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Griffith Meat Market - Family Business/Public Treasure

Few things in life make one more happy than bargains. Good work is never cheap and cheap work is never good.

I have been buying meat from Griffith Meat Market in Griffith, Indiana,since 1994. Griffith is a beautiful little town south of Interstate 80 off of Cline Avenue, just two exits east of Hammond, Indiana. My family lived there from 1994, until 1998. We bought our meat from the family owned Griffith Meat Market on Glen Park. When my wife Mary died in 1998, I moved the kids to the south side of Chicago, but continued to buy the $123.00 package.

This package of meats takes great care of the Family Hickey and my kids eat like they are going to the chair.

10 Lbs. Chicken Breasts
08 Lbs. Ground Beef
04 Lbs. Sirloin Steak
03 Lbs Pork Loin Roast
03 Lbs Chuck Roast
02 Lbs Strip Steak
02 Lbs Beef Stew
02 Lbs.Polish Sausage
02 Lbs.Italian Sausage
02 Lbs. Breakfast Farmer Sausage
02 Lbs.Bratwurst
01 Lb. Ham Steak

Griffith Meat Market
507 E Glen Park Ave
Griffith, IN 46319-2321
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The meat is of exceptional quality. Do make a quick trip to Griffith, IN.

Obama Favorables Under 50% -Rasmussen Daily Tracking has President's Approval at Rating at 49%

Overall, 49% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President's performance. Today marks the first time his overall approval rating has ever fallen below 50% among Likely Voters nationwide. Fifty-one percent (51%) disapprove.

Yesterday, I predicted President Obama's numbers would sink by Labor Day, but God's Holy Haines!

This Poll was taken prior to the Wednesday night " Cops Acted Stupidly" Press Conference.

Click my post title for the Rasmussen study.

Huge Hat Tip to Pundit and Pundette!

Culture Clash Writ Large - The Academic and the Cop

"I mean, if I was trying to jigger into -- well, I guess this is my house now, so -- it probably wouldn't happen.

"But let's say my old house in Chicago -- here I'd get shot."
President Barack Obama June 22, 2009

President Obama is getting cover for his Stupid Cop remarks from MSNBC, which is going flat-out with faux news tinsel about 'Birth-ers' - the new 'Truthers,' or 'Swiftboaters' supposedly worried that President Obama was born in Kenya. Really? The only place in this vast city of Chicago that I have heard about 'birth-ers' is on my 17" Panavision TV set in the basement - when somehow channel 52 MSNBC on WOW cable trips on and Milky Matthews, Big Ed or Fountain Mouth Schuester, sitting in for Fat Boy Olbermann get a howling.

The balance of the howling deals with Dick Cheney, or Sarah Palin. What's up with that? Cover, Sweetheart. The President is tanking.

The Big Story is President Obama's stupid joke and subsequent smear of the Cambridge, MA Police and Sgt. Crowley in particular.

This incident of Wednesday Night's Presidential Press Conference tells more about the Obama Administration than if T.H. White had written the Making and UnMaking of a President 2008-2009. The President decided when asked by Sun Times White House correspondent Lynn Sweet (who this very morning dedicates her ink to kopping a plea that she had not tanked the question with the White House prior to the News Conference)to slap the helots, rubes and working stiffs by showing the cops his big stick and bully pulpit. Oh, It's On! The President jokingly implied that Chicago Cops would shoot him. Chicago cops are detailed at City of Chicago expense to watch out for his 'old house' in Hyde Park.

Chicago Cops have long been the target of people close to President Obama - lawyers suing Chicago over alleged police abuse, torture and mayhem; most newpaper columnists and TV news readers; editorial boards; academics and old timey 60's radicals in the 'Hood.

What President Obama displayed is the very nature of elitist meanness and small minded will to belittle the broad American middle class. This presentation marks the ground. The Academic and the Cop will be the metaphor in the days to come.

Sgt. Crowley represents the small-town rubes who cling to their guns and religion.

Skip Gates is a resident of the Universal Hyde Park. The folks with whom the President is at home.

Like Skip Gates, President Obama just might have locked himself out of our homes. He had a good night with a hundred or so well-heeled donors. Behind the doors of the American middle class homes millions of Sgt. Crowley-like Americans watched Mark Buehrle reach perfection by doing what American workers do so well - they're jobs.
Those jobs are vanishing, because President Obama's Academic pals, like Skip Gates, want the government to force its will upon all of us doing our jobs. That is the essence of Stimulus Packages and Government Run Health Care.

Americans believe that President Obama was elected to the Presidency on the level.

Americans are learning, rather quickly, that President Obama's plans for them are not on square.

Ask Sgt. Crowley; ask any cop.,w-obama-police-arrest-gates-07.article

Thursday, July 23, 2009

President Obama jokes: But let's say my old house in Chicago - (laughter) - here I'd get shot. (Laughter.)

Here is the president's full answer from the transcript:

Click my post title for the Politics Daily, for whom Lynn Sweet writes, and the video

"Well, I should say at the outset that "Skip" Gates is a friend, so I may be a little biased here. I don't know all the facts. What's been reported, though, is that the guy forgot his keys, jimmied his way to get into the house, there was a report called into the police station that there might be a burglary taking place - so far, so good, right? I mean, if I was trying to jigger into - well, I guess this is my house now so - (laughter) - it probably wouldn't happen. But let's say my old house in Chicago - (laughter) - here I'd get shot. (Laughter.)

That should give no end of a boost to the morale of the Chicago Police Department. Mr. President, this was a new low in Presidential Humor, but not nearly as low as your numbers will plunge by Labor Day. Laugh that off.
Here is the rest of the Presidemt's answer to Lynn Sweet -

"But so far, so good. They're reporting - the police are doing what they should. There's a call, they go investigate what happens. My understanding is at that point Professor Gates is already in his house. The police officer comes in, I'm sure there's some exchange of words, but my understanding is, is that Professor Gates then shows his ID to show that this is his house. And at that point, he gets arrested for disorderly conduct - charges which are later dropped.

"Now, I don't know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played in that, but I think it's fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry; number two, that the Cambridge Police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home; and number three, what I think we know separate and apart from this incident is that there is a long history in this country of African Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately. That's just a fact.

"As you know, Lynn, when I was in the state legislature in Illinois, we worked on a racial profiling bill because there was indisputable evidence that blacks and Hispanics were being stopped disproportionately. And that is a sign, an example of how, you know, race remains a factor in this society. That doesn't lessen the incredible progress that has been made. I am standing here as testimony to the progress that's been made.

"And yet the fact of the matter is, is that this still haunts us. And even when there are honest misunderstandings, the fact that blacks and Hispanics are picked up more frequently and oftentime for no cause casts suspicion even when there is good cause. And that's why I think the more that we're working with local law enforcement to improve policing techniques so that we're eliminating potential bias, the safer everybody is going to be."

Catch "Little Women - The Musical" at Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School

CLASSIC LOUISA MAY ALCOTT NOVEL BECOMES LOCAL HIT MUSICAL, JULY 23, 24, 25 "Little Women: The Musical," the beloved novel and new Broadway hit, graces the stage of 99th Street summer theatre during this, its 31st season. All of your favorite Alcott characters come alive to portray the touching story of a family growing together, this time in perfect harmony. The performances will run July 23, 24, & 25 @ 8PM in the Mother McAuley Auditorium at 3737 W. 99th Street. Directed by Patricia Haynes. Musical Direction by Pat Mooney assisted by Nicole Simental. Set Design by Josie Blough. Lighting by Colleen Thomas. Adults $16, Seniors $14 and Children $12. For more information or to order tickets over the phone call 773 881 6512.

Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School
3737 W. 99th
Chicago, IL

President Obama will be Sub 50% by Labor Day - President goes Small on Cops and Race and Invisible on Leadership- Too Bad

President Obama smeared a Cambridge Policeman and the Cambridge Police Force and then went even smaller. He seemed to imply that here in Chicago, police would have shot him. Not much of a joke, Mr. President - pretty small.

President Obama won a remarkable victory last November. High Hopes and Nowhere to go but up.

Since January 19th, President Obama has been honeymooned and swooned over.

Now, having junketed around the globe to Apologize for America - no one asked him to do that by the way - here or abroad - and fudged Guantanamo Prison, the Stimulus #1, and the Health Care Reform dodge. His numbers dropped significantly.
It'll happen.

However, last night President Obama showed America how small a man he happens to be and still sleep in the White House.

Read this transcript of his Meet the Press with Lynn Sweet over the Skip Gates nonsense.

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama said Wednesday that police acted "stupidly" in the arrest of prominent black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. and that despite racial progress blacks and Hispanics are still singled out unfairly for arrest.

"This still haunts us," Obama said.

Obama called Gates a friend, and said he doesn't know all the facts of the case. Nonetheless, Obama said, anyone would have been angry if treated the way Gates claims police in Cambridge, Mass., treated him. Gates, a Harvard University professor, claims he was arrested in his home after showing ID to police who responded to a report of a possible burglary.

"Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof he was in own home," Obama said during a prime-time news conference that otherwise focused on the health care debate.

