the directors of the Sine Nomine and St. Ceclia Choirs at St. John Cantius, Daniel Robinson is music director of the Great Lakes Dredge and Philharmonic Society in Chicago. He has also guest-conducted the a cappella ensemble Bella Voce. He received his undergraduate degree from Harvard College and graduate degrees in music from Stanford University. He studied conducting with Robert Shaw, Clayton Krehbiel, John Ferris, Howard Swan, Weston Noble, and Richard Rosewall. He was founder and music director of Basically Bach. Previous church choir work includes stints with the Harvard University Choir, the Harvard University Summer Choir, the First Unitarian Church in Danvers, MA, and the Stanford Memorial Church Choir.

Monday, January 30, 2012

My Own Anti-Abortion and Traditional Marriage PAC Anti-Endoresements

This is gal is all Personal PAC. I'm agi'n it.

I would like to thank the Infanticidal Dowagers and their handmales at Illinois Personal PAC, a subsidiary of Planned Parenthood Abortion Industries, or Kidz R Dead! This group of wealthy secularist harpies and dandified fops provided a swell palm card on whom to vote against in the March Primary.

In my neighborhood, Rep. Kevin Joyce (35th D.) was a fierce warrior for women and children and therefore opposed to Illinois Personal PAC. In fact, Kevin Joyce, now the Athletic Director for Ave Maria University, demanded that his replacement be anti-abortion.

I was disappointed to see the name of the candidate for my Illinois (35th) Representative District accepting an endorsement for Personal PAC - Fran Hurley. Love the young woman! Can't give her my vote. Choice, as they say, is about health. I have two other vote choices - Andy Hodorowicz and Anthony Martin. Don't know Anthony, but I know the Hodorowicz Family. Great folks.

This last Saturday, the former Employee of Year for Texas Planned Parenthood Abby Johnson* spoke to anti-abortion voters and citizens in Oak Brook. Abby Johnson, author of Un-Planned her story of the abortion industry that is Planned Parenthood smartly challenged the myth that Planned Parenthood is anything but an abortion mill universal.

Fran Hurley should have attended Speakout Illinois 2012; Kevin Joyce would have done so. Accepting an endorsement by Personal PAC is a deal breaker.

However, it does provide a swell reverse palm card for Illinois voters!

Here is a list of candidates for whom one should not cast a vote -ever . . . for anything.

2012 Primary Election Endorsements
Personal PAC Endorsements
March 20, 2012 Primary Election

Additional endorsements will follow in the coming weeks

Cook County
Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court: Dorothy Brown (D)
Cook County Recorder of Deeds: Karen Yarbrough (D)
Cook County State’s Attorney: Anita Alvarez (D)
Illinois House of Representatives

HD 001 – Daniel Burke (D)
HD 002 – Edward Acevedo (D)
HD 003 – Luis Arroyo (D)
HD 004 – Cynthia Soto (D)
HD 005 – Ken Dunkin (D)
HD 009 – Art Turner (D)
HD 010 – Derrick Smith (D)
HD 011 – Ann Williams (D)
HD 012 – Sara Feigenholtz (D)
HD 013 – Greg Harris (D)
HD 014 – Kelly Cassidy (D)
HD 016 – Lou Lang (D)
HD 017 – Laura Fine (D)
HD 018 – Robyn Gabel (D)
HD 019 – Robert Martwick (D)
HD 021 – Rudy Lozano (D)
HD 024 – Elizabeth Hernandez (D)
HD 025 – Barbara Flynn Currie (D)
HD 026 – Christian Mitchell (D)
HD 027 – Monique Davis (D)
HD 028 – Robert Rita (D)
HD 029 – Thaddeus Jones (D)
HD 030 – Will Davis (D)
HD 034 – Elgie Sims, Jr. (D)
HD 035 – Fran Hurley (D)
HD 038 – Al Riley (D)
HD 039 – Maria “Toni” Berrios (D)
HD 040 – Deb Mell (D)
HD 043 – Keith Farnham (D)
HD 044 – Fred Crespo (D)
HD 050 – Kay Hatcher (R)
HD 056 – Michelle Mussman (D)
HD 057 – Elaine Nekritz (D)
HD 058 – Scott Drury (D)
HD 059 – Carol Sente (D)
HD 059 – Sidney Mathias (R)
HD 061 – Ed Erwin (D)
HD 067 – Charles Jefferson (D)
HD 068 – Carl Wasco (D)
HD 071 – Mike Smiddy (D)
HD 078 – Camille Lilly (D)
HD 080 – Anthony DeLuca (D)
HD 084 – Alex Arroyo (D)
HD 084 – Stephanie Kifowit (D)
HD 084 – Carol Cheney (D)
HD 085 – Emily McAsey (D)
HD 092 – Jehan Gordon (D)
HD 097 – Tom Cross (R)
HD 098 – Natalie Manley (D)
HD 103 – Naomi Jakobsson (D)
HD 114 – Eddie Lee Jackson (D)