Gates' arrest followed a report of a possible burglary. A woman apparently saw Gates force the front door and called police. Police came and demanded that Gates show identification. Gates was arrested shortly afterward for alleged disorderly conduct, a charge that was dropped Tuesday.

"What I think we know separate and apart from this incident is that there's a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately," Obama said. "That's just a fact."

That disparity is a reminder that "race remains a factor in the society," Obama said.

The nation's first black president held himself up as testament to what he called the "incredible progress" minorities have achieved.

The police sergeant accused of racism after he arrested Gates insisted Wednesday that he won't apologize.

Police say Gates at first refused to display ID and then accused the officer of racism.

Sgt. James Crowley said he followed proper procedures in arresting Gates.

Standing in the stately East Room of the White House where he now lives, Obama allowed some humor into the discussion.

Obama ticked off the reported facts of the Gates case -- starting with Gates apparently forgetting his keys and jimmying the door. Police responded appropriately at first, Obama said.

"I mean, if I was trying to jigger into ...," Obama began, and then trailed off as reporters laughed. Obama laughed, too. "Well, I guess this is my house, now so it probably wouldn't happen."

Obama said he could understand police responding in good faith if he was forcing his way into his old house in Chicago.

"Here I'd get shot," he joked.

Sgt Crowley seems like a professional Law Enforcement officer who gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to Boston Celtic Reggie Lewis in 1993. President Obama went small and will see his poll number shrink to sub-50% by Labor Day.
Infact. Sgt Crowley proved himself to be a Bigger Man than his President.

Cambridge police Sergeant James Crowley declined today to criticize President Obama for saying Wednesday night that police "acted stupidly" in the arrest last week of Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr., but he did say it was "regrettable" that anyone would speak without knowing the "whole story" of the confrontation a week ago at Gates's home near Harvard Square

I believed that President Obama was not ready to live in White House, much less lead America. Going small on an issue that will play out badly not only for Professor Skip Gates, but his pal the President of the United States. It is too small for a President. This was not small enough for Barack Obama. Too bad.

I am about the only Hickey in Chicago who did not vote for President Obama. John McCain, it seemed to me did not want to win, in the worst way. Ironically, I am sorry I did not vote Obama as well. I would still be disappointed. We all will be.

"Skip" Gates, Please. Read Neely Tucker on Race, Cops and Common Sense.

Danny Davis pretends that he is driving in Britain, last year, for driving on the wrong side of Kedzie on the West Side (hugely Black Demographic area), gets a ticket, and screams 'Racial Profiling!' Intolerable. Justice.

The Tamil Tigers' and Rev Sun Myung Moon's Congressman Danny K.Davis gets a walk while he pontificates in slow basso profundo tones. Yes, Yes!

The race card is tossed. Years ago Eric Michael Dyson, the academic who equates Tupac to Homer, got a ticket over near Washington Park and devoted a series of his Sun Times columns to the horrors of driving while black.

Henry Louis "Skip" Gates, a Black Ivory Tower Academic and pal of the President was arrested at his home when he busted into the house that he had locked himself out of and white woman neighbor thought that Skip's house was being burglarized while he was in China. She called the cops. The cops came and the rest is being played out in Presidential Racial History. Chris Matthews is concerned, 'Hmmyeah." Here is a quote from Skip Gates about the incident.

Gates said he does not think that anything he did justified the officer's actions. He walks with a cane and said he did not pose a threat.
"I weigh 150 pounds and I'm 5-7. I'm going to give flak to a big white guy with a gun. I might wolf later, but I won't wolf then."

John Houseman could not have said it in a more academically rigorous manner. Gown and town, matters, Old Cock! Gaudeamus Igitur! Iuvenentum Summus!
Washington Post writer Neely Tucker knows racial hostility from both sides as his marriage happens to be one of true minds and two different races.

He writes this:

Like Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., I am interracially married, currently live in a predominantly white neighborhood, have a healthy respect for armed men wearing uniforms, and have had the police come to my house in a confrontational manner, doing the job they're paid to do.

It happened when our house alarm went off at 2 a.m. a few months ago, on a night the electricity was off and the neighborhood was dark as pitch. WANH!! WANH!! WANH!! It sent my wife and me leaping out of bed. I sprinted downstairs with a baseball bat, our Rottweiler and a flashlight to confront any possible intruder. I checked all the windows and doors, the dog yawned, and it quickly became apparent that there was a short circuit from a rear door.

My wife called the alarm company and gave them the code for a false alert.

Then two cops showed up.

The first thing they did was ask me to step outside. The second thing they did was to ask me for my identification, to prove that I lived there. They were demanding and they were not friendly. They kept their flashlights in my face. They did not take my word for it that it was my house, though I was as white as they were.

Once I showed them my driver's license with the address, they asked if anyone else was inside, and then they asked if they could look around the place.

I was irritable in that middle-of-the-night kind of way, but it did not occur to me that they might be picking on us, the salt-and-pepper couple on the block. What occurred to me was that they got a call about a home alarm going off and they had to secure the premises before they could leave. And I was thrilled to have them search the entire house, because my wife's 9-year-old daughter was murdered in a home invasion in Silver Spring six years ago. The police came running then, too, but it was too late.

Read more of this fine essay. Click my post title.

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Catch Chris Kennedy at Wilmington Catfish Days? Governor? Senator? Come on! It's Catfish Gravy! Open Up!

2009 Catfish Days Schedule

IF . . .Chris Kennedy brings the wife and Kids to Wilmington Catfish Days over the Weekend, I will go all John McCain Loyal for his Campaign for U.S. Senator from Illinois, Governor? We'll need to think on that.

Honor Bright! I did a daily McCain Post for well over year and every one of them 'Hack Perfect,' just like, Mr. Straight-talk had dropped a few nickels my way!

Picture Mr. Chris Kennedy wandering Water Street and ambling along the Mill Race.

Chris - " This Chowdah is Exceptional! Really thick."

Wilmington Wildcat Grad '67; KofC and Vietnam Vet -" Son, that's Catfish Gravy. It goes on the biscuits. Your cup is empty, Son. Get over and fill her up over to The Rustic. Now, just get the beer and forget the Women's Reproductive Health and Green nonsense. Save yourself some grief. Ask the bartender where you can get a pint of Doc's stink bait, as you're cane-poling above the damn. That's votes, Son."

Catfish Days is a great family celebration and great time with great people.

Politicians talk through people.

If Chris Kennedy goes to Catfish Days, I'll not only vote for him but post a Kennedy Love Piece every morning.

Not gonna happen.

All of your folks take I 55 or I 57 south. Exit where it says Wilmngton and you will be at Catfish Days!

Events subject to change without notice
Last updated: 7/1/09
CARNIVAL-With $15.00 All You Can Ride Specials on Thursday & Sunday

FOOD VENDORS-- A great variety of food all weekend

MUD VOLLEYBALL-Get a little muddy (okay a lot) and have loads of fun

BEER GARDEN --Serving ice cold beverages Friday- Sunday

MOMS COOKIES - "Support our Troops" activities all weekend

5pm- 9pm Miss Wilmington Contestants Fund Raising Events

5pm-6:30pm- Waiting Til Friday- Local Teen Band

6 pm-10:-00pm $15.00 --All You Can Ride Night at Carnival

6pm- 8pm Meet Jammer the Joliet Jackhammers Mascot

7pm-10pm Teen Karaoke

8pm-1030 pm Teen Guitar Hero Contest - Sponsored by Mar Theatre

6pm-- Carnival & Food Vendors open

6pm --Beer garden opens

6:30pm - Jim Nesci Reptile Show

8pm --Live Entertainment -Featuring Copy Cats with A Blue Dude Performance Playing a wide variety of music that's sure to entertain

9:30pm-- Friday Night Fireworks-Sponsored by Catfish Days Committee

9am-4pm --Flea Market/Craft Show-downtown

10:30am --Woodys Bike & Pet Parade-Sponsored by Skinners Animal Clinic (Line-up begins at 10am at Booth Central School - parade route is Jackson St to Main to Baltimore to North Island. Awards/Trophies presented at stage on North Island after Parade)

11:00am- Bike Safety Course- Sponsored by Wilmington Police Dept & Sulphur Springs Arbor of Gleaners

11:00 am- Diamond Dance Co. & WHS Spirit Line Performance-Mar Theatre

11:30am Baby Wilmington Contest- Mar Theatre- Sponsored by Finale Dance Studio

Noon-Wilmington Fire Dept. Fire Fights-Downtown

Noon-Carnival, Food Vendors and Beer Garden Opens

12pm -- Magic Show- featuring Bozo Alum Jim Brown

12:30pm- Diamond Dance Co. Performance- Mar Theatre

1:00pm- Miss Wilmington Pageant- Mar Theatre

1:00pm- Belly Dancing Performance - by Johara Dancers Watch and then learn the art of belly dancing

1pm-4pm Petting Zoo and Pony Rides- Sponsored by Wilmington Public Library

2:00pm- Professional Ventriloquist- Bob Rumba

3:00pm-- Juggling Performance-Come see Circus Boy Bobby Hunt perform amazing Juggling acts and great fun for all

12:30pm- Diamond Dance Co. / Spirit Line Performance

8pm --Live Entertainment -Featuring Sundance Playing a wide variety of music that's sure to entertain

9:30 pm - Outdoor Laser Light Show-Sponsored by the City of Wilmington

8am-Catfish Days 5k Run-Sponsored by Fitness Advantage

Noon- Carnival and Food Vendors Open

1pm Catfish Days Parade Parade begins @ Water St. and Mill St. to Ryan St. to Wilmington High School

2pm-Beer Garden Opens

2:30pm-- Coloring contest winners announced-

2pm-6pm $15.00 all you can ride at Carnival

2pm-6pm --- D.J./ Karaoke- provided by Rockin Karaoke

3pm- 6pm -- Touch a Truck- Get up close to a variety of unique vehicles

2pm- Wilmington Community Band Performance-Veterans Memorial Park

3:30pm- American Legion Band Performance-Veterans Memorial Park

Carol Marin says, "Then again, Chris Kennedy has no need to please anyone but himself." La Dee Dah; La Dee Dah! Remember the Fogartys?