Illinois Senate
S 01 – Tony Munoz (D)
S 02 – William Delgado (D)
S 03 – Mattie Hunter (D)
S 04 – Kimberly Lightford (D)
S 05 – Annazette Collins (D)
S 06 – John Cullerton (D)
S 07 – Heather Steans (D)
S 08 – Ira Silverstein (D)
S 09 – Daniel Biss (D)
S 09 – Mark Levine (R)
S 10 – John Mulroe (D)
S 11 – Martin Sandoval (D)
S 13 – Kwame Raoul (D)
S 14 – Emil Jones, Jr. (D)
S 16 – Jacqueline Collins (D)
S 17 – Donne Trotter (D)
S 20 – Iris Martinez (D)
S 22 – Michael Noland (D)
S 23 – Tom Cullerton (D)
S 26 – Amanda Howland (D)
S 28 – Dan Kotowski (D)
S 29 – Julie Morrison (D)
S 30 – Terry Link (D)
S 31 – Melinda Bush (D)
S 39 – Don Harmon (D)
S 40 – Toi Hutchinson (D)
S 42 – Linda Holmes (D)
S 46 – David Koehler (D)
S 52 – Mike Frerichs (D)
S 57 – James Clayborne, Jr. (D)

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District
Debra Shore (D)
Stella Black (D)
Kari Steele (D)


Judge of the Supreme Court – 1st District, Fitzgerald Vacancy: Mary Jane Theis (D)

Judge of the 1st Appellate Court – 1st District, S. Cahill Vacancy: Mathias Delort (D), Mary Brigid Hayes (D)

Judge of the 1st Appellate Court – 1st District, Gallagher Vacancy: Marguerite Anne Quinn (D)

Judge of the 1st Appellate Court – 1st District, S. O’Brien Vacancy: Jesse Reyes (D)

Judge of the Circuit Court – Cook County, Moran Vacancy: Russell Hartigan (D)

Judge of the Circuit Court – Cook County, O’Mara Vacancy: Diann Karen Marsalek (D)

Judge of the Circuit Court – Cook County, Pucinski Vacancy: Lorna Ellen Propes (D)

Judge of the Circuit Court – Cook County, Simmons Vacancy: Michael Forti (D)

Judge of the Circuit Court – Cook County, Stewart Vacancy: Deidre Baumann (D)

Judge of the Circuit Court – Cook County 8th Subcircuit, Chiola Vacancy: Celia Louise Gamrath (D)

Judge of the Circuit Court – Cook County 8th Subcircuit, Cole Vacancy: Brad Trowbridge (D), John Ehrlich (D), Helaine Berger (D), Ellis Levin (D)

Judge of the Circuit Court – Cook County 8th Subcircuit, Durkin Roy Vacancy: Deborah Gubin (D), Sharon Finegan Patterson (D)

Judge of the Circuit Court – Cook County 8th Subcircuit, A Vacancy: Laura Liu (D)

Judge of the Circuit Court – Cook County 9th Subcircuit, Epstein Vacancy: Mary Trew (D), Abbey Fishman Romanek (D), Larry Axelrood (D)

Judge of the Circuit Court – Cook County 10th Subcircuit, Locallo Vacancy: Thomas Allen (D)

Judge of the Circuit Court – Cook County 12th Subcircuit, Rochford Vacancy: Andrea Schleifer (D), James Murray (D)

Judge of the Circuit Court - 16thJudicial District 2nd Subcircuit, A Vacancy: John Dalton (D)

Judge of the Circuit Court - 19th Judicial Circuit 2nd Subcircuit, A Vacancy: Patricia Fix (D)

Additional endorsements will follow in the coming weeks - I will be looking forward to them!

If it is Personal PAC, Terry Cosgrove's Powerhouse of Planned Parenthood Plunder, I am against it. Nothing good comes from abortion or those who accept their bloody nonsense.

HT to a commenter at 19th

Illinois DCFS Grants Abuse - granted by the Illinois Progressive Machine

Your Illinois Progressive Machine's Steve and Eydie

Some years ago, both Chicago newspapers and the blow-dried blow-hards on the idiot box took up the sanctimony and faux outrage over some Father John Smyth* who could not say no to helping any child and the fact that Illinois Department of Child and Family Services heaped the work of caring for children on his broad shoulders. Illinois "thought" about the children -Oh, My God!!! They are being cared for at Maryville and so many mental health professionals linked to the Illinois Progressive Machine are doing without!

Recently, in the wake of post-Blago hand-wringing there have been a few morsels in print concerning the looting of tax-payers' dollars via grants to DCHS providers -absent Father Smyth. Perhaps it had more to do with the fact that Father Smyth wore a stiff collar and black suit, but I tend to think that some in the media were upset over the confusing spelling of the man's last name.

An easier to sell more familiar Smith contracted up for grants without oversight.

A new Smith emerged - Dr. George E. Smith - a mental health professional with at least four companies doing a husky business with the State of Illinois.

Back in October, Chris Fusco and Dave McKinney trotted out the tale of old school improprieties that were long in place, but rocked a tad when State Sen. Ricky Hendon abruptly resigned following his impassioned work on Greg Harris's Religious Freedom and Civil Unions legislation -

While introducing Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, Hendon told the crowd that he had "never served with such an idiotic, racist, sexist, homophobic person in my life... If you think that women have no rights whatsoever, except to have his children, vote for Bill Brady. If you think gay and lesbian people need to be locked up and shot in the head, vote for Bill Brady." Hendon's remarks were immediately disavowed by Governor Quinn, among others, and Hendon was sharply criticized by members of the Illinois media. Hendon later tried to apologize to Brady on the Senate floor, but Brady would not accept his apology

One hand soaps up the other and hearty foam makes for lathery larder of opportunity!
Gay Lesbian Transgender BiSexual and Questioning issues and agenda link up with public pension deals, woman's need to commit infanticide, avoid the death penalty, right wrongful convictions and make sure that needy children all over Illinois provide mental health professionals the opportunity to lift at least $18 million dollars in grants to nowhere. If it is Progresively sanctioned it is costly, useless, and divisively combative, it always seems.

Rep. Greg Harris got his Civil Unions and immediately conducted a Father John Smyth on Illinois Catholic Social Services -stripped Catholic Charities of the right to direct adoptions of children by a husband and wife. Thus, clearing the path for more systemic opportunities, like those enjoyed by Dr. George E. Smith, it seems, and other Progressively networked grant grabbers.

Let's take a gander at this weekend's unconnected DCHS dots by Tribune Investigative reporters. Rickey Hendon seems absent since October and just who were the legislative God Daddies at Chicago State University anyway? One mght ask.