Self-boiled icon and perpetual news raker, Carol Marin is testing the temperature of the Illinois Political bathtub before Chris Kennedy puts a tootsie into it! Senator, or Governor, or something.

Carol has tested the water before and to sweet effect for Carol. Remember the Fogartys? They did not do too well, but then again, they are not icons. Carol be an Icon.

That's nice. In 1995, Carol did the heavy lifting for an ambitious Fed when she sat in front of the cameras at Channel Five (5) NBC and ran with rumor that made her the icon she be today! Remember the Langert murders. Boy, I do. I know the two lovely people, Mary and Chris Fogarty. who were framed with the Langert Murders. Even People Magazine called it a rumor.

At 4 P.M. Nancy's father went to the town house and discovered their bodies lying faceup in the basement. Richard had been handcuffed and shot in the back of the head. Nancy had been shot in the elbow, side and stomach. With her finger, she had tried to scrawl a message in blood. At first, rumors circulated that the letters spelled IRA. Later, police concluded that the message was a heart next to the letter U.,,20113567,00

Well, Carol went national with that story shoved up under her pixie-nose by an ambitious FBI agent hell-bent on proving that the IRA ( Irish Republican Army) had elderly hit-teams working out of Northern Irish Aid. Carol was cool about it.

Victim's Blood said "Ira" which is nice ( must be the IRA!)but . . .turns out the blood was monkeyed with and would have spelled BIRA - David Bira, the whack-job kid who actually murdered the young couple with an FBI agent's missing service weapon. Yikes!

Nevertheless, the Fogartys were subjected to arrest and trials,which wiped out their savings. Lah Dee Dah! Carol became the icon she be. Here is what Chris Fogarty has to say:

CORRUPT NEWS MEDIA personified by TV anchorwoman Carol Marin in my case, abetted the MI5/FBI criminals the same way they abetted the Omagh perpetrators - by blaming it on the RIRA and, by extension, McKevitt. Within days of the Langert massacre Buckley got Marin to announce on prime-time network TV that “the IRA are linked to Langert murders.” When I phoned her the next day to learn the basis for her “scoop,’ she told me that her source was “an FBI agent.” When I asked her how she had met her responsibility to verify it she said she had not done so but had accepted the uncorroborated word of the FBI. She never issued a correction; and the rest of the news media parroted her lies.

Also, Carol's work was mentioned by the best selling author of Michael Collins, The Man who Made Ireland and the definitive work on the modern history of the Irish Republican Army The IRA Click the link here for Tim Pat Coogan's account of Carol's work to smear a Chicago immigrant couple.

Shucks, I'm no icon, but I know that Carol Marin has never once apologized to the Fogartys.

Once the Fogartys, Chris and Mary, had their lives turned up down, Carol Marin became the icon she be! WTTW Sun Times, NBC you name it and Carol icons it! She be huge!

Illinois is about the size of Ireland. Chris Kennedy could pay for it; however, he will spend to him a Senate seat.

I don't have a dog in this fight. Alexi, nice kid -bad press. Dan Hynes? Wouldn't know the guy if I rode the Archer bus with him from Bobak's to State Street.

The GOP seems stuck with Mark Kirk and will blow its toes off . . .AGAIN! If they were smart, and they ain't, they'd get behind Dr. Eric Wallace, an African American academic and religious leader, who actually knows that Illinois 57 runs north and south. I doubt very much that Chris Kennedy has ever taken that flat route, much less stopped off in Gilman for biscuits and gravy or had a prime rib at Russ and Rosie's in Chebanse. No way, Ray!

Lura Lynn Ryan, one of kindest and finest women in Illinois was treated to Carol's smarmy smile,when it seemed certain that Governor George Ryan would be convicted. Chris Kennedy, it gets colder than week old Chowder in November, when one's fortunes go south, or when Carol sees a ripe opportunity to go Iconic.

Well, anyway. Chris Kennedy has Carol testing the Illinois water it seems. It's gonna be Ice Cold, Dude. Colder than a mother-in-law's kiss . . .Or Carol's smile.

There's alot that I have posted on Carol Marin and the Fogartys.

Here's more:

The one place lawmen apparently did not pay enough attention to was the town of Winnetka itself. But at the community's highly regarded New Trier Township High School, senior David Biro, 17, a lanky honor student known for his biting sarcasm and perverse humor, mockingly bragged to classmates that he had shot the Langerts. Accustomed to Biro's frequent claims that he was a hired assassin, drug dealer and street-gang member, most of his fellow students did not take him seriously. Finally, however, one of Biro's schoolmates decided that there was more to the boy's claims than mere braggadocio. Early last month he told Winnetka police what Biro had been saying. Investigators listened closely, since Biro had mentioned details of the murders that had never been publicly released.

It wasn't the first time Biro had caught the eye of police. According to friends—all of Biro's acquaintances cited in this article have insisted on anonymity since they are potential court witnesses—he was admitted to Charter Barclay, a psychiatric hospital in Chicago, three years ago after reportedly trying to poison his parents, brother and sister with tainted milk. Since then he had been stopped by police for a series of minor infractions. When the high school informant told police of Biro's claims of involvement in the Langert killings, investigators recalled that Biro had been spotted, wearing black clothing, near the murder scene on the night of the slayings.

On Oct. 5, the day after police learned of his boasting, Biro was taken into custody for questioning as he left his parents' three-story stucco home. After police searches of his bedroom uncovered items, including a glass cutter, handcuffs and a .357 Magnum revolver, that had been stolen from the office of Biro's former lawyer, the teenager was charged with first-degree murder of Richard Langert and his pregnant wife, Nancy, and the intentional homicide of their unborn child. A .357 Magnum can fire the type of .38-caliber bullets used in the murders, and while law enforcement officials have revealed few details of their investigation, they say they are confident that the .357 Magnum and other items taken from Biro will link him to the murders. Biro is being held at the Cook County jail without bail, awaiting his Nov. 21 arraignment.

Biro's arrest has bewildered the community and left everyone, including the police, wondering why a child of privilege might have committed such a crime. Drawings and writings recovered from his room have led police to consult with ritual-crime experts to determine whether Biro may have dabbled in destructive occult beliefs. His closest friends wonder if Biro may have been "pushed or dared" into committing a crime as a street-gang initiation—or whether he might have killed the Langerts at the behest of someone else.

Some classmates say Biro was driven, as one acquaintance put it, "to test his limits." A red notebook, found in his room by police, contained underlined news articles about the murders, including a magazine story in which an attorney for Nancy Langert's sister observed, "I bet if they ever do catch the culprit it will turn out to be some local teenager." Says one girl: "If [Biro] did do it, it's because he wanted to commit the perfect crime. Dave viewed everything as an intellectual challenge, and he may have been too smart for his own good."

One question remains: Why the Langerts? Though Biro's parents were casually acquainted with Nancy Langert's parents, police admit they are puzzled about the nature of the relationship—if any—between Biro and his alleged victims. Although the teenager accompanied his mother to the Langerts' funeral, police say there is no evidence he knew them before the night that their paths may have fatally crossed.,,20113567,00.html

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Newberry Library Book Fair - I am So there!

I am SO evolved and So There!

Saturday, July 25, 2009, from 10 am - 6 pm (Learn about the special festivities planned to celebrate the Newberry Book Fair 25th anniversary!)

I am brushing up my Eccos! This is no south side Pierogi Fest, or Irish beer swill with music. I will dress the part of the 56 year old progressive, hip and still got it baby - man about town! Well, some parts of town.

I want to give off the image that I'm a successful full fledged academic on holiday. Polo shirts with khaki pants won't do and everyone working the stands will be wearing the same thing that gives that Public Television WTTW Pledge Drive but Outdoors impression. Me Too.

First - a trip to John's on 111th to get a near-shave on the noggin - Ala Billy Ayers, Dick Simpson, Moby, Uncle Fester from Smashing Pumpkins and Gay activists. White guys should never shave their heads and Hipsters get close to that but not down to the bone. We middle aged south side close knit ethnic types still tend to the The Princeton or the Boy's Regular haircut. Also, no shave 'til Sunday Mass. You hasta give off the three day growth Old Guy Miami Vice Nubby Stubble Look - Like Billy Ayers and Pete and Peggy Seeger.

Second - Get a stud ear ring. Every fifty-something Hispter that's really with it has one. I might need take a handful of pain killers and couple of Olde English 40's to that. DoooooooooooDe!

Third - Cotton, Cotton Cotton! - Something loose and breezy maybe some sort of faux Tolstoy peasant shirt ( white) belted with a good quality knotted rope from Mount Greenwood True Value. Britches?????? Cargo shorts extra baggy and shin length, or patchwork blue jeans? Hmmmmm. Maybe a standard issue Che T or a Tie-Dyed

Fourth - Footwear - Birkenstocks or Eccos? Sandals or boaters? No socks. Stangkee Feet Caynt Be Beat!

Fifth - Deportment to match the schedule! Yes, yes . . . I have been North of Madison many times and the most important thing to wear is (I agree) a big smile! I'm the customer!!! So Sally and Seth, don't sit behind your table, Duckies, Get off your Lard and come over and be helpful, or I'll get all Catholic school on you! . Stand the whole time and have something to keep you looking busy. "See my smile? I can be passive aggressive too. Don't you think that you might want to have a better attitude and please dont smoke? Did you really wash your hands after handling that Nelson Algren hardcover and you're not going to eat that roasted corn? Is that organic corn? Where's the beer tent?"

Here's the schedule and my expected behavior.

Celebrate 25 years of inexpensive used books at the Newberry's annual Book Fair. We have a record number of books to sell this year! More than 110,000 donated books will be sorted into 70 categories for your browsing convenience. With many books priced under $2, it's easy to replenish your home library's holdings on subjects ranging from antiques to zoology.
Admission is free.

Happy shopping!

Parking: The Newberry Library does not have a visitor parking lot. Limited metered parking is available on area streets. Daytime and evening parking restrictions do apply, so be sure to read the posted signs carefully. Garage parking is also available in the neighborhood. No Hummers; No Buicks; No Lincolns; No Fords and No Chevies.

The following garages offer discounted parking to Newberry patrons ($7 for 0-8 hours; $9 for 8-10 hours). Remember to bring your parking ticket with you so it can be validated by the Newberry security guard. The Sheehan Family at 10857 will let you use their drive way but then you need to take Metra downtown and transfer to the CTA

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Festivities on Saturday, July 25

9 am – Complimentary yoga presented in Washington Square Park by lululemon athletica - Pass. Where's the beer ticket booth?

10 am – Book Fair opens
10:30 am – Complimentary kids’ yoga presented in Washington Square Park by Get Healthy Chicago
12 pm – Meet the Author: Alex Kotlowitz (book signing) Author of Never a City So Real a wonderful, short study of Chicago. I will leave him alone.

Bughouse Square Debates (1 pm to 4 pm)

1 pm – Rick Kogan Welcome! - " Hey, Kogan, You Bastard! It's Hickey!! Yeah, that's right! You were 'spozed to have me back on your show and talk about my novel! Yeah, I'm heckling! What's the matter? Not so tough when don't have Steve Bertrand to back you up! . . . Terry, in a minute, I . . . no I have not had enough beer. My Mom is in Orland; Okay? Kogan! I'm here allllll Daaaayyyy!!!!!!"

1:15 pm – Presentation of the Altgeld award to High School Teacher Barb Thill - Clap politely.
1:35 pm – Main debate (Abraham Lincoln vs. Stephen Douglas) "Go Douglas! Little Giant Rocks! No Lincoln; No War!"
2:15 pm – Memorial tributes to Studs Terkel, Leon Despres, Franklin Rosemont and Judith Krug - " Hey, . . . why you call the cops on me??????" A wide-eyed Terry Sullivan watches in disgust and mild disbelief. Ms. Sullivan calls Hickey's kids, " I am afriad your father is at Chicago Ave. Police Station. I will post bail, but I am going home. Please, have your Father call me . . . when Hell Freezes!"
2:30 pm – Soapbox Debates ( still in custody)
3:45 pm – Dil Pickle award presented ( still in custody)
6 pm – Book Fair closes for the day

9:45 P.M - Hickey gets released into the custody of his kids. The elegant,polite and beautiful Ms. Terry Sullivan awaits the forth coming apology "Oh, No" Phone call.

The 2009 Book Fair is generously supported by Whole Foods Market, Hallett Movers, and by our media partner, Flavorpill.

Many thanks to the following restaurants for donating lunches to our many wonderful Book Fair volunteers:

Bistro Zinc

Caffe Baci

D'Absolute Caterers


Fox and Obel Food Market

Goddess and Grocer

Go RomaJewell Events Catering

Occasions Chicago Catering

Tri-Star Catering

All kidding aside . . . I am so there! I love books and I love people who love books. I'm a lover.

Newberry Folks! I'll behave . . . Honor Bright!

Hillel's Angels ! Would the Sun Times Editorial Board Actually DoThis? A Rhetorical Question

A tough looking biker was riding by Lincoln Park zoo, when he saw a little girl leaning into the lion's cage. Suddenly, the lion grabbed her by the cuff of her jacket and tried to pull her inside to slaughter her, under the eyes of her screaming parents.

The biker jumped off his bike, ran to the cage and hit the lion square on the nose with a powerful punch.

Whimpering from the pain the lion jumped back and let go of the girl. The biker then took her to her terrified parents, who thanked him endlessly.

A reporter saw the whole scene, and addressing the biker, said, 'Sir, this was the most gallant and brave thing I saw a man do in my whole life.'

'Why, it was nothing,' said the biker, really. The lion was behind bars. I just saw this little kid in danger, and acted as I felt right.'

'I noticed a patch on your jacket,' said the journalist.

'Yeah, I ride with a Jewish motorcycle club, Hillel's Angels' the biker replied.

'Well, I'll make sure this won't go unnoticed. I'm a journalist with the Sun Times, you know, and tomorrow's papers will have this on the front page.'

The following morning the biker bought the paper to see if it indeed brought out the news of his actions. On the front page was the headline:


H/T - Max Weismann -Center for the Study of Great Ideas

Mea Culpa! Steve Rhodes Tuned Up Blago - Not the Sun Times.

Confiteor Deo omnipotenti et vobis, fratres,
quia peccavi nimis
cogitatione, verbo, opere, et omissióne:
mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.
Ideo precor beatam Mariam semper Vírginem,
omnes Angelos et Sanctos,
et vos, fratres, orare pro me
ad Dominum Deum nostrum.

Yesterday, I posted that the always entertaining Steve Rhodes, Publisher of Beachwood Reporter and NBC Chicago on line was giving a tart twist to the Sun Times, when he pointed out the ludicrous use of Blago on WLS.

Steve wrote:

WLS-AM is once again giving Blagojevich a platform from which to spin his legal defense and build sympathy for his poor beleagured self. . . . Blago seems to be following the advice given him by Sun-Times editorial page editor Tom McNamee:

1. Pander.

2. Bully

3. Demonize

4. Distort the truth

5. Make stuff up

6. Forsake all intellectual honesty

Six for six.

Mea Maxima Culpa! At the Culpa - Culpa Cabana!Music and passion were always the fashion . . .At the Culpa....they fell in love! Sorry.

Well, in my joy-raced haste to note a marriage of true minds, I neglected to click on the link to Tom McNamee's fine piece of advise to Blago, which advovcated grace and good sense.

I confess my major sin of omission.

For my penance, I could say very nice things about the Progressive Independent Voice of Chicago, but that would be switching sins. Instead, I will ask for a General Absolution.

In consulation with The Congregation of Divine Worship and Discipline* of the Sacrements, this may be the best path. If not, I'm tossing on the old hairshirt for a trip to North Avenue Beach on Saturday.

If in the opinion of the confessor there is a case of grave necessity that could permit "general absolution", it is to be submitted to the judgement of the Diocesan Bishop with whom lies the responsibility for deciding whether the necessary conditions are indeed present (cf. can. 961); without such a decision, "general absolution" may not be conferred. Moreover, as the canon itself points out, "sufficient necessity is not considered to exist when confessors cannot be available merely because of a great gathering of penitents, such as can occur on some major feastday or pilgrimages' (can. 961, S1, 2 ).

The authorization given to Diocesan Bishops does not permit them "to change the required conditions, to substitute other conditions for those given, or to determine grave necessity according to their personal criteria however worthy" (Pope Paul VI, Allocution to the Bishops of the region of New York in the United States of America, April 20, 1978: Acta Apostolicae Sedis 70 (1978) 330). The Diocesan Bishop "makes this judgement graviter onerata conscientia, and with full respect for the law and practice of the Church" (Pope John Paul II, Apostolic Exhortation Reconciliatio et Paenitentia, 2 December 1984, n. 33: Acta Apostolicae Sedis 77 (1985) 270). Furthermore, the fact that the canons acknowledge the right of the faithful to confess their sins on days and at times arranged for their convenience (cf. can. 986, S1) cannot be used as a justification for an alternative practice of "general absolution".