But Executive Inspector General Ricardo Meza said the wrongdoing may go further, as the state only investigated contracts Smith held dating back to 2008. Smith has been doing businesses with the state since 1986.

“This investigation could literally have taken us another year-and-a-half or two to uncover,” Meza told House lawmakers. “There had to be a point at our office where we decided that we thought that even though we did not fully uncover every piece of misconduct that Dr. Smith may have engaged in, we had to issue the report.”

Pressed if it was possible that more than $18 million in tax dollars were misspent, Meza said, “I think that’s a fair statement…we may never know.”

The Illinois attorney general’s office is investigating in an attempt to recoup some of the money, and federal grand jury subpoenas have named some of Smith's companies among records sought from state agencies, including Diversified Behavioral Comprehensive Care.

Meza said the investigation’s scope was limited partly because agencies are only required to keep documents for three years, a timeline lawmakers said they will push to extend.

Legislators also said they will also seek changes to the state’s Ethics Act, which prevents many cases of wrongdoing by state workers from being made public. The allegations against Smith’s were laid out in a report that contended former DCFS director Erwin McEwen failed to properly oversee grants. McEwen and Smith are longtime friends, and McEwen eventually refused to cooperate with investigators.

Under the law, reports are made public if it leads to an employee being fired or being suspended for three or more days. McEwen resigned, but a lower-level employee was suspended for five days, leading to the report’s release by the Executive Ethics Commission.

The commission could have redacted the majority of the report not dealing with the suspended employee, but decided to make the findings public.

Lawmakers also lashed out against Gov. Pat Quinn for not firing McEwen when the administration received the initial report last May. Instead, McEwen was allowed to stay on the state payroll through September.

Quinn general counsel John Schomberg said the administration wanted to give McEwen “due process” and “provide for additional transition time” as it searched for a replacement.

Schomberg said ethics laws also placed the governor’s office “between a rock and a hard place” because if they fired McEwen, they were not allowed to say why until the report was made public.

It was an argument Rep. Jack Franks, D-Marengo, found lacking.

What does one have to do to get fired working for Gov. Quinn?” Franks said. “If it was the private sector you would have opened yourself up to lawsuits for absolutely negligence. And I think that’s what’s happened here.”

What does it take to get fired by Governor Quinn?

Why, the Okay of Terry Cosgrove, Barbara Flynn-Burris-Currie, Greg Harris, Dawn Clark-Netsch, Dr. Quentin Young and the legion of lesser lights of Progressive Illinois, you silly man.

By the way, Diversified Behavioral Comprehensive Care. ain't that a company name that just cries out for Progessive approval?

However, the smoke screen is up and wafting cover for these committed ninnies and their attendant swag-grabbers -everyone is huffing and puffing about Speaker Madigan, the only competant adult in Springfield.

If the news media was in anyway concerned they would look carefully at the Progressive Machine and witness some real villians at work doing some lusty looting.

No outrage over this here financial mess at DCFS from any Public Guardian? Well, judge not the protected few and thou shalt be a judge, I reckon.

Murphy has called Maryville "a financial mess," and two monitors for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services have called for a financial audit of the institution, which got $62 million last year from taxpayers. Maryville also has a $100 million endowment.

Smyth said he welcomes any scrutiny of Maryville's books and plans to comply with other demands the monitors made in a report that criticized the institution's treatment model as outdated. DCFS Director Bryan Samuels said Wednesday the monitors' suggestions must be met within 60 days or the state will remove 160 wards it has at Maryville's main campus.

"I have no problem with the 10 or 11 things DCFS has put into the contracts," Smyth said. "We'll meet them within 60 days, and that's plenty of time."

Those issues include the audit, staffing levels and better employee-retention policies for Maryville

Friday, January 27, 2012

Google Adsense Subtracts Catholics - Obama Counts on It.