In this context it is of great importance to remember that even when the sacrament is received by means of a collective absolution, it nevertheless requires, as a result of its divine and irreformable foundation, that each penitent have the necessary dispositions for the reception of this sacrament, namely, individual and `personal repentance for sins committed, the resolution to rectify scandal or injuries that may have been caused in relation to those sins, the intention of amending his life, and the intention to make an integral and individual confession as soon as possible of those grave sins from which he is impeded from confessing at the time. Each of these dispositions must be present in order that the sacramental absolution be received validly (cf. Conc. Oecum. Trid., sessio XIV, cap. IV: Denz.-Schon. 1676-1677; sessio XIV, Canones de sacramento paenitentiae can. 5: Denz.-Schon. 1705; can. 987; Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Sacramentum Paenitentia, (16 June 1972): Acta Apostolicae Sedis 64 (1972) 512; cane. 962, S1, 963, 988, S1; Pope John Paul II, Apostolic Exhortation Reconciliatio Paenitentia, 2 December 1984, n. 31: Acta Apostolicae Sedis 77 (1985) 260-261).

Nor should the importance of the act of satisfaction be passed over. This final act of the penitent "crowns the sacramental sign of Penance" (Pope John Paul II, Apostolic Exhortation Reconciliatio et Paenitentia 2 December 1984, n. 31 Acta Apostolicae Sedis 77 (1985) 263). Hence, the confessor is to impose salutary and appropriate penances, in proportion to the kind and number of sins confessed, taking into account, however, the condition of the penitent. The penitent, for his part, is bound personally to carry out these penances (cf. can. 981).

That hairshirt come in three or two button? Four button is positively decadent.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Steve Rhodes - True Wit - To Wit Blago the Twit!

True wit is Nature to advantage dress'd,
What oft was thought, but ne'er so well express'd.
-- Alexander Pope (1688-1744)
-- Essay on Criticism, Part ii, Line 97

The Media freak show continues on the WLS Airwaves with disgraced Governor Blago yapping away for pay. ( click my post title)

Pay to Play! Then WLS gets all Harrumphing about the State of the State of Illinois and tosses the Gatecrasher of Illinois more Dog Yummies. " Gee, you mean, if we keep starving and beating this pitbull puppy and making it wear a twenty Pound weight around its little neck, that it could possibly bite someone? For Real?"

Oh, yeah! Giving Blago radio time is very much like wearing a porkchop suit to a huge dog fight. Great idea!

Steve Rhodes, a real journalist with a wide context of human understanding and rich and varied frame of reference, skewers the Tossed Twit Guv and also gets in a very accurate shot at the Sun Times - the soon to be bankrupt rag that pretends to matter. STNG- The Chicago Standard for Rock Solid Hypocrisy!

Noted budget expert Rod Blagojevich took to the airwaves (again) on Sunday to advise state lawmakers on solving the state's fiscal crisis -- as adeptly as he handled the public till during his six years as governor.

He did not give advice on how not to get impeached.

Among his ideas: privatize the state lottery - which the U.S. Department of Justice have pretty much determined would be illegal.

But this isn't about what's good for the state, it's about what's good for Rod Blagojevich.

WLS-AM is once again giving Blagojevich a platform from which to spin his legal defense and build sympathy for his poor beleagured self. . . . Blago seems to be following the advice given him by Sun-Times editorial page editor Tom McNamee:

1. Pander.

2. Bully

3. Demonize

4. Distort the truth

5. Make stuff up

6. Forsake all intellectual honesty

Six for six.

At least Blago's good at something.

True ease in writing comes from art and not chance, like wearing a belt and not losing your pants.

Well, done Rhodes Old Man!

McCourt's Confession forgot St. Vincent De Paul Society

Tavis: If you were a preacher, what do you think your message might be? What would you be coming back to time and time again?

McCourt: Freedom. Well, you can't do that because a religion by its very nature binds you in. It has its parameters or perimeters so you have to follow a certain doctrine. So I'd call myself an atheist in a way - a spiritual, religious atheist, which is a contradiction in terms.

Tavis: Yeah, I hear you.
November 2007

Writer Frank McCourt, author of Angela's Ashes died yesterday. I was told of McCourt's worsening condition by the man who directed and produced Frank and Malachy McCourt's career making play A Couple of Blackguards
here in Chicago.

Writer, film maker, actor and wit, Mike Houlihan directed the McCourts during the early 1980's in that play. It really put both men on the map here in Chicago and on Broadway.

Mike Houlihan's long-running and hilarious Chicago tour-de-force Going East on Ashland was the nub of his Thursday night show at Jack Desmond's Pub, in Chicago Ridge last Thursday. After his show, Jazz singer Terry Sullivan, boxing promoter lawyer Mike Joyce and I chatted with Houli. Terry raises money for inner city kids who want an education in a value based environment -Midtown Education Center. Mike Joyce, a lawyer, teaches and coaches boxing to inner city kids here at Leo High School and through Illinois Crime Commission. They are Catholics doing good.
Frank McCourt said goodbye to his Catholic Faith, but used it for his work. Mike Houlihan recounted the news that Mr. McCourt was near death.

"Frank McCourt's in pretty bad shape. I talked to Chris Hart ( son of Moss Hart and Kitty Carlyle who directed Going East on Ashland) and he said that Frank is about done," said the gifted Chicagoan. Mike talked about his time with the McCourt Brothers and the success of Frank McCourt. " McCourt said he was an atheist. I never could get my head around that. For all the ugliness in McCourt's book, remember that it was the St. Vincent DePaul Society that kept Angela and her kids from starvation, while the old man boozed it up," Houlihan offered.

Catholics and Faith in God are not so bad, unless your memory is selective.

The St. Vincent De Paul Society is not a Government agency. It is a charitable act of grace funded by Catholics and friends to help the poor in their most difficult times here on earth. Jewish, Lutheran and Dutch Reformed have similar charter groups making direct help to families. They too are the real Faith-vased initiatives and not adjuncts of big government.

Frank McCourt's passing is sad. He was a talented man. He is now meeting the Trinity that bitterness and sadness allowed McCourt to deny.

While we're here. Let's help Angela and her kids. St. Vincent DePaul Society here in Chicago gets things done. Click my post title for the link to that great work.

Prayer of the Vincentian Family

Lord Jesus, you who willed to become poor,
give us eyes and a heart directed toward the poor;
help us recognize you in them --
in their thirst, their hunger, their loneliness, and their misfortune.

Enkindle within our Vincentian Family
unity, simplicity, humility,
and the fire of love
that burned in St. Vincent de Paul

Strengthen us, so that faithful to the practice of these virtues,
we may contemplate you and serve you in the person of the poor,
and may one day be united with you and them in your Kingdom.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

U.S.A.! Utter Silly Apologies - Come on! America is Johnny Ray?

If your heartaches seem to hang around too long
And your blues keep getting bluer with each song
Remember sunshine can be found behind a cloudy sky
So let your hair down and go on and cry
Johnny Ray -Cry 1952

Sing it Sisters! Uncle Sam is now Johnny Ray*! (Click my post title for new National Anthem.)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continued the International U.S.A. ( Utter Silly Apologies) Johnny Ray Tour in India the other day with this oily lump of chicken fat:

"We acknowledge now with President Obama that we have made mistakes in the United States, and we along with other developed countries have contributed most significantly to the problem that we face with climate change," she said. "We are hoping a great country like India will not make the same mistakes."

India refuses to do Cap and Trade, Hillary. Get up to speed.

However, her boss and former foe has set the Johnny Ray* tone for the New Jimmy Carter Years!

Top 10 Obama Apologies
Excerpted from article by Niles Gardiner, director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at the Heritage Foundation.

1. Apology to Europe: Speech in Strasbourg, France, April 3. “In America, there’s a failure to appreciate Europe‘s leading role in the world. Instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges, there have been times where America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.”

2. Apology to the Muslim world: Interview with Al Arabiya, January 27. “My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy. We sometimes make mistakes. We have not been perfect.”

3. Apology to the Summit of the Americas: Address to the Summit of the Americas, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, April 17. “While the United States has done much to promote peace and prosperity in the hemisphere, we have at times been disengaged, and at times we sought to dictate our terms.”

4. Apology at the G-20 Summit of World Leaders: News conference in London, April 2. “I just think in a world that is as complex as it is, that it is very important for us to be able to forge partnerships as opposed to simply dictating solutions.”

5. Apology for the War on Terror: Speech in Washington, D.C., May 21. “Unfortunately, faced with an uncertain threat, our government made a series of hasty decisions. I believe that many of these decisions were motivated by a sincere desire to protect the American people. But I also believe that all too often our government made decisions based on fear rather than foresight, that all too often our government trimmed facts and evidence to fit ideological predispositions.”

6. Apology for Guantanamo in France: Speech in Strasbourg, France, April 3. “In dealing with terrorism, we can’t lose sight of our values and who we are. That’s why I closed Guantanamo. That’s why I made very clear that we will not engage in certain interrogation practices. I don’t believe that there is a contradiction between our security and our values. And when you start sacrificing your values, when you lose yourself, then over the long term that will make you less secure.”

7. Apology for America before the Turkish Parliament: Speech to the Turkish Parliament, Ankara, Turkey, April 6. “The United States is still working through some of our own darker periods in our history. Facing the Washington Monument that I spoke of is a memorial of Abraham Lincoln, the man who freed those who were enslaved even after Washington led our Revolution. Our country still struggles with the legacies of slavery and segregation, the past treatment of Native Americans.”

8. Apology for U.S. Policy toward the Americas: Editorial “Choosing a Better Future in the Americas,” April 16. “Too often, the United States has not pursued and sustained engagement with our neighbors. We have been too easily distracted by other priorities, and have failed to see that our own progress is tied directly to progress throughout the Americas.”

9. Apology for the Mistakes of the CIA: Remarks to CIA employees at Langley, Va., April 29. “Don’t be discouraged that we have to acknowledge potentially we’ve made some mistakes.”

10. Apology for Guantanamo: Speech in Washington, D.C., May 21. “There is also no question that Guantanamo set back the moral authority that is America’s strongest currency in the world.” h/t Heritage Foundation

Coming Soon!

Presidential International Apologies for:

1. Thomas A. Edison - "Light Bulbs (Incandescent Candles) are not Sexy and Melt Polar Ice Caps:

2. Henry Ford -" The Assembly Line . . .What can I say?"

3. Enrico Fermi - "Splitting the Atom at the University of Chicago was not the Science I know!"

4. George M. Cohan - " Patriotism is the Last Refuge of Scoundrels!"

5. The Berlin Airlift - " We will never Intrude Again!"


Johnny Ray
Inspired by rhythm singers like Kay Starr, LaVern Baker and Ivory Joe Hunter, Ray developed a unique rhythm based style, described as alternating between pre-rock R&B and a more conventional classic pop approach.[1]

Ray first attracted the attention of Bernie Lang, a song plugger, who was taken to the Flame Showbar nightclub in Detroit, Michigan by local DJ, Robin Seymour of WKMH. "We were both excited" Seymour recalls. "We heard two shows that first night."

Lang rushed off to New York to sell the singer to Danhy Kessler, the "Mr. Big" of the Okeh label, which is a subsidiary of Columbia Records. Kessler came over from New York, and he, Lang and Seymour went to the Flame. According to Seymour, Kessler's re-action was, "Well, I don't know. This kid looks well on the stand, but he will never go on records."

It was Seymour and Lowell Worley of the local office of Columbia who persuaded Kessler to have a test record made of Johnnie Ray. Worley arranged for a record to be cut at the United Sound Studios in Detroit. Seymour told reporter Dick Osgood that there was a verbal agreement that he would be cut in on the three-way deal in the management of Johnnie Ray. But the deal mysteriously evaporated, and so did Seymour's friendship with Danny Kessler.[2]

Ray's first record, the self-penned R&B number for OKeh Records, "Whiskey and Gin", was a minor hit in 1951. The following year he dominated the charts with the double-sided hit single of "Cry" and "The Little White Cloud That Cried". Selling over two million copies of the 45 single, Ray's delivery struck a chord with teenagers and he quickly became a teen idol.[3]

Ray's performing style included theatrics later associated with rock 'n roll, including beating up his piano, writhing on the floor and crying.[citation needed] Ray quickly earned the nicknames "Mr. Emotion", "The Nabob of Sob", and "The Prince of Wails", and several others.[3]

More hits followed, including "Please Mr. Sun", "Such a Night", "Walkin' My Baby Back Home", "A Sinner Am I", and "Yes Tonight Josephine". His last hit was "Just Walkin' in the Rain", in 1956. He did, however, hit again in 1957 with "You Don't Owe Me a Thing", which reached #10 in the Billboard charts. He was popular in the United Kingdom, breaking the record at the London Palladium formerly set by Frankie Laine.[citation needed] In later years, he retained a loyal fan base overseas, particularly in Australia.

[edit] Later career influences
Ray had a close relationship with journalist and television game show panelist Dorothy Kilgallen who gave a boost to his sagging career during his engagement at the Tropicana Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1965.[4]

In early 1969, Ray befriended Judy Garland, performing as her opening act during her last concerts in Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden. Ray was also the best man during Garland's wedding to nightclub manager Mickey Deans in London.[5]

Ray's American career revived in the early 1970s, with appearances on The Andy Williams Show in 1970 and The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson three times during 1972 and 1973. His personal manager Bill Franklin resigned in 1976 and cut off contact with the singer a few years later. His American revival turned out to be shortlived. He performed in small American venues such as El Camino College in 1987.[6] Australian, English and Scottish promoters booked him for their large venues as late as 1989, his last year of performing.

Some writers suggested that the reason American entertainment bookers and songwriters ignored him in the 1980s was because they simply did not know who he was, or what his sound was like.[7] His exposure during the new era of cable television was limited to a few seconds in Dexys Midnight Runners' 1982 music video for "Come On Eileen", using archival footage of Ray from 1954. He was name checked in the lyrics to "Come On Eileen" (viz "Poor old Johnnie Ray sounded sad upon the radio / he moved a million hearts in mono").[8]

His other video appearance was in Billy Idol's 1986 "Don't Need a Gun", in which Ray appeared on-camera.

[edit] Personal life
Ray had issues surface regarding his sexuality several times in his career, including two arrests for soliciting men for sex. Ray quietly pleaded guilty and paid a fine after the first arrest, in the restroom of the Stone Theatre burlesque house in Detroit, which was just prior to the release of his first record in 1951.[9] Ray went to trial following the second arrest in 1959, also in Detroit, for soliciting an undercover officer in one of the city's gay bars. He was found not guilty.[9]

Despite these issues, Ray married Marilyn Morrison a short time after he gave his first New York concert, which was at the Copacabana in 1952. The wedding ceremony, attended by New York mayor Vincent R. Impellitteri, made the cover of the New York Daily News.[10] Morrison, the daughter of a Los Angeles nightclub owner,[10] was aware of the singer's sexuality from the start, telling a friend she would "straighten it out."[9] The couple separated in 1953 and divorced in 1954.

In the years hence, writers have noted that the marriage occurred under false pretenses,[11] and that Ray had a long-term relationship with his manager, Bill Franklin.[9][12][13] Ray also had a relationship with columnist Dorothy Kilgallen, whom he met following an appearance on What's My Line? in 1956.[9][13][14] Kilgallen was a strong support for Ray during the 1959 solicitation trial.[9][13]

Ray drank regularly and his alcoholism caught up with him in 1960, when he was hospitalized for tuberculosis.[9] He recovered but continued drinking, and was diagnosed with cirrhosis at age fifty.[14]

On 24 February 1990, Ray died of liver failure at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.[3][14] He is buried at Hopewell Cemetery near Hopewell, Oregon.

For his contribution to the recording industry, Johnnie Ray has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6201 Hollywood Boulevard.

Gospel of Mark - To All Teachers, All Star Break is Over!

Mark 6: 30 - 34

The apostles returned to Jesus, and told him all that they had done and taught.
And he said to them, "Come away by yourselves to a lonely place, and rest a while." For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat. And they went away in the boat to a lonely place by themselves.
Now many saw them going, and knew them, and they ran there on foot from all the towns, and got there ahead of them.
As he went ashore he saw a great throng, and he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd; and he began to teach them many things.

The All Star Game marks the true end of summer for teachers. Once the American League whups the National League, it is time to get your mind right for the return to school.

Teachers and Football, Cross-Country and Mathlete coaches are already hard at it,tagging uniforms and doing the pads and reconditioned helmets; marking passages from seminar insights; ordering paints and papers and lining up guest speakers. Last year's notes will not do.

Administrators are pouring over the rolls of students and double-checking the class rosters.

You are resting with no rest. The love of teaching balms the tired soul.

Breath deeply. Set the clock earlier each day.

You have much more to give. The Good Shepherd was a great boss-teacher and fine example even to those of us who may not mention HIS name in the class day.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Politeness- An Invitation to Dialogue.

"Your eel, I think, Sir?"

American Progressives own the microphones, cameras, printing presses, most of the American airwaves and, for now, the American Government, but loudly demand complete and utter silence from Americans as well.

Progressives took fair advantage of opportunity and most unfair advantage of American courtesy, when their views were greeted with polite*, if not enthralled good manners and sense, until this point in our history, where any publicly uttered deviation from Progressive agendas or doctrines surface.

Americans with opinions in direct opposition to those agendas and doctrines must happily drink from a poisoned well -'How can you say, Bush is not a War Criminal; Palin is not an Idiot; Woman's Reproductive Health is murder; Thug Apartheid is Affirmative Action?"

Here is a sampler of modern Progressives from Wikipedia.

Contemporary progressivism

The fourth and current liberal Progressive movement grew out of social activism movements, Naderite and populist left political movements in conjunction with the civil rights, GLBT (Gay rights), women's or feminist, and environmental movements of the 1960s-1980s.[17] This exists as a cluster of political, activist, and media organizations ranging in outlook from centrism (eg. Reform Party of the United States of America) to left-liberalism to social democracy (like the Green Party) and sometimes even democratic socialism (like the Socialist Party USA).