In Google (GOOG, Fortune 500), the $22-billion-a-year online-advertising Goliath, Obama appears to have found a corporate kindred spirit. Google executives, led by CEO Eric Schmidt and co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, are scary smart and supremely self-confident (much like the President himself), and despite their company's growing power, they depict themselves as advocates for consumers.

"What we shared is a belief in changing the world from the bottom up, not from the top down," Obama told Google employees during a 2007 visit to its headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.

Google refused to allow advertisements on a Catholic Blog because Catholic was 'negative and pornographic.' Photos of Our Lady? Saints?

Can this be merely a coincidence? I have been using Google Blogger for a few years, as a writing pad. My penmanship, once rather nice, thanks to the Sisters of Mercy, deteriorated through decades of teaching, which requires the signing of quick-notes that began in 1975Please admit Gabriel Horn to 6th period, as he was enjoying full, rich flavor of Virginia tobacco in the second floor men's room, he should have been much more industrious and gone into the faculty men's room near the boiler room which goes unoccupied, until Sherwood changes the oil on # 3 bus, takes the Kankakee Daily Journal in with him and occupies that august currule chair until school dismissal. Thank You Hickey, English. and devolved to G.Horn >6th> PFH( indiscernible as a Doctor's note).

I write, as has been my practice, each and every morning. I don't get paid - I don't do ads.

Most Bloggers pick up candy and smokes money by offering Ads -on Google via AdSENSE.

The information highway offers more than communication and information. It is the Sears Roebuck of the World. It is also Slippery Dan's House of Knockers and Rumps.

Pornography has been with us since paleolithic man* smeared stuff on cave walls. Art is often pornographic and intrusively offensive like the Mapplethorpe and his disciples, which always manage to find cave space at the Guggenheim. I am an unsophisticated man.

I like Dogs Playing Poker and Pool, but I appreciate the contributions made to Art by people of Faith -Cimabue, Raphael, Giotto, Tintoretto & etc.

Art is always political and so, it seems is Google. I read this in Chicago Now of the Chicago Tribune.

A few days ago I put in an application to Google AdSense to be on my blog. What that means is there would be an ad on my blog, and if you click on that ad, I would get paid a little bit. I don't get paid now, so I thought it might be worth a shot.

I waited patiently as other bloggers got approved within hours in some cases or days. I finally contacted them and this was the response I got:

"Your ads are not serving to your site is because we have noticed you have
negative or pornographic content. Please remove this content and allow 48
hours for ads to begin serving. If you believe that your site has been
flagged incorrectly please let me know.
The Good Folks at Google

The blogger continued -
I've been writing this blog since November of 2010. I've never used a swear word in the headline. I've never put up an inappropriate picture. I have, however, written about being Catholic and what that has meant to me, my family and friends.

I have written about abortion and the scandal within our Church involving sexual misconduct by our priests. I wrote about my great niece making her First Communion and I've written about our choir's struggles to find another parish after our Pastor forced us out. I've written about the new translation and a myriad of other topics related to my Catholic faith.

Potentially negative, non-family safe or offensive to their advertisers? It that's the case, I have two words for Google AdSense and they are not God bless.

Filed under: Catholic, Religion

Nevertheless, I found this on Google -

“Fear Factor” producers’ plans to serve fresh glasses of donkey semen to contestants on the next episode had NBC execs so concerned … they gave serious thought to killing the stunt, TMZ has learned.
Sources involved in the production tell us the stomach-churning stunt was shot last summer — but NBC honchos were having a tough time swallowing this one as the air date approached.
We’re told the challenge involved teams of twins drinking the full glass of donkey semen — with a glass of urine thrown in for good measure. Contestants had to drain both glasses in order to move on to the next round.
Our sources say NBC execs had multiple pow-wows in the months after the stunt was shot … but eventually gave FF producers the thumbs up.
Calls to NBC were not immediately returned.
The episode airs this coming Monday — and yes, we’re told multiple contestants actually do (gulp) drink up.