Modern American progressivism includes political figures such as Barack Obama who calls himself a progressive, as does Hillary Clinton[18] Bernie Sanders, Russ Feingold, Al Franken, Debbie Stabenow, Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel, Cynthia McKinney, John Edwards, Sherrod Brown, Kathleen Sebelius, David McReynolds, Ralph Nader, Howard Dean, Peter Camejo, and the late Paul Wellstone. Also in this category are many leaders in the women's movement, cosmopolitanism, labor movement, American civil rights movement, environmental movement, immigrant rights movement, and gay and lesbian rights movement. Other well-known progressives include Noam Chomsky, Cornel West, Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, George Lakoff, Michael Lerner, and Urvashi Vaid.

Significant publications include The Progressive magazine, The Nation, The New Republic, The American Prospect, Mother Jones, In These Times, CounterPunch, and Broadcasting outlets include Air America Radio, the Pacifica Radio network, Democracy Now!, and certain community radio stations. Notable media voices include Cenk Uygur, Alexander Cockburn, Barbara Ehrenreich, Juan Gonzalez, Amy Goodman, Thom Hartmann, Jim Hightower, the late Molly Ivins, Rachel Maddow, Stephanie Miller, Mike Malloy, Keith Olbermann, Greg Palast, Randi Rhodes, Betsy Rosenberg, Ed Schultz David Sirota, and The Young Turks (talk show).

Modern issues for progressives can include[citation needed]: electoral reform (including instant runoff voting, proportional representation and fusion candidates), environmental conservation, pollution control and environmentalism, universal health care, abolition of the death penalty, affordable housing, a viable Social Security System, renewable energy, smart growth urban development, a living wage and pro-union policies, among many others.

Examples of the broad range of progressive texts include: New Age Politics by Mark Satin; Why Americans Hate Politics by E.J. Dionne, Jr.; Community Building: Renewing Spirit & Learning in Business edited by Kazimierz Gozdz; Ecopolitics: Building a Green Society by Daniel Coleman; and Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich.

The main current national progressive parties are the Democratic Party and the Green Party of the United States. The Democratic Party has major-party status in all fifty States, while there are state Green Parties or affiliates with the national Green Party in most states. The most successful non-major state-level progressive party is the Vermont Progressive Party. However, progressives often shy away from parties and align within more community-oriented activist groups, coalitions and networks, such as the Maine People's Alliance and Northeast Action.

Having politely listened to Progressive nonsense for decades and enduring Progressive dictums daily, I believe that sober and sophisticated dialogue may clear up any misconceptions concerning the feelings and sentiments of us other Americans.

Click my Title for just such a point of view.

*Politeness -The most acceptable hypocrisy. Ambrose Bierce

Peter Bernstein -Traffic Sunk by Jazz Guitarist -"Bobblehead!" - Peter Bernstein - The Musical F.L.Olmstead!

Peter Bernstein and Eminent Dr. Lonnie Smith ( wizard of the Hammond) at Joe Segal's Jazz Showcase (Click my post title for traffic sinking sounds)

My work for Leo High School takes me on the Dan Ryan -often. It also puts me on Illinois 290, 294, 355, 90,94, and 57.

My attendant motor pool duties as Leo Development Guy and Hickey Dad routes me on tag runs East and West on 111th, 95th, 87th, 79th and 63rd streets as well as up and down Vincennes, Halsted, Morgan, Racine, Loomis, Ashland, Western, Kedzie, Pulaski, and Cicero.

Trafffic is tiresome. You get all Bobblehead. The great American landscape architect Fredrick Law Olmstead understood the tiresome nature of all traffic when creating the last of the great American public spaces -Jackson Park in Chicago and the community of Riverside, here on the Des Plaines River. F.L. Olmstead sunk traffic from view with berms and forest. Olmstead eased the soul.

Traffic dominates our lives. It is a hazard to our physical well-being, to be sure, but. as importantly, to our spirits and souls. We experience traffic -physically, mentally and spiritually and the Tolls do take a Toll.

The blight on the eyes where all that is beautiful is the odd Hooters Signage.

The auditory car-wrecks are as unpleasant -Chest-caving Bass Bumps from Morons; Horn Addicted Honkies; double-clutching Rental Truck neophytes and the odd screamers.

Sink me, if traffic noise don't. It do.

Hence, sink traffic, American Bobbleheads, with the silky strings of Jazz Guitarist Peter Bernstein*. Peter Bernstein, to my experience, is best Jazz Guitarist since late Wes Montgomery. No Guitar Hero poser, Bernstein lets the strings sing.

Secretary of State Jesse White should mandate a tape or disc in every vehicle.

I pop in Peter Bernstein's Signs of Life ( 1995), whenever my duties as a driver take me to Elmhurst at 9 A.M. and back to 21 S. Wacker for a 1 P.M. appointment and I drive safely, soberly and sweetly. Honor bright.

Arrive Alive and with your Whole Soul!


Born September 3rd, 1967 in New York City, guitarist Peter Bernstein has been a part of the jazz scene in New York and abroad since 1989. During that time he has participated in over 60 recordings and numerous festival, concert and club performances with musicians from all generations. As a leader, Peter has made five recordings for the Criss Cross Jazz label. The latest, Heart’s Content, features the all-star rhythm section of Brad Mehldau, Larry Grenadier, and Bill Stewart.

While a student at The New School, Peter met the legendary guitarist Jim Hall, who asked him to participate in his Invitational Concert as part of the 1990 JVC Jazz Festival. The event featured such guitarists as John Scofield and Pat Metheny and was released as a CD by Music Masters. Hall once noted that Peter “…has paid attention to the past as well as the future. He is the most impressive young guitarists I’ve heard. He plays the best of them all for swing, logic, feel and taste.”

That same year, Peter was discovered by alto saxophonist Lou Donaldson and took part in the first of four recordings with him. He was a regular member of his group throughout the 1990s. “Some people just have it.” Donaldson said. “…most of the time you have to teach someone what to do, but Peter knows it all.”

Peter has also played with legendary drummer Jimmy Cobb (Cobb’s Mob), organist Larry Goldings, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Melvin Rhyne, drummer Bill Stewart, Joshua Redman, Diana Krall, Nicholas Payton, Lee Konitz, Tom Harrell, and Eric Alexander and performed in North America, Europe and Asia and making numerous television appearances.

Peter has taught at the Julliard School, Berklee College of Music, North Texas State University, the New School Jazz Program and the Jazz Conservatory in Amsterdam.

Peter has been fortunate to gain the respect of his peers and mentors. He has been recognized in both the readers’ and critics’ polls in Downbeat Magazine for the past three years. He continues to hone his style through writing and performing and has developed a distinctive and unforgettable guitar voice that is all his own.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kevin Myers - Irish Independent Writer and Sharp Thinking Tough Guy

Kevin Myers is an Irish writer for the Irish Independent newspapers. I came upon Mr. Myers and his work while reading Joel Kotkin, the American Demographer and writer and an article by Mr. Myers seemed to dovetail with Kotkin and my own thoughts about the dangers of public unions - tax salaried employees. California is sunk and Illinois is sliding to economic ruin due to the strident harping of SEIU and AFSCME. Massive numbers of people put the itch in the undies of gutless and dim politicians - always has been the case.

SEIU is a danger to the American Middle Class and the American Labor Movement that helped give this country a standard of living unmatched by any nation in history - until now.

Mr. Myers July 15, 2009 took Irish Public Unions to task for much the same reasons that I perceive SEIU and the lesser lights to be threat to the middle class.

There is no money left to tax!

Mr. Myers casts a surgeon's eye on movements grassroots and others that are often jammed down the public's maw by lazy members of the media.

I am a fan.

Kevin Myers (born 30 March 1947 in Leicester, England) is an Irish journalist and writer. He writes for the Irish Independent and is a former contributor to The Irish Times newspaper, where he wrote the "An Irishman's Diary" opinion column several times weekly. Until 2005, Myers wrote for the Sunday Telegraph in the UK.

His articles often offer criticism of left-wing opinion and the "liberal consensus", sometimes incorporating hyperbole, sarcasm and parody.

Myers' Irish Times opinion columns were often in contrast to its editorial position, which led to some conflict with his editors. In early January 2005, The Irish Times refused to publish a column in which he accused the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) of responsibility for the Northern Bank robbery. It was later published by the Daily Telegraph[2] He often advocates support for the United States, though he is sometimes critical of the foreign policies of the Bush administration. He ultimately endorsed the 2003 invasion of Iraq. He has praised George W. Bush, but has also described him as 'mad'. He is frequently critical of anti-war activists.

Myers is sceptical of the viability of multiculturalism and favours limits on immigration to prevent the growth of racial tension in Ireland. He has criticised the Catholic Church in many pieces, and favours the legalisation of prostitution.[4] In recent articles he has been critical of Islamic fundamentalism and extremism. In his journalism Myers has opposed the classification of Travellers as an ethnic minority,[citation needed] and has opposed feminist philosophy and the role of trade unions in setting economic policy. He has written against the compensation culture and has opposed state policies towards the Irish language. (emphasis my own)

Other columns have a less political nature, discussing road safety, pet peeves, rugby union, favourite places in Ireland, etc. The fortnightly satirical publication, The Phoenix, regularly lampoons what it sees as his apparent self-obsession, and referring to him by his other names such as Kevin Myarse or Colonel MyArse.

Here is one of Myers' great pieces dealing with 'Feminists' against women and children:

By Kevin Myers

Tuesday April 07 2009

'Protect women and children in next week's Budget', declared the headline in a press release from the National Women's Council last Friday. The statement added a couple of paragraphs later: "Women and children are at the greatest risk of poverty and all payments supporting women and children should be protected. Women are already facing serious consequences from the recession with unemployment figures showing the sectors of retail and services have been severely hit."

So, 36 years after the foundation of the NWCI, we see what the official, government-sponsored version of Irish feminism has mutated into: the cry of the officers on the deck of the foundering Titanic -- "Women and Children First". But at least in those days there was a coherent moral order behind that command. Children were children, and women were seen to be weaker and inferior and thus voteless; gentlemen of all classes would naturally stand back and give them places in the lifeboats first.

If there is a coherent moral order to the present thoughts of the National Women's Council, it is that words no longer mean what they used to. In the Council's prospectus for the year 2009, the word "equality" is used 38 times. Yet clearly, in the sisters' deviant vocabulary, "equality" does not mean equality of pain, or hardship or suffering or poverty. No: it means the opposite of equality. It means a protection from these conditions, regardless of what men are enduring. In other words, lifeboat-feminism, surely the most ignoble and unprincipled of all the many liberal political creeds which dominate our ethos today.

Only a lifeboat-feminism could spout the gibberish "Women and children are at greatest risk from poverty . . . Women are already facing serious consequences from the recession", the very day after the unemployment figures were released. These showed that of the 19,600 jobs lost in March, 13,600 were those of men, and 6,000 were those of women. That is to say, job losses amongst women were just 44pc of the rate endured by men. Moreover, the area in which job losses are not going to occur, the public service, is heavily dominated by female employees. Only an organisation driven by a demented sense of counter-factual, gender self-pity could promote the fiction of female victimhood at such a time.

And no, the NCWI press release doesn't mean "mothers", it makes no mention of mothers, not even once. Though interestingly enough, it refers to "women and children" four times, and to "women" just three times. Psychologically, this is simply placing women at the protected level of children, just as was done on the Titanic: quite an achievement for a state-subsidised feminist body in 2009, if a largely unsurprising one.

Naturally, the National Women's Council is a quango, of which there is (equally naturally) no male equivalent. Over 70pc of its budget comes from the Department of Justice and, wait for it, Equality and Law Reform. Now, you just know that those terms "equality" and "law reform" are never intended to apply to improve the lives or the legal position of men, don't you? Other state-providers of funds to the NWC are Combat Poverty and the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs. So, we have two government departments and one meaningless quango subsidising yet another quango, which is simply telling untruths, and making totally unrealistic demands of the Government which is paying for it.

This wouldn't matter if the shrill and unprincipled emanations of lifeboat-feminism were ignored. They are not. They are treated with a deferential respect by the Government and media alike. More than that, they have created a systemic imbalance in which women are consistently treated by less exacting standards than are men. The most grievous example of this of recent times concerned an Army officer who one night deserted her post as barracks-orderly, and left the armoury unprotected. She falsified the log to make it seem as if she had conducted perimeter patrols, which had never occurred, and she later lied to her commanding officer when questioned about her suspected absence from her post.

In other words, she had betrayed the greatest single institution in Irish life, and let down her fellow soldiers in a manner for which there could be no other proper outcome: a court martial, with an ignominious dismissal from the service. Instead, she was merely fined, and allowed to retain her commission. (Dear God in heaven, what would the great Bull Callaghan or Mickie Joe Costello have made of that?)

If the Army, the embodiment of the very qualities of steadfastness, stoicism and duty that we, as a society, most require in the maelstrom into which we are now sailing, can find itself applying the exceptionalist dogmas of lifeboat-feminism, what hope for the rest of us?

The blades of fiscal prudence will cut hard and low over the coming months, but you can be reasonably sure that, standing no less tall at the end than they were at the beginning, will be the state-sponsored feminist institutions of Irish life. And as the suffering deepens, their cry will doubtless ring over the ice-covered decks of Irish life: "Equality For All! Women And Children First!"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Catch "Kid Houlihan" Tonight! Jack Desmond's Pub 6 P.M. Sharp! Not 6:20 Get Me?

As a child he rarely washed his hands, but did exhibit an early interest in literature...His mother would replace the Playboy magazines she found under his mattress with holy cards...which resulted in a Pavlovian response whenever the lad opened a prayer book.

Chicago Renaissance Man Mike Houlihan brings his 2009 Stimulus Package to the South Side!

1. Mental Health Reform - A Serious Case Study

2. A Woman's Right to Choose - any number of gents with pints in their mitts and mortal sins the size of Wyoming

3. Energy Independence - depending upon how tired the start of the week made you feel

Join Houli this Thursday night (July 16) at

Jack Desmond's Irish Pub in Chicago Ridge at

6pm, 10339 South Ridgeland, for some stand-up comedy and more hooliganism!

Keep up with Mike writing for The Irish American News

The bartender listened to the old carney all night complaining about his crappy job.
What line of work are you in, pal?
I follow the elephants in the parade with my shovel.
Ever think about quitting?
What? And give up show business!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Catholic Cemetery's Roman Szabelski to Oversee the Horrors at Burr Oak

I was at Kean Gas this morning and heard from a Cook County Sheriff's Deputy that Sheriff Tom Dart had asked a judge to appoint someone to oversee the disaster that is Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip, IL.

My Cousin Willie works for the Sheriff and he has not had much shut-eye in the last six or so days. Willie bought some fish from my son Conor at Di Cola's on Western Ave. just before closing on Tuesday. Conor said Willie looked dead on his feet.

All of the Sheriff's people have done a great job.

Today, I heard that Roman Szabelski of the Catholic Cemeteries was appointed.

Roman Szabelski the Chief of the forty or so Catholic Cemteries in the Chicago Area was appointred by a judge to oversee the horrors of Burr Oak Cemetery, years of mismanagement leading to one of the great horrors of recent history.

Two years ago, Mr. Szabelski appeared on Public Radio to talk about Green Issues in the Cemetery Industry. ( click my post title)

Brushing aside the usual smarm ( snide remarks about 'What Catholics Believe') from the soft-talkers of Public Radio, Mr. Szabelski articulated the care and concern of the Chicago Catholic Archdiocese for families of the deceased:

RICHARD: The Catholic Church prefers full-body burial in consecrated ground. That’s because Catholics believe in the resurrection of the dead. The church has only allowed cremation since the mid-Sixties.

MELBY: That doesn’t mean Chicago’s Catholic cemeteries are immune to progress.

COMPUTERIZED GRAVE LOCATOR: Spell out the last name of the deceased that you are trying to locate using the touch-screen keyboard, and then press search.

SZABELSKI: So I’ve just keyed in my family name and I’m pushing search. Florence Szabelski is my mother so I’m asking it to show that record to me.

MELBY: That’s Roman Szabelski. He’s executive director of Catholic cemeteries for the Archdiocese of Chicago.

RICHARD: Roman started mowing grass at the cemeteries in 1979. Today, he presides over 2.2 million dead at 43 cemeteries around Chicago. He has a good sense of what his customers want.

SZABELSKI: We come from a very conservative tradition where people want their 3 by 8, their grave, to look like their backyard, which is perfectly manicured.

MELBY: Providing that much space won’t be a problem anytime soon. Roman says the archdiocese has stockpiled enough land not just for the next couple decades, but for the next one to two hundred years.

SZABELSKI: We’re sitting in Queen of Heaven Cemetery right now, which is roughly about a 300-acre site. About 100 of those acres are leased to the golf course next door. As we need the property, the golf course will go from 18 to 9 to zero and a driving range and that property will be used.

MELBY: Roman doesn’t expect to dig into that golf course for another 25 years.

RICHARD: Yet Roman is considering carving out a green burial section in one of the cemeteries here.

MELBY: Still it won’t be easy to do in this sea of manicured lawns. Green burial advocates prefer a natural landscape of wild grass and trees. Their preference is to keep the plots free of any monuments or markers.

SZABELSKI: So we’re trying to figure out how do you incorporate a green burial cemetery section into a traditionally kept cemetery.

Not much Green at Burr Oak, but a great deal of grief. I wonder if Chicago Public Radio will make note? Most likely not.

The families of the thousands of Burr Oak Cemetery Dead will at last have a caring and thoughtful soul looking out for them. Francis Cardinal George has a solid man being tasked with this extra duty.

Catholics cause Progressives the itch, until a human crisis like Burr Oak Cemetery seems to impact on all of us - and while the work is being done for people, the Progressives will stand on the sidelines and wait for the green light to go Bill Maher on Catholics again.

God Bless the work, Roman!