Like I said, I am no sophisticate - De Gustibus Non Est Disputanum. I have yet to see Fear Factor, Jersey Shore, Kardshian Anything, Hard Core Porn of any kind.

Google cites Catholic Blog content as negative and pornographic. President Obama finds Catholics and the Catholic Faith equally as offensive and is on the offensive in support of Planned Parenthood and Gay Marriage. I am glad I take no Google coin - more so now.

What we shared is a belief in changing the world from the bottom up, not from the top down - Take down Catholics and the rest is easy.

The cave man used the tools he found at hand. His pigments were ochre and manganese and iron dug from the earth and mixed with animal fat. Or charcoal, perhaps left from the same fires which burned to light the darkness of his cave. His canvas was the walls, floors and ceilings of his cavern home, often in large seemingly communal chambers, often in the deepest most difficult to access recesses. Occasionally he used stone or flint tools to engrave or carve a bas- relief. He sometimes employed the natural variation in the surface of the walls to achieve a three dimensional effect.

His subject? The things he knew best; the animals upon which he depended for food and clothing - his very existence. Those same animals which could mean danger and death. There are bison, deer, mammoth, ibex and wooly rhinoceros. Fish and horses and bear. He painted and he engraved single figures, animals in pairs, whole compositions. He overlapped lines or superimposed new figures over those of an earlier time or age. He painted too, human figures: male, female, anthropomorphic figures more crudely rendered than animals. He sometimes used his own hand as a stencil. Most intriguing of all he painted signs. Non- representational forms, repeated over and over in never-ending variation. These have been variously interpreted as sexual symbols, counting methods, architectural structures, lunar variations or depiction of plant life.

His style? A sense of freeness, a flowing, often sensitive line. An ease of composition. A oneness with his work. This early man, working by the light of charcoal fires or crude oil lamps often in the deepest, darkest recesses of his cave, produced an art form which seldom has been equaled to this day. A universal style - for similar drawing and identical themes are found in caves many hundreds of miles apart - symbols which continued, little changed, for 10,000 years.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Robert Emmett Tyrrell's Prescient Eye on Newt

Publisher Bob Tyrrell toyed with the idea of running for Mayor of Chicago, at the time that Rahm Emanuel was forced to go in his attic by Queen Sister and other local activists. The Fenwick Alumnus was kidding on the square, as he'd be a carpet-bagging interloper who spent most of his recent years in Washington D. C.; or was that Mayor Emanuel?

R. Emmett Tyrrell publishes the American Spectator, a marked contrast to the elitist friend of the working man The Nation, which has been a sanctimonious rag from the time it splashed ink at the order of William Lloyd Garrison.

Bob Tyrrell, though a Washington pundit, is a genuine West side Chicago-type of guy. He can spot a phony in crowd on Wiltshire Blvd. - "Them."

Our media, on the other hand, love phonies. The media are the 'Ain't They Great' cheerleaders. If a pick-pocket rails against Bosses, The Machine, Systemic Racism, Police Torture, and Reform, that cut-purse is born-again baptized a Progressive Aint He Great Icon.

If a nickle snitching GOP hack plays Bi-Partisan, he becomes a Patriot. Phonies abound, because most folks are pretty nice and they are far too busy working to make up the lost taxes looted by the Patriot and the Progressive to give them an earful.

I am a Democrat, but will not vote for President Obama - BFD. One man & one vote against Astro-Grassroots. I am voting against the horse, in order to dump the DNC cart ( Planned Parenthood, ACLU, SEIU, LGBTQ, LSMFT)

I could care less who the GOP Nominee happens to be, though I would prefer it to be Rick Santorum.

If the GOP nominee is Larry the Cable Guy, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Henry Waxman, Charlie Sheen, President Obama's Uncle Omar, Christine, or Rosie O'Donnell, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Billy Paul, Billy Joel, Joy Behar, Joel Osteen, Framin' Eamon, The Badger Boylan, Wallace "Gator" Bradley, Vernon Supreme, Clyde Oakes, Newt, or Mitt he/she will have my complete support and vote assured. It is that important.

Mr. Tyrrell called Newt out years ago. and linked Newt to Bill "Bubba" Clinton - our first and only Black Hillbilly President.

After Newt’s and Bill’s disastrous experiences in government both went on to create empires, Bill in philanthropy and cheap thought, Newt in public policy and cheap thought. As an ex-president Bill has wrung up an unprecedented $75.6 million since absconding from the White House with White House loot and shameless pardons. I do not know how much Newt has amassed, but he got between $1.6 million to $1.8 million from Freddie Mac, and he lobbied for Medicare Part B while receiving, according to the Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney, “Big Bucks Pushing Corporate Welfare.” Now after a lifetime in Washington he is promoting himself as an outsider. . . . Back in 1992 I appeared with Chris Matthews on some gasbag’s television show. Was it Donohue? At any rate, I said candidate Clinton had more skeletons in his closet than a body snatcher. It was a prescient line then, and I always got a laugh. I can apply the same line today to Newt, though he has skeletons both inside and outside his closet.

Conservatives should not be surprised by the scandals that lie ahead, if they stick with him. Those of us, who raised the question of character in 1992, were confronted by an indignant Bill Clinton, treating the topic as a low blow. To listen to him, character was the “c” word of American politics. It was reprehensible to mention it. By now we know. Character matters. Paul, Santorum, and Romney have it. Newt has Clinton’s character.

Santorum and Romney have character, but President Obama will hand Romney his lunch, I am afraid.

Like I said, this election is far too important not to lose. R. Emmett pointed to the GOP phony, Newt. He is a phony and seems as comfortable being one as had President Clinton.

President Obama does not know, or believe that he is one. If character matters, . . . let's see.

Vernon Supreme Compared to President Obama Vernon (Vermin?) Supreme seems far less dangerous.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Whereas Fifty Alderman Voted Unanimously for a False Statement

Citizen Richard M. Daley and Ald. Joe Moore cheeks to jowls.
Alderman Joe Morre (D-49th Ward) is a silly goose. His fois gras ordinance stands as a national laughing stock that eclipsed even Blago in his salad days of infamy.

Here is a false, WHEREAS in Joe Moore's Torture Ban Ordinance -

WHEREAS, former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge and Chicago police officers under his command tortured scores of African-American men, which resulted in false confessions leading to wrongful convictions and imprisonment; and . . . we get to and shortly.

Not one Chicago Police Officer, let alone Jon Burge, was convicted, let alone proven to have tortured anyone.
Perhaps, Joe might have said," WHEREAS, we the undersigned agree to the firm collective belief that "former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge and Chicago police officers under his command tortured scores of African-American men, which resulted in false confessions leading to wrongful convictions and imprisonment," but that might not be chilling enough to inspire genuine citizen resolve to hang torture-ers and systemic racists universal!


Jon Burge went to jail because of a slick legal maze created by Flint Taylor and used by the Feds under Fitzgerald.

Perjury Conviction - Yep.

Torture Convictions -Zero.

Therefore, WHEREAS Above as presented and voted upon is false, misleading, disembling, and nevertheless accepted.
Whicj leads us to "and WHEREAS" -

WHEREAS, the City of Chicago and its taxpayers have paid and continue to pay millions of dollars to defend lawsuits arising from those torturous acts;

Whereas, drop the nonsense, save the taxpayers some nickels and do some actual work.

At the end of the 19th Century, a French Army Officer was sent to Devil's Island, because Everyone Knew He Was Guilty. His wrongful imprisonment was overturned. I wonder if the Center for Wrongful Convictions might not want to look into Jon Burge's Federal Perjury Conviction, because there are ralroad tracks all over the place.

Jon Burge and Wrongful, Hurtful, Race-ful Law Enforcement we shall have with us always, because there is too much money for pettifogging Cadillac Commies at stake.